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Chase More Than Doubles My Minimum Payment
By -

P.O. BOX 15298, WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- I have great credit and have always paid my bills on time including my Chase MasterCard. Because of a job loss I was forced to run up my MC to $15,000 and was able to make the $310.00 min. payment on a promotional 5.99 rate that was supposed to last until I paid the card off. The min. payment was based on 2% of the card balance.

Well, Chase did a switcharoo recently and raised my min to 5% of the card balance raising my min payment to $764.00! This is an increase of $454.00 a month! I am now in the position of not being able to pay this and my credit being destroyed! These big banks are unbelievably unethical. My advise is only bank with credit unions and other smaller lenders. Beware!

Crazy Fees
By -

I know that Chase does not care about their customers, late fees 40 bucks, overlimit 40 bucks, interest 29.99%, if you bounce a check to them 40 bucks, do they care if you're having a hard time? NO! Even on a hardship program you pay interest. It's all a scam, the government does nothing to protect you as a consumer so get used to it because it's only going to keep happening.

Here's a way to get back at them. When you're old, and think you're almost dead, charge up your credit card that's only in your name, change your home telephone number and make sure it's unpublished and not given to anybody but people you want to call you. Spend your credit limit if you have no assets, they cannot come after you if you're on a fixed income. GET THEM BACK! Rob the bank of what they took from you. I will do this myself one day. Good luck.

Rewards Fee on Non Activated Card
By -

CALIFORNIA -- On July 11, 2006 I received a letter from Chase Bank. I almost put in the shredder, since I have never used a Chase credit before. When I opened the letter it was a statement for $29.00 for a rewards program fee. I had no clue what it was for. I called Chase and they refused to take the charge off. I did cancel the credit card. The card was issued sometime in late March of 2004 and I had never activated it. I have never received any type of bill from chase before. I have no choice but to pay them, as my credit rating is so high. I know I will never use Chase for anything. They seem to have a real scram going.

Canceled Card
By -

I recently returned from a local retail store empty handed due to my Chase MasterCard being denied. After calling customer service, I discovered the card had been canceled due to a high balance to credit limit ratio. I have not been behind on my payments and I pay more than the minimum. I use the card while away from home on business and carry a large balance but also pay big sums of the balance each month. I have just lost a ton of respect for this company.

Chase Is a Ripoff!
By -

OKLAHOMA -- After a couple of years of having the Chase MasterCard and paying like clockwork, the interest rate went mysteriously from 9.9% to 29.74%. They say there were derogatory marks on a credit report but all the credit reports that I saw were very good and had not changed since the card was new. Don't bother calling customer service as you will get nowhere. Does anyone know if any legal action is being taken about these predatory practices?

Outrageous Interest
By -

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- After having a MasterCard with Chase Bank for years, I get a "change in terms" form in the mail informing me they are changing my already high 20% interest rate to a whopping 32.24%. I have never, not once even had a late payment. After reading these complaint web sites, I can see I am hardly the only victim here. I also complained to the state attorney general's office, and would suggest any others with a similar situation do the same thing. I will pay off the balance and never do business with any Chase Bank ever again.

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