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Horrible, Stressful, Downright Ridiculous
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Rating: 1/51

I started with not so good credit with Chase, and had no problems. I have been late, and I own that, however, I decided to take my credit more serious than ever and that's when I realized they were the wrong ones. I called in to make a payment with a representative who couldn't stop talking about her cats and dogs, though she was friendly, she was not listening as I stated to her to post a payment with account 1 (I had 2 checkings on file). It wasn't until I noticed the amount had never come out, but each time that I called, they said the payment had been received.

2 months later, I receive a statement from my bank showing an NSF fee to account 2, that had been closed for approx one month. I contacted Chase and they still claimed that I was current. By now, I had made 2 other payments. The following month I notice my scores drop, and the reason was for late payment in January. I contact Chase, and spoke to almost everyone who worked there since none seemed to comprehend my issue, after about a weeks worth of calling, and them pulling the recorded call, they find themselves at fault, and send a check in the amount of $70 which covered the 2 pulls from that NSF account.

My issue is now, I must come up with $338 times 2 because my new payment is now due, plus I have to pay what I owed from their mistake... I am livid and argue with each representative demanding they listen to all the calls made regarding this, and give me time to catch up and without any hesitation I was blamed for not ''checking my account'' and the late payment stayed on my credit. Moving forward, I have caught up and paid on time, every time, then recently my vehicle took a total loss (No Gap Insurance) with a balance of 7,500 to pay off on a 2012 Nissan Altima.

This is where things got so ridiculous, until I almost needed a lawyer. My insurance calls in to get pay off, they then cut a check for 4,300 whereas the rest would come out of my problem, I need to rid myself of this loan because I need a new car. These people receive the check, look at it, and lie stating it wasn't endorsed (THOUGH I SIGNED IT IN FRONT OF THE ADJUSTER) and mailed the payment back.

15 days later, after calling several times to be sure they received the overnight check so that I can pay the balance, they explain the lie to me, I have never spoken to so many people in my life than what I experienced speaking to Chase CSR's in one week. Back and forth, lies, disputes, stress, then finally they come out with their truth as being, "We thought the check was wrongfully sent to us, and requested the info from the body shop where you'll be getting repairs." WTF!!? The FREAKING CAR IS TOTAL, THERE WON'T BE REPAIRS. About 3 weeks pass, and my insurance is not wanting to cut another check until they receive the old one, so now I am dealing with once again my credit being affected because interest is accruing, and so are late fees.

2 months later, and I am still dealing with this from the time my car was totaled, they have yet to process the 2ND OVERNIGHT payment from my insurance, I have another late fee on my report, the dept agencies get tight when you request a supervisor as if they are qualified to handle this, when the supervisors show themselves unworthy. My insurance by now has contacted Chase out of frustration and concern, and now I'm working with a supervisor named Berry, Barry (something like that) who insist that when he receives the 2nd check, he will back date it to the original, wipe out all late fees and interest accrued, and contact the credit bureau to correct it.

I feel that is most unfair, while I can appreciate that being done, I don't trust them nor should I have to wait for them to fix their mistake while I'm being incriminated of my credibility. No matter how much I expressed to this supervisor that they are the reason it's prolonged and everything should be at a complete halt, he insist that he will correct it once they receive the check. YOU RECEIVED THE 1ST CHECK AND WERE TOO DUMB TO ACCEPT THE PAYMENT, why should I have to suffer and trust you to be sure my credit isn't affected by your incompetence.

I've dealt with their attitudes and frustrations with me constantly calling, as if they are at a loss, all I've tried to do for 2 freaking months was pay you off. Because of the mistakes, and them wanting to do things ''their way'' even though they screwed up I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY... THEY ARE INCOMPETENT AND INCONSIDERATE of their clientele, and no one should have to pay for a company's mistakes.

Closing a Business Account
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NEW YORK, OREGON -- Began a process in February, 2011 attempting to close a business account that has been open for probably 7 years. Originally hoped to transfer this acct. but there is no Chase Manhattan Bank in our area, so cannot transfer the acct. The branch where the acct. was opened advised that the owner of the acct., my boss, needed to come to the bank in person to close the acct. When I pressed the issue, I was given an 800 number to call. After speaking at great length, giving every possible piece of information about the acct., was told that it certainly could be closed over the phone. They would send paperwork.

A month later, no paperwork had arrived. I again called, got bounced around to a couple of people and finally was told that yes, this acct. could be closed over the phone. Again reassured, gave all the information, again...told the paperwork would be sent to my boss' home address.

Now my boss is getting frustrated. So in August I called again. This time I was instructed to write a letter, I was given a fax number to their "National Account Closing Dept." Per the conversation, 10 to 12 days after receipt of this letter, the account would be closed and the check would be mailed. To neither my boss's surprise nor mine, no check ever arrived. He then got on the phone and spoke with someone at the 800 number. As their conversation continued, he was given the same royal run-around that I was.

Finally in total frustration, he asked to speak with a supervisor. He was told that there was none on duty. He asked when a supervisor would be on duty the run-around. She finally appeased him by telling him that he would be sent paperwork that needed to be completed. Once that was returned, the acct. would be closed and a check would be mailed. Well, that didn't happen either. No paperwork ever arrived - again.

Today I tried calling the branch where the account was originally opened. I asked to speak with someone who dealt with closing accounts. I was sharply told - you have to appear in person! I asked if I could speak with someone else. I was told there is no one else. I asked if the bank employed anyone besides the woman I was speaking with? She clicked off the line and when she came back on, she told me again that you need to appear in person to close an account. I asked again to speak with someone other than her. She finally transferred me around (I know it was at least twice) and I ended up speaking with another woman.

She asked for acct. info, etc. She then informed me that the acct. was closed. I asked how that happened? She then told me that because the acct. was inactive, the monies has been forfeited to the State of New York. She told me to give her a few minutes to make a few calls and she would call me back. About 20 minutes after that, she did in fact call me back. She then informed me that she needed to know if I knew "this name". She rattled off a name and I told her since I was not involved when this acct. was opened, I did not know or recognize the name.
However, since my boss was standing at my desk I could put him on the line.

He spoke with her and she asked him the same questions she had asked me - acct. #, etc. Finally, she told him that he needed to provide two photo IDs, copies of the checks, and other information about the account. Then she gave him a fax number. I have tried twice to get that fax through and have not been successful. It registers as "incomplete number". I guess the only recourse is to turn it over to an attorney and stop the madness.

Don't Want to Review POA
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Rating: 2/51

HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA -- On Saturday March 1 of 2014 I went to my Chase local branch to open an account jointed with my mom in which I have power of attorney for. After speaking with **, the banker that took care of me, he told me he had to fax the power of attorney to their legal department. After he did, he was told that it needed further review and it will be done within 24 to 48 hours.

On Tuesday March 11, I went back to the bank to find out if it was reviewed. When ** called the legal department he was informed that it wasn't done yet. When I asked to speak with the branch manager I was told that he wasn't in so I asked to speak with the assistant manager. She told me that it can usually take up to 72 hours. Today Thursday March 6, being that it was past the 72 hours, I went by the branch to see if it was done and after speaking with the branch manager and he inquiring with the legal department, he told me that it has not been reviewed yet. I also speak with the district manager regarding this on a phone conference call at his office.

While I was waiting at the branch to speak with the branch manager, I received a phone call from the district manager which was the result of an e-mail I have sent earlier today to customer service via my account's secure messaging on their web site inquiring about this. In conclusion, I was told by the bank & district manager that until their legal department approves it, there is nothing they could do.

I told them that this was ridiculous since I have used this power of attorney for my mom to deal with everything for her. From buying a car, managing her phone, TV, electricity billing accounts to other things and never had this much of a problem. I told both the branch and district manager that I will be filing a complaint with several sources regarding this. I am currently a customer of their bank and have a checking and savings account with them.

I currently have an account joint with my mom at another bank, Ocean Bank; which I opened using the power of attorney on the same day, but wanted to close that account and open it with Chase because Ocean Bank only has a few local branches and not as many branches everywhere and they are not as good as a bank as Chase is.

Let Payday That Are Not Licensed in AZ to Steal From My Account & an Auction Company to Do the Same
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- My comment is and my experience is Chase is evil...let me take a few to share my experience with this greed-driven Bank. I've been a customer of Chase for over 25 years from Valley National first then Bank One when the name changed to JP Morgan Chase. Also worked for them in their National Recovery Bankruptcy department in Arizona about 10 years. I thought that Chase was the best bank ever and they stood behind their customer, well I've been wrong.

Chase customer service and personal banks are liars, rude and incompetent. Their goal is to make money for Chase no matter how much they screw their customers. I have had one of the worst experiences in my life because of Chase. They have repeatedly disregarded my request to close out an my account due to stop pays that I have paid for and even with overdraft protection they have charged me fees that are sickening, due to payday loan predators that are NOT licensed in the state of Arizona, even after having and showing them the proof that they were stealing money from my account - not just payday predators but an auction house as well.

Chase has cost me over $2000 dollars in damages, let alone this screw up has caused my creditors to decline auto debit to pay my bills "which I need because of my disability". Chase returned payments like my rent, insurance which canceled me and others due to letting thieves take my money because they choose not believe a loyal customer of 25 years - it's just "Not Right"!! - not once but several times.

Chase's Claims department is unbelievably incompetent even when the proof is right in front of them in black & white. They are rude, slow, hard to understand because they are not from this country - what's up with that? I'm still trying to get this situation taken care of, had to hire an attorney to handle this for me that's added cost, because I just can't take it anymore, but refuse to give up. Make it right Chase, pull your head out of your ass and help your customers, not steal from them... P.S. It's not over yet!!

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Rating: 1/51

NYC, NEW YORK -- JP Morgan Chase is the most horrific heartless bank out there. They closed my mother's account without notice and reason. She is close to 90 and a holocaust survivor. Her social security and German pension checks were returned to their respective sources causing a great deal of effort to retrieve them. All of her auto pays were bounced and it was only because she had some spare cash at home that she did not go hungry. This was done with 2 days warning and additionally her accounts were frozen. She is also legally blind.

Nazi Germany behaved much the same way. Chase is ruthless and will stay away from them for the rest of my life. Mind you my mother was an account holder with them for close to gift years. A lot of good that did. They are despicable!!!

System Mistakes, Humans No Able to Any Solution
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- 03/24/2016. I deposited my paycheck as usually. ATM recognized 950.00, but my check was 1950.00. Two days after I Call the customer services. After 25 minutes in hold they transfer to claims department. They promised solution in 12 hours. March 29 I went to the bank on Doral. The lady said my solution is bring the screenshot from my job, my job said is restricted information. I went back to the bank, the same lady said me I has to wait April 5 to get my money.

I asked for the manager, answer was she left early. Tuesday 2 pm and supervisor promised put the note in the system. My big question. WHO WILL PAY ALL THE FEES I WILL RECEIVE FOR NONPAYMENT IN TIME
Chase Bank ATM Chase or help you customer services?

In the Business of Lies
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Rating: 1/51

I applied for a Chase Auto Loan with a credit score of 760. I was approved at a very aggressive rate (3.93%), and I called Chase to give them the vehicle information before I went and purchased it - VIN number, mileage, the whole nine yards. I purchased the vehicle and was elated. Dream car, great loan rate, low monthly payments. I faxed my purchase order to Chase the following day and was DECLINED.

I inquired how I could be declined when I was already approved, and got a bogus answer about their perceived value of the vehicle being different from the price they already approved and their hands were tied. Now I have to go back to the dealer and accept a rate twice what Chase offered. Chase - do not GUARANTEE to lend if you are not going to lend. Everyone, be careful about their conditional approvals, they are liars.

On the Lookout
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Rating: 4/51

ILLINOIS -- So yesterday morning, I woke up to find an email from Chase alerting me to a possible fraudulent transaction on my credit card account that was made the night before. The email asked me to answer yes or know if I had made the alleged transaction and if I had any questions to call the customer service number listed. But it was different from the customer service number listed on my credit card and if 6 years on M3C has taught me anything, you don't respond to an email you deem suspect, and you don't call any phone numbers listed if you have an alternative number from a more reliable source.

So I went downstairs, credit card in hand to review my account online. Sure enough, the transaction was there so I called Chase at the number printed on the back of my card. Sure enough, Chase had sent me the email and because I said that the purchase was not made by myself or my husband (I checked with him), they closed out my account and have had new cards sent to my house.

The strange thing is that the transaction was from a legitimate website and was for a very tiny amount, I'm inclined to believe that someone innocently typed in the wrong credit card number which just happened to match mine. But, better safe than sorry and it's just as well since our cards are due to expire in May, so we just bumped up the timeline for getting our new card. Glad to see that Chase was on the ball here.

Chase Bank Closing Business Accounts
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Rating: 1/51

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- Chase Bank, closed my business accounts. Please do not open a business checking account with Chase. If your company deposit third party checks, deposit check drafts or depend on ACH transactions please choose another bank. Chase will close your account with no warning. We make large deposits every day and was surprise that Chase closed our account. Chase is only interested in investment accounts and mortgages, these accounts are easy for Chase to rip their customers off. We also recommend that you do not open a merchant account with this bank. Their merchant arm is called Chase-Paymentech. Please take warning.

This bank have left thousands of merchant very unhappy by closing their accounts. They will close your account on the day of payroll with no warning. The bank is no longer a good bank for businesses. Please, please do not make the mistake in believing this bank cares about you or your business. If you have an account with them close it or you will be very surprise. Most of the time if you have any money left in the account Chase takes about 30 days before you receive a check.

They sent me a closing check and had a stop payment placed on it. I had to wait an additional three days to get an overnight check from them. Chase has countless fraud charges pending against the bank various entities filed by the US attorneys in all districts. Do not invest in a doomed bank. Opening an account with them is a short-term bailout. Don't do it.

Poor Service at Chase
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, TEXAS -- I logged into my online Chase account one day to see that Chase has closed all of my credit card accounts with no prior warning or prior issues. I had built up sizable amounts of reward points in my accounts that Chase has since taken away. I have been a loyal Chase customer for my entire adult life and have always paid off my credit card bills on time.

I contacted Chase and provided bank statements showing I have enough assets to support my outstanding credit lines. However, I am disappointed that Chase never even responded to my letter showing evidence that I am not a credit risk and the actions I have taken to address their credit concerns. This just shows Chase doesn't care about its customers and just wants to take their customers rewards points so that they can increase their profits.

They are just targeting people with a lot of points so they can get the liability off their books for having to pay out their rewards. That big fat litigation reserve of billions that Mr. ** has set aside looks very very juicy for a class action. I am a lawyer and may just go ahead and start putting together the paperwork.

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