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Chase Credit Card Customer Since 1995
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On my January 2009 Chase Credit Card Statement I observed that my minimum payment amount was increased from $85.00 to $235.00 per month even though I have been paying $250.00 per month. My account also had a Service Charge/Finance Charge of $10.00 even though I have never been late for any payment and had this account for over 5 years.

I learned that Chase was increasing Service Charges from zero to $10.00 per month or increasing interest rates to 7.99% if a customer had less than a 7.99% interest rate. The $10.00 Service Fee would be billed each month regardless of the balance including a zero balance. I paid my balance of over $4700.00 off with Chase Card Services and closed my account. It seems that Chase Card Services only wants sub-prime borrowers... those people that can't afford to protect themselves from such criminal activity as I can.

Yet, at the same time, even those people that have paid higher interest rates are having their rates increased even more! This tells me that Chase, and probably many other banks, are attempting to create a huge amount of reserve in their banks for something that they expect in the future.

Banks, Credit Card Companies and Financial Institutions need to be regulated now... not a year from now. Also, it is my opinion that what these CEO's and Upper Level Managers need to be investigated for criminal activities by all forms and levels of government agencies.

A limit should be placed on what these CEOs and Upper Level Managers earn and they should be prohibited from purchasing stock in the corporation that they are employed with due to an obvious conflict of interest. Additionally, people such as Madoff should be tried, and if found guilty, given a sentence of life in a real prison.

The American Public is not a group of consumer cows (as the CEOs and Upper Level Management seem to believe). We are individuals with rights... equal to them no less or no more. We the American Public expect these criminals to be brought to justice and for them all to be removed from office once and for all.

Chase Visa Incompetence Costs Its Customers
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Like others complaining about Chase Visa, I too pay my balance regularly. I use the card for everyday expenses to take advantage of the perks. Nonetheless, my wife and I spend modestly. However, over the past year we have found how inept and incompetent their customer service, if you want to call it that, is.

I needed assistance with an overcharge dispute of over $1500. I contacted Chase immediately in November 2007 and was advised to dispute the charges and was sent the proper paperwork. Four months later I contacted them to check on any progress and was told that it looked as if I were at fault. The Customer Service representative recommended I challenge the charges again, my information was updated and the paperwork sent again.

I resubmitted in April 2008 and seven months later received a letter stating that my case was closed because I couldn't be reached for additional information. What? Once again, we pay our balance every month and my info was on the paperwork.

I spoke to yet another person, this time in the dispute department. He said I waited too long to dispute the charges and, even with my file "on the computer in front of him," he had no record that I had submitted my paperwork 11 months prior. When asked why I hadn't been contacted for the necessary information he said that there was an attempt made by phone. One attempt. I sent him the original submission from 2007, by now for the third time. Two weeks later, just in time for Christmas, we were notified that he spoke to a person at the company that overcharged me and their billing person found no error in billing. Apparently, they'll take anyone's word over their customer's.

Needless to say, my wife and I spent several hours not only dealing with the company that overcharged us, but with Chase who we assumed was taking care of their customers. Instead we lose, while they let the dispute languish. Oh well, at least it wasn't identity theft. I just wish they'd stop sending us credit card offers for our business.

Chase Does As They Please
By -

My husband was the primary card holder on Chase's Visa card, which we he closed due to the high interest rates, and I was only an authorized user on this account. Due to being an authorized user, Chase refused to talk to me when I would call with a problem during the period this account was opened, as they would only speak to the primary card holder.

When my husband passed away, I called Chase to notify them of this, and they immediately changed the account to my name and made me the primary card holder and they even reopened the account, when I told them the account was to stay closed. I never authorized this account to be changed over to my name, reopened, nor did I state that I would be responsible for the balance due on the account.

When I called them they said that I was always a primary card holder, and I told them I have proof for several years back that this account was only under my husband's name. They told me to write to them to get a copy of the application. I did this over a month ago, and they have not responded to date.

I called their office again about all of these problems, and also not receiving a copy of the application to open the account and a copy of the letter of acceptance. They told me that I authorized the account to be reopened, and that I said I would be liable for the balance. When I told them "I never said this, and whoever entered this information should be fired." they refused to speak further with me. They stated they couldn't speak with me as they didn't have my social security number or my mother's name on file.

If they didn't have this information I wanted to know how could they switch this account over to my name, and they refused to say anything further. Now I have to sit down and write to them again, and hope they reply. While I am writing the letter to them, I will also write a letter to the Federal Banking about the scam they are pulling with me.

I am not the only one that had and is still having problems with Chase, as I have spoke to several other people, and found out that Chase likes to open accounts without authorization from the person. This is how fraud happens when banks do things with permission from a person.

Count me as another with INSANE interest hike!
By -

I was offered a First USA card in 1995, which I took. We used the card and paid the minimum+ always. Never a late payment, never over the limit. Last year, shortly after the minimum payment calculations changed (or was that early this year?), I received notice from Chase (having of course bought out First USA) that my interest would be hiked unless I opted out and closed the account.

After much finagling, we were able to get a 14.24% rate (variable of prime plus x%) for purchases. This was better than the exorbitant rate they were wanting to charge, so we kept the acct open and continued to use it periodically.

Last month, I received a new notice. "We're raising your rate to 32.24%, no ifs ands or buts!" You can imagine how flabbergasted and appalled I was. Still no late/over the limit stuff with them or any other creditor. The excuse we were given was of course the ever-popular "there are derogatory things in your credit report". Well, the derogatory thing is that we have a lot of debt, we admit that -- however, every single bill is marked as "pays as agreed". Every one of them. Some months it is hairy, but we are doing it, with the grace of God.

We called and encountered a snotty CSR, and after getting the runaround from her asked to be transferred to her supervisor. He was nicer but still no help. Gave us another number and said try this dept. We have not yet called, and frankly I don't care to deal with Chase ever again. I want to "opt out", close the account (theoretically being able to keep the current rate, unless they decide to raise them again, which it says they can do), and just work our tails off to pay.

No way can we afford to pay what the new payments would be if the rate is hiked. No way at all. And why should we? We have worked hard to make payments as we're supposed to and as we agreed to, and what do they do but turn around and try to stick it to us, setting us up to fail? Once I am rid of this horrible company, I'll never have another Chase card.

Insane Rate Increase
By -

I just had my APR increased from ~20% to 29.94%. I've been a card member for over 4 years with not one late payment to them. I asked for any sort of recourse that I have since I cannot pay this absurd rate. Of course the robot on the other end told me that since my credit report was not good, that I have no recourse. Well, I just closed my account and will pay them off within two months. I feel sorry for those who are unable to do the same. My blood is boiling! Please tell your government representatives about this and report them to the BBB.

Credit card customer service incompetent
By -

Chase clerks refused to approve a charge I was trying to make. My card expired November 30, 2010. I called in October to confirm that Chase would send a replacement in time for me to use. I needed to buy a product December 2 but Chase had not provided the new card. Although a clerk acknowledged that I had way more credit available than I had used, no one would approve the credit.

The clerk assured me that "5 minutes ago" someone at Chase had dropped my new card in the mail. I received it 7 days later. A recorded message also confirmed that my new card had been activated. I answered the trick questions for identification to talk to a clerk but received no help. And my line got "cut off" when I asked to speak to a manager. It's not like I had ever not paid a bill. It's not like I had not used the account since 2007. And it's not like I am going to be using this again. Customer service does not exist.

Worst Credit Card Experience Possible
By -

Although I have never been so much as a day late with a payment (on anything with any company), always paid at least double the minimum, and never exceeded my credit limit. Chase Bank has treated me like a lowlife criminal. First they nearly doubled my rate, which they explained was to "make my account profitable". Then, a few months later, they closed my account. Now, they have cut off my online account access, forcing me to mail them checks. I've had no problems with my other credit cards, just Chase. I will never do any business of any kind with this company, or anyone affiliated with them again.

Chase Is Raising Everyone's Rate
By -

FLORIDA -- I received a notice today from Chase Visa that they are raising my interest rate from 7.99 to prime + 8.99 which totals as of today 12.25%. Now, I have a FICO score of 800 and do not carry a balance ever, so I really do not care. Their letter stated it was to maintain profitability on my account. Hey boneheads, I have never carried a balance, what profitability are you referring to? Basically, me thinks that that are hitting everyone in retaliation for the summer 2010 rules that will be going into effect. Good luck to those that carry balances, you are going to need it.

Paperless Billing
By -

I signed up for paperless billing. Later I happened to check the site and found that I had a bill that was overdue and Chase had assessed a $39 late fee. I had never received an email that my bill was due. I called Chase to complain that I had not received an email notifying me that my payment was due. They informed me that an email had been sent but was returned as undeliverable. They suggested that I add them to my list of allowed contacts. I receive all kinds of garbage emails - nobody else seems to have a problem sending me emails. When their email was returned as undeliverable, they didn't bother to send a paper bill.

I talked to 5 different people trying to get the late charge removed from my bill since I had never received a statement. They refused, saying that there was no error on their part so they could not refund the charge. Don't go for paperless billing! Better yet, don't have anything to do with Chase!

Late Payment Fee Dispute
By -

Received a late payment fee from Chase Visa even though the electronic bank payment indicated that payment was made 2 days prior to the due date. So I spoke with 1 customer service representative & then the supervisor. Both refuse to reimburse the late fee or even allow a one time forgiveness grace period. I have never been late, have been a consistently good paying customer since 2003. Extremely disappointed in how a good paying customer can be treated in such manner and there was no effort to retain good paying customers. Worst company to obtain a credit card from. Don't subscribe to their card.

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