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Run Away As Fast As You Can From Chase Bank
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Rating: 1/51

I sold a car that Chase gave me a loan for, and they closed the account. Then they went ahead and withdrew the next monthly payment from my checking account. I demanded an immediate refund. They are still stonewalling me, saying it will take 10 business days.

After years of having car and home loans with Chase, ALL of which were paid on time each and every month, they simply will not issue a timely refund. Not that they can't. They WON'T. "We are unable to expedite this process." And then they send these poisonous apologies: "We regret that blah blah blah and we..." "We know how important this is to you..." Save yourself time, money and misery. DON'T FINANCE ANYTHING WITH CHASE BANK.

Loan Shark
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Rating: 1/51

ELGIN, OKLAHOMA -- Had a car finance by Chase Auto Finance. Unfortunately my credit history was not perfect around low - mid 600s, so I sign on with a 9% APR loan. My payment was $500 monthly. Over half my payment was going toward interest. Stay away from Chase. Try Capital One. I have been a CapOne customer for over five years now and never once complain. Very happy with their services. CapOne will give you a second chance for credit and if you keep up with your agreement they will take good care of you. If you prove to be loyal to them they will take good care of you.

Horrible Business Practices
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- We walked foolishly into this transaction with Chase out of desperation of needing a car. We were not coaxed nor talked into it. We were persuaded by the cost of replacing the transmission in the vehicle we had. We should never have made this decision as quickly as we did. Our fault, end of that chapter.

I will also not blame Chase for the financial bind we put ourselves into, however I do feel they take advantage of people with the type of loans they make and the interest they charge. But again, if we had not been so desperate, thinking this was our only option, we wouldn't have signed the papers and I would not be writing this letter. Our fault again for not paying enough attention. Where I do find fault with Chase is in the way they do business. But, I guess this is the way corporations do business these days. As long as companies like Chase can distance themselves from the individual customer, they can be uncaring and cold in their practices.

I am not asking for special treatment, don't get me wrong. I have a responsibility and I want to own up to it, but look at me as an individual. Look at my past performance, understand that I may have a problem and run into a hiccup in my finances. Oh, when the customer service representative is on the phone with you, you are made to feel like you are so very important and they have strong desire to help you.

What one does not realize in that moment, that the main goal is to sugarcoat the fact that while they are “helping” you, they are only thinking to get through this phone call and on to the next deadbeat that does not pay their bills on time. In “helping” they suggest various sorts of ways, down to borrowing money from your neighbor. The ultimate “let us help you” I got last year was to defer two months payments. “This way we avoid annoying phone calls and you can get caught up and start fresh in two months. Great, thank you for nothing.

January rolls around and the process of trying to purchase a home begins. Yet another assembly of flaming hoops to jump through, but that is another story. Chase has reported not the two actual (which I am not proud of) months past 30 days, but rather four consecutive months. I was told that Chase only shows two when I called three times in one week. When I called the fourth time the following week, I finally reached someone who walked through the payment history with me, after being told by the three previous employees they can't see the history, only that two payments had been late. Hmmm…lazy or just untrained?

As we walked through the history - yes, two payments - May and July were late. And yes, there is reason, which I explained each and every time to every person I talked to at Chase in those months, which I was desperately trying to keep our finances afloat - not that they bother to make note of that, it's better to have the customer repeat over and over the struggle.

I digress. Ms. ** explains to me that she will personally take care of this error in reporting to the credit bureaus (which I might add were not all reporting the same information) and request that it is corrected and that I would also receive a letter that I could give to the lender for the mortgage. I waited patiently for two weeks to get said letter. When I got it, it was a form letter that indicated 'after researching the account, what was reported was indeed accurate and therefore no changes would be made in to the credit bureaus'. Nicely played Chase, nicely played.

Upon speaking with an overly cheery ** Something-or-Other, who made me feel like the Steve Martin character from Planes, Trains and Automobiles - you know the scene - and being on hold for over 5 minutes, came back to unnecessarily go over the history with me three more times, then tells me she needs to research this info and I could either hold a few more minutes or she could call me back. I told her I would call Ms. ** (which I did) who also put me on hold for about 9 minutes only to return and offer the same deal ** had.

At that point, I informed her that no, I needed to pick up a kid from school then my husband from work. Why? Because two weeks ago, we were in a four-car collision resulting in his car being totaled and we are now down to one car – and yes, I interjected with how badly I wished it had been the Malibu – call me back. Which she did, leaving a message with the term “rolling delinquencies”, meaning we are basically screwed because Chase has determined that while May was late, it is not reported as such. June was late but not past 30 days, but because May was past 30 days, June had (yes, ‘had') to be reported as delinquent.

Because July and August were paid in a double payment, August not being 30 days late, they both ‘had' to be reported as delinquent. September, which was deferred (and they try to tell me every time that only October was deferred until I insist they check the record and only then do they see that it was September and October both), for some asinine reason is also reported delinquent. No payment was due, but it is “accurately” reported delinquent.

Ms.** did seem genuinely sorry that she had misinformed me about correcting the error two weeks ago, but there was nothing she could do for me further. She told me it does not make sense to her either and that it took quite a bit of explaining for her to understand what “rolling delinquencies” meant, which she was unable to restate other than to repeat how it was reported, not why it was reported this way. Somehow, that all seems “fair and accurate” to Chase and I'm guessing to the credit bureaus as well.

So, thank you Chase for your cold and uncaring attitude toward your customers. I know I am not alone, as I publicly announce my intense loathing of your company; I am comforted in a rather twisted way to know others are treated as poorly as I have been. I am one person, but I will use my voice. Anywhere and everywhere I can get the word out as to your horrible business nature I will.

Chase Bank Refuses to Cooperate
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Rating: 1/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- In January of this year, my parents notified Chase bank that their automatic payments on their Ford F-150 truck were being taken out too early and causing overdrafts on their account. In February, they received a "Notice of Lien Release" and was told via letter that their truck had been paid off. My mother contacted Chase to inquire how the truck was paid off and was told that the check was no good, but was drawn off of a business account and she was given the account number off the check.

My parents were mailed title release information which they took to the State of Michigan Secretary of State office and they were given a clean title. In March of this year, my parents started receiving past due statements. When my mother talked to a representative at the Secretary of State, she informed them that the phone calls and past due statements were probably a scam and not to have any contact with Chase. My mother began mailing the release of title notice to any one of the Chase affiliates across the country that sent a past due notice. She never received any communication.

In May, she received a FedEx packet from Chase telling them to sign the truck BACK OVER TO CHASE and to pay the title change fees. An APOLOGY LETTER was sent to my parents and a copy of it was sent to the company's VP stating that they appreciated their business and were sorry about the mix-up with the fees being taken too early, and congratulated them on paying the truck off. A $1900.00 check for interest was issued, but was kept by Chase (reason unknown to me). They claim now that my parents cashed the 1900.00 check and the check was never sent here.

My mother consulted with an attorney and the attorney told them to speak with Chase. My mother has provided all of the documentation of the letters she's received (sent via certified mail). NOW Chase is saying that they sent a letter to my parent's home stating that an error had been made on their account in March of this year. They never received a letter. They are claiming that it was sent via FedEx. I am here DAILY and no FedEx letter, other than the one with demanding that the title be signed back over to Chase.

Chase, other than right now (my mother is in a HEATED CONVERSATION right now as I type with a rep), Chase has never communicated in writing with my parents that an error was made. They CLAIM that they informed my father in May. They called my parent's home, DEMANDING a $300 payment be made the other day, and my poor father, who isn't well, made the payment even though technically, my parents own the truck and there was no money.

They have not put ANYTHING in writing, stating that they made an error. NOW they are saying that they sent them a letter saying that an error was made and that they can provide proof of such, which my mother believes was printed sometime last week.

All my parents are asking for is for the 5 months that they were under the impression that the truck was paid for, be written off. They are more than happy to satisfy the balance of the loan. Chase is refusing to do even that, stating that they want to move the payments to the end of the loan cycle, essentially saying that they still have to pay the money, no matter what.

My mother is 71, my father is 70. I HATE that they are going through this with this bank. Any other bank (in my experience) that has made an error, is willing to admit it, apologize, make some kind of concessions and continue the banking relationship. Not Chase. They refuse to bend, or cooperate, and I wonder how they expect to continue remaining a solvent company if they refuse to cooperate with the very people's money they used to run on a daily basis? They have threatened to repossess the truck, but I can't understand how they can do that, when my parents have a title in my father's name. Can they do something like that?

If you like being treated like crap, CHASE is the bank for you!!!
By -

I financed a car from Chase over 2 years ago. My 1st payment was made over the phone so it wouldn't be late because there wasn't a Chase bank in my area. I paid it a few days before it was due and then got a call a few weeks later from their collections dept and spoke to the rudest person I've ever spoken to. I was moving from NM to KY and didn't have a perm add yet and told him I was still getting mail sent to my prev add. I tried to tell him I made the payment over the phone but he didn't care. (It turned out the retarded representative I made the payment with over the phone didn't enter the check info right so it returned.)

He was so rude that I just hung up on him. Since then I've been paying in branches (where the people are not very friendly either.) A little over a month ago the company I was working for went out of business. With me not having a job and my husband being a new realtor we are struggling. I called them to see if they could put this payment onto the end of my loan because a few of my friends said their banks have done it for them (wish I financed my car through THEIR banks!!)

I got transferred back and forth for about 45 minutes before being put through to someone in the NM office where I left a VM. My husband just called them because they won't leave us alone (I have refused to talk to them for the last 2 years because of my 1st experience) and tried to VERY NICELY explain the situation to the collector. I was just able to find a job and he just started a 2nd job and we will be able to pay them the past due payment and the next payment next week. She told him it's not their problem, they're not in the business of giving out hand outs.. among other rude comments.

We weren't asking for a hand out!!! We were letting them know when we would be able to pay it!! I understand I owe them money but to be SO RUDE!!! I will do anything I have to to pay this company off in the next few months so I don't have to deal with them ever again. I have successfully gotten a few people to close their Chase accounts already and hope more people see the light.

I just told my mother in law, who has had an account with them for many years, about this experience and she will be closing her account this afternoon!! I really hope they are one of the banks that goes under in all this. I would LOVE for every person I've talked to in the company to lose their job and see what it's like to not be able to get a job in this economy!

Vehicle Title
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Rating: 1/51

FTWORTH, TEXAS -- Chase Auto would not supply required lien release information as required by Nebraska DMV. Chase insisted Nebraska should release vehicle title with form and information Chase supplied. Neither bureaucracy relented so have no vehicle title. Been at it two+ weeks. Never get to talk to same person twice. Nobody knows anyone else working in their office. Get runaround. America will never be great again.

New Car Loan
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- Halloween 2015 I purchased a used car due to a car accident that was not my fault. I chose Chase over BofA even with the rate slightly higher because of bad BofA reviews. I digress. Within 10 days I requested the dealership cancel some unwanted warranties refunding the money to Chase directly. The goal was to bring my monthly car payment back to the original amount discussed with dealership. I called Chase immediately asking about a loan modification and was assured that Chase would make as a courtesy a loan modification because of my recent accident and financial hardship, as they do it often she explained.

I wrote the letter that would accompany my first payment using the verbiage explaining my request to the address given and waited for the refunds to be applied to my account. All as instructed. I have checked weekly, made many calls repeating my story and even walked into a local Chase branch. Not only could they not complete my request, they applied both the refund payment and my initial payment incorrectly. So first showing my loan overpaid then showing it as delinquent. Each time I would call Chase who would note my experience, confirm receiving my letter and asked me to continue to pay since nothing could be done in the system if showing delinquent.

Currently Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb are paid current to the correct months but my request has been denied. No letter or phone call of course with the news. I had to call again. Now the $60.00 monthly savings difference might seem small but I'm sure the interest made by the bank from me and anyone trying to do the same would be a nice bank profit made. I understand I may have been promised something in error and yes mistakes do happen but I guess my surprise was the lack of empathy.

One thing to make mistakes and expect the new customer to be understanding and patient but in return the new customer was left with a disappointing first impression. And btw we almost forgot "we never received that letter of modification and no you won't be getting it. Now do you want to set up that auto pay?" BTW: I cancelled my unused Chase credit card while at the bank and can you blame me?

Chase Withdrawal Money Out of My Bank Account w/o Permission
By -

In hard times I did a voluntary repo (for the first time). I received a letter 11/07/09 stating they sold the vehicle 10/24/09 & remaining balance was $4838. On 11/10/09 Chase Auto took out $3800 from my banking account. I was so shocked & could not pay all my bills. They have been nothing but rude to me & the person in charge of my account spoke over me & didn't want to hear anything I had to say, it was a waste of energy.

That person even went so far as to have all my Chase credit card limits all be dropped down to about nothing... even though I had never been late on them, 2 of the cards had $0 balances, and the other I have been making the payments on time, the whole time. He just wanted to make sure I had no way to make it. The money he took out of the bank was 2 loans I got to try to pay bills & part of my child support, I am a single mom with 2 kids & don't know how I am going to pay all my bills now, I can't even pay on the loan now.

I am in a horrible position & Christmas is next month. I feel so horrible for my kids & I am just trying to do the best I can with what I have now. I don't understand why they handled things so ugly. I had my Chase bank account for 18 years (when it was Bank One), and I never had issues till now. I was paying early on the vehicle for almost 3 years. I just couldn't afford all the repairs, I had already charged a lot of repairs (still owing that) & it needed a lot more repairs. I couldn't afford it. I hated giving up that vehicle but I didn't know what else to do since I don't have help with any bills.

I had to make a choice & Chase made sure to let me know it was the worst mistake of my life. I still don't think I should have been treated so horrible & I don't think they should have just went in & cleaned me out not caring what happened to the person they are taking it from, or even worse, the kids they just made suffer.

Chase Auto Loan Interest Rip-off
By -

In August of 2004, I purchased a new car. I put $5000.00 down, and financed 47,676.58 through Chase Bank for 84 months at 8.19% interest. I did this because I knew that my goal was to pay the loan off early. I paid my payments of $747.59 on time without a single late payment for 62 months. I paid the vehicle off on payment #63. after doing some calculations off of my payment history, I found that I was only $1500.00 away from paying the full contracted 84 months amount of the loan with 21 months residual.

I called Chase about this, and was told that was normal calculation of interest. I paid off an auto loan for another vehicle 2 yrs earlier with substantial savings in interest payments because of paying it off early. Obviously the same rules don't apply to Chase Bank. Turns out that during the early payments of the loan, Chase applied $200-300.00 of the monthly payments to interest, not principal. This in my opinion is done to get their interest early in the life of the loan, rather that divided in equal parts for the 84 months.

The total interest paid for this vehicle was $17,535.43. Add that to the amount financed and it comes to $65212.01. The total payments per contract was 62797.56. Which means not only was I not getting any savings for paying it off early, but that I also was overcharged another $2414.45. PLEASe, please, PLEASE, Do not Finance an auto loan with Chase Bank. Not only did they lose a future auto loan customer, they also lost a bank client. I'm banking elsewhere.

Don't get Auto Loan from Chase
By -

COLORADO -- I have a business with 4 Ford vehicles. All are financed from Ford except one is from Chase. Ford financing has been excellent. Chase decided to (unknown to us) to stop sending monthly statements and issue quarterly statements. We have yet to receive one. Of course our accountant has been missing payments because there are no statements.

According to the Chase customer service people, monthly statements are a courtesy and their policy has changed so now they don't send them out. It is a way to facilitate late payments from customers and get late fees. And, they don't send you a late statement, they just flood your phone lines with phone calls. Vote with your dollar, and do not use CHASE for any banking! CHASE is running one of the biggest banking scams and this should it should be illegal.

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