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Lemon Car - Nasty Personnel - Harassment - Does Not Honor Warranty
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NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- Charlie Falk Auto sold us a vehicle on January 3, 2009 that had problems the first week we drove the vehicle. We have a 30-day warranty and took the vehicle back to the dealership asking them to look into the issues with the noises coming from under the hood, vibrations and the vehicle hesitating with picking up speed.

In addition, the vehicle drove like it was a stick shift instead of a manual vehicle. Charlie Falk Auto was unable to make an appointment the day we called them of January 6th, 2009. The soonest they were able to look at our vehicle was on January 9th, 2009. We drove the vehicle to their shop and they test drove the vehicle and said they did not find any problems.

We were not satisfied with this report as we knew something was wrong with the vehicle. We took the vehicle in to another dealer called Perry Buick and they ran a diagnostics test on the error codes and found it had transmission issues.

They also found that the battery was leaking acid, the filter was leaking and the transmission fluid was overflowed and the valves were clogged and pumping the fluids smoothly through the transmission.

We paid $120.00 for this inspection and our vehicle was with Perry Buick on January 14th & January 15th. We had our vehicle towed to ** and gave them a copy of the receipt of the charges and the estimate of the problems with the vehicle.

The owner ** and the Director of Sales ** test drove the vehicle on January 16th, 2009 and told us that the vehicle was fine. When we asked them if they did an inspection of the things mentioned by the other dealership they told us, "NO" as they felt it was unnecessary. ** further said that a diagnosis report does not tell him anything and that he has no reason to check under the hood.

** kept our vehicle with no services to the vehicle till January 20th, 2009 and said the owner and himself drove it again and that the other dealership had lied. ** said that the dealership just wants to make money. We picked up our vehicle on January 21, 2009 and are now taking it for a second opinion since this dealership ** wants to disregard the problems with this vehicle.

After mentioning to them we are seeking an attorney and we are getting a second opinion. **, offered us an upgraded vehicle and or to repair the vehicle. We called and spoke to ** prior to arriving and he said the Owner and him changed their mind... They are not going to trade the car and or fix it as they see nothing wrong.

Now we will be spending more money this weekend and will need to take them to court... DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!! Also, now that they know we are reporting them to the BBB and all the people we can. All of a sudden they want us to sign up for automatic withdrawals from our account.

We have paid our down payment and 1st car note already even though our car is a piece of crap and we barely have had it in our possession. We are still paying for our vehicle even though it has all of these issues. The cost to repair the vehicle is $1907. We only had the vehicle since January 3, 2009. SAD. I hope lots of people read this as this dealership is taking advantage of the CONSUMERS!!!

They also, had their salesperson call us demanding we set up electronic payments. This is only cause we have complained. Prior to this, all our payments were accepted at their office. Questionable don't you think???

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Charlie Falk Auto
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