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Charter One does not respect long-time customers
By -

I've been with Charter One in Canton, OH for 10 years. The only reason I didn't leave sooner is the inconvenience of changing my direct deposit. I've been nickeled and dimed to death with overdraft fees when payments posted the exact day as my pay, with NO EMPATHY from their so-called "customer-service". The final draw was when I was charged a $37 overdraft fee on an online auto w/d-payment set up for the 1st; it was posted one day early, leaving my account $21 short (my pay-day fell the next day). This particular auto payment was set up for years and never had problems.

When I contacted customer service, the rude little comment from some little jerk with no life experience was "you'll have to call online banking. I would tell you no" [when I asked to have the fee credited]. The online banking guy was no better. They insisted it wasn't their mistake. They are the ones who sent the payment and then cashed the check one day early. (dated for the next day!) I was then lectured for 15 minutes by the supervisor that I have to have the funds in the account when the payment is set up. I set up the payments for auto w/d for convenience... based on my pay-days every other week (and the money is always in on that day to cover all the bills!)!!

If you ask me, they just want to take your money however they can. I, like many people, live paycheck to paycheck despite having a decent salary and don't appreciate their stupid fine print and red tape. DO NOT go to CHARTER ONE and tell all of your friends/family as well!! What happened to the good old days where the customer was respected and treated as though their business mattered??? Funny how all these banks want bail-out but they don't want to help out their loyal customers in turn. You'd be better off storing your money under your mattress rather than banking here. I hope they all burn in Hell someday!

Charter One Bank Stole My Money!
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Charter One Bank Stole My Money!

I was charged $1599 in just five weeks in insufficient fund fees from Charter One Bank. In Chicago, Illinois. I contacted Charter One bank regarding these excessive overdraft fees. I spoke to [the] regional assistant branch manager. I asked [him] was there any way they could reverse about $700 for two weeks so my rent check could go through the bank and Charter One could put the fees back on my account in two weeks when I get paid again. He said no, and that the only solution he had for me was to close the account. I told [him] I was a long time customer for almost 20 years. I have had frequent problems with insufficient charges of the past couple of years.

In the past five weeks I have Charter One took $1599 in insufficient fund fees out of my account. I am a single mother who brings home about $1600 a month. The bank fees ate two of my last paychecks. I had no money for rent, gas, food etc. I borrowed money from family members, my retirement account at work and any money I had gone into the account but it ate my money. To survive I wrote checks for food and gas that of course, bounced but I did not have choice in order to feed my child and get to work. I contacted Charter One on September 10, 2008 and spoke with a [him] and explained my dire situation. He told me he would see what he could do for my and call back.

He never called back even after I left three voice mails. I called and called until he picked up on September 12, 2008 and he was very rude and said my rent check will just have to bounce and that it is my fault you are spending more money than you earn. He told me I should close the account because I could not manage the account, so close it. I explained the bank makes money from poor people like me off the fees they charge and that you have been for years. He said he was not going to anything to help me.

He said I had used my debit card twice in two weeks. I explained when I used the card my account was positive and I been putting all my money in Charter One so, I had to use the card to buy food to live and I must have the medical supplies for my sick daughter. The total charge was about $75 it this is only because I was desperate. He said we are not reversing the fees ever for me and told me to close the account. I explained my rent check was going to bounce and he said that was not his problem and told me to come up with another solution.

I only was asking [him] to remove the fees for two weeks until my next paycheck so; I could feed my family, pay my rent and get to work. The fee reversal would have only been temporary the bank would not have lost any money. They have made thousand of dollars off me in the past two years in overdraft fees. I do not understand why they would not want me to keep the account to make more money off me, not to mention help one of their loyal customers. I admit I probably don'€™t make enough money to pay my bills and they charged me fees even when my account was positive and let charges go through even if there was not enough money to pay the charge.

The account got out of hand because a retailer was to defer my billing date until November but they did not and my account just got out of hand. I am not a bad person just a poor person. Charter One Not Your Typical Bank.

Charter One Bank - Don't Bank Here Please!
By -

BUFFALO GROVE, ILLINOIS -- I was in the process of buying a home with my girlfriend of 8 years. She received a pension refund of 22, 000. We promptly deposited the funds in my account so we could write a check for the escrow deposit. The bank put a hold on the check and told us the funds would be available in three days since it was a local check and endorsed by both of us. On the third day we wrote 4 checks for bills.

On the 4th day we found out the checks were on "hold" and no further information was available. We made no less than 10 phone calls and were told various things like "the money will be available tomorrow", "we're not sure, call back tomorrow", etc. We went to the branch office and after waiting more than 35 minutes we were told they were still "investigating" and would get back to us.

Today, it has been 10 days and they have bounced all our checks and still no answers. They now say they will issue a cashier's check to us in two weeks since the check was not mine. That will be three weeks they have kept my 22, 000. And of course, they will be deducting all the returned check fees. Don't bank here, please!!! This has been the most frustrating and aggravating thing I have ever been through. Oh yeah, we lost the house too.

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