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$39 Late Fee
By -

DAYTON, OHIO -- These people are something else! I opened my account in 12/04, paid all of my payments on time (as with ALL of my credit cards). I always make them early too. My due date was 4/03/05, and I completely forgot this account for some reason, so I made a payment right away, and it posted on 4/06/05. My bill closing date was on 4/07/05. With most credit card companies, that payment would not have been considered late, however, since Chase is a giant anus, they charged me $39 late fee on 4/08/05, 2 days AFTER my payment was posted. I called, and they refused to credit the fee.

Later, after reviewing my bill online and noticing the closing date, and that I had paid before then, I emailed Chase. The email that was sent back was completely pointless. It read back some information on my account such as balance and payment due date, and had nothing to do with my question on the email. They don't even read customer emails, as it became apparent over my next 9 emails, trying to get them to actually read my email rather than responding with everything that doesn't apply to my question.

Finally, the last email I received was from someone who said that I was emailing the wrong department. Really? I emailed from my account homepage, not my problem he wasn't the person to answer it. I told them this, and to forward it to the people in charge of that department, and like a moron they are, they did nothing. I finally sent a letter in the mail, requesting the fee be credited. I explained that I was a former customer service rep for a major creditor, and I dealt with requests for late fee credits all the time.

I explained that it was our company policy to go ahead and waive the customer's late fee, provided that it was their first time late, and that they were aware that future late fees would not be credited. I received a letter back today from ** stating that they understand that sometimes customers make late payments for various reasons... and goes on to say that unfortunately, they are unable to credit my late fee at this time. They understand, but they cannot credit - interesting. This company is all about the money!

So, I finally filed a complaint online with the BBB. I do feel better about that. Those incompetent, soulless drones at Chase do not have 1 ounce of customer service skills, because if they did, they would have credit my account the fee in question, instead of losing me as a customer for life over a $39 one-time profit. It makes more sense to develop a long-lasting business relationship with customers, rather than pissing them off, sending them to competitors.

I truly hope Chase loses so many customers, they are forced out of the business. No company that treats me like that will keep my business. My sister received an offer in the mail from Chase, and after telling her the story, she ripped it up and threw it away. Ha! They lost another customer!! As a footnote, they raised my interest rates from 12.99% to 20.49%, go Chase!

Bad Business Relations
By -

Recently I took advantage of a balance transfer offer with my Chase MasterCard. I had a current balance on that particular card and chose to pay it off before I had the new amount transferred to the MasterCard. One thing I have learned over the years with bank cards, is that in a balance transfer situation, your payments go towards the promotional amount with the low interest rate first. Once the transfer amount is finally zeroed, then your payments will start to pay down the purchase amount, which is usually at a higher interest rate. This is why I took caution at trying to find out the actual payoff amount on that card before I did the transfer.

Problem with Chase is, unlike most other bankcard companies, they for some unknown reason cannot give you a payoff amount. If you push a little they will usually give you an estimated amount. Often they will advise you to pay a little more than the estimated amount and get a credit back, as opposed to not enough and still have a balance. The evening I had spoken to the customer service rep, it was 1:00 AM. I found out that Chase must outsource because a barely audible gentleman who could barely speak English came to my assistance.

I was very clear and concise that I wanted to get at a zero balance, and when he gave me the estimated amount, I specifically asked him, "would that estimated amount for payoff include any phone transaction fees." He assured me it would. A week later, I had transferred another amount to the super 4.99% offer on that MasterCard. Problem is, is that even after all my caution to make sure the balance was zeroed, I somehow have a small balance left on it, and now, as I mentioned earlier, I am paying 8.99% interest on a mere $2.32 that was apparently, according to customer service, from the phone transaction fee.

For all general purposes, the amount in question will probably never amount too much. It is the principle of how they conduct business by refusing to give an actual payoff amount like most other institutions gladly will do. As well, after speaking to an account manager about having the amount adjusted considering what I was originally assured (in that I was paying enough of an amount as to avoid this kind of thing), she could only continually cut me off and read to me a protocol reason of what that charge was. Duh! I was telling her what it was.

What she was refusing to address was that the whole thing was wrong and it should not have happened in the first place. And of course when I asked to be moved up the ladder to speak to her supervisor, I was forwarded to a voice mail which informed me that I would be called back within 24 business hours. We will see if that happens! I have been a customer of Chase for over 15 years and it never raises to amaze me how they, unlike other institutions I have dealt with, seem to always be so elusive, and devious of their handling of my... the customers'... business.

I am thoroughly distraught at this new escapade and will find out soon enough if Chase wants to keep me as a customer. I have no problem transferring that new amount to another card. Funny, usually just as you pay a card off, they are always eager to give you the prime offer! There are plenty out there. It just irks me that I paid a high transfer fee to do this, only to be shot down in frustration. Reader aware: draw your own conclusions as what to 'not' do if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. But be wary of the practices that Chase seems to continuously employ.

Impoperly Disclosed Fees of Use of Checks
By -

TRUMBULL, CONNECTICUT -- I was charged $200 in fees to use three convenience checks sent with my statement. These checks come on one stand-alone piece of paper. At the top is a section that reads "1.82%* 1st check: fixed APR, for a limited duration OR 4.82%* 2nd and 3rd check: Fixed APR until balance is paid in full." The only thing the asterisks can be tied to on this one piece of paper, also printed on the top fourth of the paper are two teensy weensy notes which state: "*Checks must be posted to your account by the post/valid date on the check(s). *See 'Important Information' section below for more details." There IS NO information BELOW!!!

There are three checks, none of which contain any other information about fees. I've called customer service three times. The first time I was told the information WAS on the check, but I no longer had any copies, so I waited for another statement which contained convenience checks to try to make my point again. When another group of checks came with my next statement came, and as I remembered, they bore no 'important information,' I called again.

This time I was told first that I would have to show them what I had received. I restated that the reason I was calling was that what I received did not contain adequate disclosure of fees, and the burden of proof was on them to send me proof of what they furnish with these checks by way of disclosure of the fees that will be incurred. They said they would send it in the mail within 10 days. I was also told that I was speaking to the supervisor (**?) and there was no one there above that person with whom I could lodge a complaint or argue for a refund of the fees.

5 days later I walked into the lobby of a Chase Bank with the convenience checks in hand and showed them to the person who said he would be the one to talk to about a MasterCard account. He agreed there was no disclosure or 'important information' as referred to on the top of the checks and asked if I had called customer service. I told him I had received little satisfaction from calling customer service, which was why I had come in person to a Chase branch, and he said I wasn't talking to the right person at the customer service number, that I would need a supervisor.

I told him I had been told I could speak to no one higher up. He dialed the number, and proceeded to sit silently while I went through the whole process again with the person on the other end of the line. The first person I talked to insisted on 'researching' my account before putting me through to a supervisor, though I stated I was tired of speaking to people who couldn't make the decision that needs to be made -- to refund the fees. After his research, he referenced the letter that had gone out in the mail which they maintained showed me what had been contained in my statement. He would not read me the letter.

I asked for a fax of that letter. He stated he had no access to a fax machine. Eventually, when I actually used the word 'manager' or supervisor, he put me through to '**' who continued to reference the letter that had been sent as proof that the fees had been disclosed. I asked her to read the letter. She would not. I argued with her about the word 'below' a simple straightforward word with one meaning, and its usage vs. words that she used such as 'attached,' 'with' and 'behind, to describe what had been in my statement to disclose these fees. She also stated that the fee is disclosed in the cardholder agreement.

In utter frustration I asked for the balance of my account so that I can pay it off and close it as soon as possible, and hung up. I find it incredible that for $200 in fees that were improperly disclosed, Chase MasterCard is willing to have a former first mortgage holder of 10 years, a current equity line holder, and a credit card holder of 20 years, with balances at times over $10,000 close their account. Oh, at this point in the conversation, ** also pointed out that she shouldn't even be talking to me but that my husband would need to call to make any complaints because he is the primary cardholder.

Today I received the letter to which they referred. It is one sheet of paper and states: "As your credit card company we value your business and want you to be completely satisfied with your credit card account. We appreciate this opportunity to provide additional information regarding the balance transfer fee recently billed to your account. A balance transfer fee is applied when a request is processed to transfer a balance from an external account to your credit card account. If you have any questions or if we can help in any other way please call us at the toll-free number listed above. We are here 24 hours a day to serve your credit card needs."

So, still no 'attachment', still no separate piece of paper that is claimed to have been 'with' the checks in my statement, and no terminology from the cardmember agreement. In other words, still no evidence that Chase Continental Airlines MasterCard properly disclosed this fee.

Refusing to Reverse Fraudulent Charges.
By -

I am writing to express my extreme frustration with the Chase Credit Card company and the way in which it has handled some fraudulent charges on my account. For the past three months, I have been trying to clear up these fraudulent charges and have met with nothing but hassles and unhelpfulness on the part of the company.

The problem began when one of my statements, along with the “convenience checks” was stolen out of my mailbox. Whoever stole them wrote a check for $178.95 in late February. Additionally, there was a $10 cash advance finance charge charged to my account. Because my statement itself was actually stolen, I was unable to pay my balance that month, and there were also finance charges and late fees charged to my account, amounting to $28.45 in finance charges and $39 in late fees.

I called Chase the day I discovered the fraudulent charge, and was assured that all charges would be erased from my account immediately. We went through every charge on the account and I verified which I had actually made. The check (and its associated fees) was the only fraudulent charge. I called back the next day, just to make sure, and was given the same information. In the meantime, I immediately sent in a payment which covered all charges I actually made to the account.

About a week later, I received a call from a fraud investigator. He left a message on my phone, which I returned. I only received his voice mail, so I left a message. He never called back. The following month, when my statement arrived, I noticed that none of the fraudulent charges, nor the associated late fees and finance charges, had been erased. The check had been credited back to my account on March 5th, but then redebited that same day, along with a second $10 cash advance finance charge (the original $10 cash advance finance charge was never credited to my account at all).

Additionally, there were $11.75 more in finance charges charged to my account. I called Chase again, and was told that I needed to fill out an affidavit of fraud (none had been sent to me at this point). I was told that an affidavit was being sent out to me immediately, and that the charges would be erased within a week or so. This affidavit never arrived.

When my next statement arrived, I again noticed that nothing had been done to erase the charges on my account, and furthermore, an additional $39 late fee and $5.61 in finance charges were being levied against me. I called back, and was told that the affidavit was never ordered, but was once again assured that one would be sent immediately, and all charges would be reversed within 48 hours.

This time, the various late fees and finance charges were reversed, but the initial fraudulent check was not credited back to my account, nor were $20 worth of cash advance finance charges. I did receive an affidavit of fraud this time, about the middle of May, which I immediately filled out and returned to the company. Because the initial charges were still on the account, I was charged another late fee.

So, once more, I picked up the phone to call Chase. I was informed that my affidavit was being processed and the charges would shortly be reversed. Then, the investigator called me back to tell me that the charges had not been reversed because I was being held responsible for the check.

I am so frustrated that three months and several phone calls later, this fraudulent charge still has not been cleared up. Additionally, the determination to hold me responsible had apparently been made in March, according to the investigator. So why did no one tell me this until the very end of May, despite the fact that I had been in close contact with the company the entire time, speaking on the phone with several employees. Not only did they not tell me this, they actually gave me the opposite information, telling me the charges would be reversed immediately.

Chase MasterCard
By -

NORTH AUGUSTA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have had it with Chase Bank! They are as Clark Howard says "customer NO Service" and I will not deal with any company that even mentions their name. I was given a low interest rate in 2003 if I would keep the credit card open and received a letter from the V.P. stating the rate would be 5.99%. This rate continued till 2005 when I noticed my interest rate had increased on my April 2005 statement to 8.74%. In July it jumped to 9.24%. I contacted their useless customer NO service representative and was told that there was a notice sent out in February stating interest rates were going up and that I would have to close my account.

I informed them that I received no such notice and asked for a copy. They were unable to send one. I was also informed that obviously my credit history had been reviewed and there was something negative showing. I pulled my credit report and there was nothing new that has not been in place since before I kept the account open. I was extremely puzzled about this whole situation. I wrote a letter to complain in Sept. but received no response. I contacted Chase again when my interest rate jumped to 28.44%. I was told in December that if I closed my account my interest would return to 12.99%. Unbelievable! I closed the account as instructed.

I have yet to see the interest rate lowered as promised. I contacted Chase again April 2006 and was told that whomever I spoke within December had told me incorrectly and that I would not be receiving any change to my account. When I asked for a copy of the conversation transcript I was told they use them only for training. What bull! I have now written them again, but with cc's to the Comptroller of Currency, BBB, and the Attorney General's office. I am going to pay this card off and never deal with them again.

Sears MasterCard
By -

I have tried in vain to reach a mutually agreeable resolution to the fraud activity on my Sears MasterCard account. I had approximately $2,300 of fraudulent charges - primarily cash advances. The Fraud Department insisted that the withdrawals were made by someone I knew. Since the card was in my possession I found this impossible to believe. It was a long and frustrating negotiation with Sears MC. At no time was their Fraud department able to prove to me that the fraud charges were made by someone they claimed I knew.

I wrote on several occasions, phone numerous times and the final call, I was told my fraud claim had been closed. Everything took forever and I had been told videos were requested. My last call was to, yet again, ask what was happening with this request. Over a year wasted and I was not reimbursed for any of these fraudulent charges. I think we all know the sophistication of credit card theft, and have all heard the incredible police busts made on card hackers. But my pleas fell on deaf ears.

I am offended and insulted at the treatment I received. I do not feel my request was treated with the dignity it deserved. I do not feel fairly and honorably compensated. As a result I am ending my financial relationship with Chase and Sears MasterCard. I have however paid for over $2,000 in fraudulent charges as I want to keep my credit rating in good standing. But now I am DONE. My account is paid out. And I want everyone to hear my story and I hope as one single consumer I might have some influence on others.

*Please note I did do due diligence: I did file a police report but nothing came of that. I chose not to hire a lawyer due to the emotional stress.

Chase Just Lost Another Customer for Life - My Letter to Them
By -

I had been a Platinum Checking customer of WAMU for 10 years prior to your acquisition on both personal and business banking. I also had 2 credit cards that I have always used responsibly. I never went over my limit, always paid early, and always paid many times the minimum due. I have a credit score of 700, I haven't had a late payment on ANYTHING in years, I make well in excess of $100K.

I have worked very hard to get and keep my credit and finances in good standing. In a time when a large segment of our society (including a very large portion of your industry) is standing in line at the trough to get a handout, I do things the right and responsible way.

Imagine my surprise to learn that both of my credit cards with your company had been closed. I was never notified by mail (which is what I was told on the telephone by your CSA). I never was notified by phone, email, or message online. As a matter of fact, when accessing my accounts (even today) online to make payments it still shows them active with their available credit on each. There is no note or mention that the accounts are closed.

Because I do all of my banking online that was the only way I would know about your decision without direct communication. It makes it all the more insulting that your company never had the decency or courtesy to contact me personally.

These are troubling times for many people. I am working very hard to keep building a small business in this economy. But these times will not be forever and what will remain is the memory of how companies we do business with treated us in this time. The $13,000 credit line that I had with your company provided a little breathing room and life preserver. I didn't use it much but it was nice to know it was there.

It is with little regret that I will be closing the remainder of my accounts with your bank. I also never intend to do business with you or any subsidiary of your bank or investment firms. I will be sending this information out to everyone that I know and anyone else that will listen. I know that this means nothing to a big strong bank like CHASE but I hope that when enough of your "customers" get tired of being treated like necessary burdens you may be the next ones looking for a handout.

Credit Cards
By -

Chase stuck it to me. They slammed my MasterCard bill with a Payment Protector charge that I never ordered. Of course now they plan to bill me monthly for this useless plan. I guess bumping up their “fixed” rates wasn't enough for them. Maybe I misunderstood one of their Bombay calls. I'm pretty sure they were just going to mail me information and I could choose to enroll from that. Anyway, I know I threw it out along with all of the other credit card solicitations.

You can't dispute the bill on-line, nor can you initiate a charge back. You have to call them during “business hours.” It's funny how they are perfectly happy to call you during your dinner, but you have to call them when it's convenient for them when you have a dispute.

Run, Don't Walk Away From This Reprehensible Company!
By -

I've had this particular card since 1998. I ran up a large balance but was fine with it. Because my 'credit score' changed, they bumped my interest to 21%. I've carried this balance for years and never missed a payment. So I dutifully paid off my balanced and stopped using the card. My new card came and I didn't activate it in the time period so the card was cancelled. As you may know, having a long credit history with an account -- especially if all the payments are made on time, does impact your credit score. When I called and asked that they reinstate this card for that reason they said no, to reapply for a new card thus wiping all that credit history.

I would safely say that this organization consists of blood sucking leeches and I would avoid them at all costs. They have no morals and ethics and have reprehensible customer service. But, as they were fond of pointing out, they are one of the biggest banks in the world. I guess that means the individual doesn't count. I, personally, will never do business with them again. If I am in a position to get others to avoid them, I will most certainly do that.

By -

Continental/Chase MasterCard offered a reward program to its members that ended 5/31/09 wherein if you reached any of the 3 milestones, you would receive bonus travel miles as well as a voucher of some sort - highest milestone being the reward of a companion airline ticket. I met the milestone for the companion ticket, which I intended to use for my honeymoon in November 2009, only to receive the voucher which required travel to be completed by 07/31/09. It also required a 14-day advance ticketing, therefore leaving a cardmember with maybe a month or so to plan, use & benefit from the free flight.

Such a SHORT deadline to benefit from this reward should have been disclosed to members in the promotional fliers & prior to enrolling in this promotion where they would intentionally opt to make purchases (up to $4,000.00 over a 3 month period) to their Chase card (over other possible c/card reward programs) to only come out receiving nothing but a useless reward. Not everyone can just easily pick up and fly out of town in such a short window of time!!

I feel victimized because I chose to use my Chase MasterCard, and pay Chase's higher interest rate, over my other cards in order to obtain this benefit and now all I have is an expired voucher, higher interest rate payments, and must find another way to cover for the cost of the additional airline ticket for my honeymoon. If Chase's customer service is reading this complaint, I ask that they please re-activate my voucher. Otherwise this Chase reward promotion was nothing more than a scam.

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