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Does Not Believe in Giving Second Chances
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KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I was accepted by the Cerner Corporation in Kansas City, Missouri a month ago. After having more than enough experience and currently going to school for Information Technology, I signed a letter of acceptance and was welcomed with open arms to a company that I felt could help me change my life...only to have them drop me two weeks before the training started because I am a ex-felon from a drug charge from 13 years ago.

Everyone makes mistakes in their lives and some are caught and have to pay for their mistakes and then some are never caught, but to have such a reputable company's ethics and standard committee deny me employment (because as I was told by Human Resources) because they were unwilling to move forward with my employment.

I even went through the trouble of reporting the charge (even though you don't have to report anything past 7 years) just to let them know that I was honest about my past and wanted them to see me as I am now and not who I was...just to have them insult me with some bull excuse about not moving forward with me, even though I was more than qualified and felt I could have accomplished a lot with them if given the chance. But I guess it makes them feel better to hand out care packages to underprivileged families, but are not good enough to give them a job.

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