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Stealing Rewards Points by Closing Accounts
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WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- I just received letters informing me that my accounts, which I have used for many years, have been closed after credit review. The reasons are bogus and I will detail below, but what I'm most upset about is their policy of not letting (former) customers redeem their points after account is closed. I have $28.33 worth of points that they now keep for themselves. That is just plain theft. I earned those points making Amazon purchases. I have complained to them as well and I'm not buying from either company the way they treat me. (They also closed my brother's credit card.)

So what are the reasons they gave for closing my accounts? First, too much credit. Well, my credit limit probably increased by $700 or so in the last year. Big deal. All because I asked for an increase from a current card issuer, too.

Second, too many bank cards. I got an AmEx debit card recently, and that's it. Haven't gotten a new credit card in the last year, although I had applied for a Hess card (serviced by Chase) so I can buy gas, which I think started all this.

If that's the way these companies do business, I will not deal with them either. But the reward points should be the customer's, when they are closing the accounts to try to protect themselves from credit risks, when I pay all my bills on time and didn't do anything wrong. Not letting customers redeem points they earned because Chase closed their accounts is nothing but theft.

Credit Card Rate, Bank with the Mob instead
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I used credit cards to help me through nursing school. I have carried Chase Bank credit card for 10 years. All of the sudden they up my rate to 28% making it impossible to pay off. When I reduced the balance by 50% they charged me $25.00 in my checking account because I no longer had a large debt balance on my credit card anymore. I guess they didn't think I could figure out a way to get out from under them. I'd rather do business with the mob.

Our government is supporting this and what it does is this: Reduces disposable income by the American people reducing their ability to purchase goods and services to provide jobs. Instead the money goes to Jamie Dimon and his goons. Then we have to bail them out with tax dollars after their investing fails miserably. I am watching for a run on the bank. After I pay off this nightmare in four weeks I am running to a local bank. Chase Bank STINKS. Everyone, pull your money out of there!!!

Outrageous Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BOISE -- I purchased an item in the south korean airport in October and have diligently done everything they and the merchant required for a return. No one at this store could speak or write english. Finally through the south korean tourist bureau I sent the keyboard back. Got a message that the merchant would credit my account but they never did. Chase caused 2 1/2 months of delays, did not properly review the details of the case, put me through 2 reviews, did not request information they required and then refused to refund my money because of the delays and the merchant's refusal to respond.

To top that off, the Dispute Department referred me back to their toll free number and reported this to all 3 major credit reporting agencies!!! I have done all of my business and personal credit card charges with my mileage plus credit cards for over 20 years. I pay my bill off in total every month. Their behavior is despicable and outrageous. Can anyone give me the contact information for the head of the department of dispute resolution? Help.

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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I closed my account with Chase Bank because there was cash advanced electronically getting money out of my checking acct, without my consent. Then I opened another account. Yes I had signed documents for overdrafts to be paid by Chase. They didn't pay those checks but they charged me $34 each time. This business charged me also and they tried couple of times. And Chase charged me all this times as well as this bus.

When I tried to closed my account Chase CSR employee told me that it will take 48 to 72 hrs business days for this account to be closed. But if somebody makes any withdraw, it will open up the account again. So that means that I will have more NSF charges again, and this will make me pay them all together over $300 overcharges plus the other business charges. Can someone tell me what to do or who to talk to please?

Doesn't Resolve Issues With Disputes
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DENVER, COLORADO -- My name is Justin from Lakewood, CO. On Dec 29, 2011 I became aware of a debit card transaction that wasn't mine in the amount of 584.84. I immediately called Chase and faxed the required paperwork. They received said paperwork Jan 5, 2012. On the 6th they realized I had incorrect date of dispute. I called four times to check the status and was told it was still being investigated. Finally on fifth call Jan 17, I was told I had to do paperwork over again about the wrong date one day off. After 17 days after they received claim. Now the whole process is started again.

What A Discgrace By Chase
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Rod Stewart looks to find a reason to believe, Chase looks for a reason to deceive. A year ago, I needed 1500.00 worth of dental work. The nurse said it could be finance by Chase with no interest. They said they sell the account to Chase at a reduce rate. I made the payments on time every month. The last statement I paid on time. Next month, received for 6 dollars. What?

A few months later started getting calls from Chase telling me I owed over two hundred dollars in late fees and interest. I told them that I paid the bill in full. They said payment was late and I should pay. I had two credit card with Chase, cut them up and sent card and letter to Chase. Would you believe that I still get offers from Chase? I told that lady that I was aware of them ripping off military people and senior folks. Was told that did not matter. Chase - a bunch of crooks.

Home Modification a Joke
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I, like many others, have been going back and forth with this bank. I started this whole process in Nov. '09. Not as long as some, but same story. I initially received one letter saying I did not send them something (which I did), so I went ahead and sent it again, called back, they said they received it. I waited a few weeks, called again (Dec. 28th), was told my case was closed that very day! They said I was missing paperwork (again) - she said if I faxed it, they could re-open my case, so I did. Called back again in 48 hours to make sure they received it, yes they received it, it's "complete" and in underwriting.

Every time I call, they say call back in a few weeks to check the status, so I called again, was told it was closed on Dec. 28th. I said yes it was and was also re-opened that same day and was supposed to be in underwriting. She couldn't see that so I asked for someone else. This lady told me she didn't know why she told me that. Yes it's open and being reviewed, she'll contact the gentleman who is handling it, make sure everything is in order and call me back - never got a call. I call several more times - everything seems OK - "under review". I think OK, we're getting somewhere now!

Nope - I call again, DENIED (Mar. 8). No phone calls, no letters - just read an article (**) where Chase said they have increased attempts to contact customers to complete paperwork. Call 36 times, reach out by mail 15 times and make at least 2 home visits! I received one letter the whole time after my initial application, and I've been closed and denied and told over and over I am missing paperwork! NO CONTACT! So again I re-sent things and was told to call back to make sure they received it.

Of course this time I had to re-send current bank statements, pay stubs and everything else...I did this, called, was told, yes, but why am I not showing rental income? Ummm, because I don't own a rental! I have given them several documents which I explained to them what they mean - I haven't owned that home in years and they have all the proof in front of them! I was then told OK, it's "complete" & under review AGAIN. I stewed for a few days and thought, 'this is a government program, there has to be somewhere to complain or get help'.

So I hit the net and found the MHA Help line 888-995-HOPE. A gentleman actually 3-wayed a call to Chase and they were a little more helpful and straightforward...said it's taking 4-9 months and sometimes 12 to get an answer after I've been told constantly 60 days. I said OK, except I've been closed and denied in a lot less than that a few times for "missing paperwork" and never received anything telling me that. She said well we TRY to send everyone a letter. No way! If I wasn't constantly calling these people and being proactive, I'd have no clue.

Peoplekeep calling!!! Who knows what will happen now? The MHA Help guy said to call them if I start getting the runaround again, which I will I'm sure. The more I read on the net, the more I believe Chase doesn't want to help people. I've even heard from people at work where the same thing with the paperwork is happening to them and then they get denied, etc. It's a mighty big coincidence!!!

They Want to Take My Home....Again
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COLUMBUS, OHIO -- This story goes back to 2008 when my husband developed throat cancer. He had to stop working and undergo a laryngectomy in May 2008, which means he lost his voice. Well, I am also disabled (malformed hips and knees and unable to work since 2005), so we had NO money coming in until he started to receive his SSI. This means that the mortgage fell behind.

I tried to talk with Chase Home Finance LLC, but they would not speak to me because my name wasn't on the mortgage - only my husband's. I tried to explain to them that he has no voice so cannot speak and I had his power of attorney...but they would not listen. They refused to take any payments (partial or otherwise)because my name was not on the loan. I had to wait for my husband to become coherent enough to sign a paper saying that I could speak for him, but the bank would not acknowledge the paper or the power of attorney.

They would call our home to talk to my husband, but when I answered the phone, they hung up - refusing to speak with me. Needless to say, the bank foreclosed on our house and we were forced to move out of our home in November 2008.

Fast forward 5 months -- we were living in a rental and had seen the house go up for police auction three times and then get pulled. In March of 2009, Chase contacts me and says that since the mortgage is Fannie Mae-backed, they have to work with us and offered us our house back. We accepted. Their staff person (name available on request) worked with us and dropped our payment, 34.00 each month, and we were able to move back into our home in April 2009.

We were told to make the new payment for three months (May, June, July) and they would re-negotiate our mortgage. We did this via money order. We received paperwork stating that our forbearance has ended, but no new paperwork on new terms. That was in December of 2009. So we continued to make the payments we had been making. Add to this that the bank lost our paperwork FOUR TIMES as we have tried to get our new terms established, and this has been quite a challenge.

The bank HAS contacted us in 2010. In February, they have called to speak to my husband, but when I told them that he cannot speak due to the laryngectomy and I informed them that I was his wife and had power of attorney to speak for him, they started hanging up on us again (like they did before). February 22, 2010, at 4:29 PM they called and I answered and they hung up on me (AGAIN).

I immediately called my local branch office that has been helping me so I could get this matter resolved. It was when the staff person called them directly that she found out that they needed MORE PAPERWORK...the same paperwork that we had re-sent FOUR TIMES!!! This was at 5:02 PM when I found this out. At 5:26 PM of the same day, a staff person...but now they say that we make too much money (1296.00 a month for 2 people) to benefit from any government assistance mortgage programs, but not enough to make increased payments. They had originally said that any past due would be added to the end, but now they won't honor that.

The government gave JP Morgan Chase and Fannie Mae all this stimulus money to keep people in their homes-- but why is it now that I am being told that I may not be able to keep my home? How can one of the main financial institutions get away with changing the rules of the game and losing important paperwork FOUR TIMES? How can two disabled people be treated as if they lived in a third world country? Who was the home assistance program created for? How can Chase Home Finance LLC think they are above everyone else???? HELP!!!

Chase Bank Is the Most Evil, Unethical Bank I Have Ever Used
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BUFFALO GROVE, ILLINOIS -- I have had several banks in my life, and have been fairly satisfied. I switched to Chase a few years ago because my mortgage was with them. I have come to realize that Chase is the most unethical and corrupt bank out there. They are thieves and preying on people especially in this difficult economy.

Last week I was out of town and used my debit card at a cafe at the hotel we were staying at. My account was low but I was getting paid in a couple days and have direct deposit. I had more than enough to cover the two small debits at the cafe. I knew this for sure because the cafe had a computer for customers to use so I checked my balance. There were no other pending transactions other than the two small transactions at the cafe I had put through.

When I got home that evening, I checked my online banking again and noticed that there was another transaction pending from later in the day from the toll authority. Apparently my transponder on my car was low on tolls so the toll authority put through an automatic debit without any warning. My account did not have enough in it that day to cover the toll authority debit so I knew I would be charged one fee. The toll authority charge was listed after the two small cafe debits so the toll charge was the last debit of the day and the only one that would have caused an overdraft.

I accepted the one fee and had no problem paying it. But after my payroll check was direct deposited, I noticed Chase had charged me 3 overdraft fees for a total of $105.00. I looked again at my online banking account and noticed that Chase had re-arranged the order of the debits and put the toll authority debit before the two small cafe debits. This switch in order gave Chase the opportunity to hit me with 3 fees instead of the one.

I was furious and I called their customer service department. I told them that I knew they had re-arranged the sequence of the debits which maximized their fees against me and they ADMITTED TO IT. They said they can arrange them however they choose without regard for the order the debits actually came through. I could not believe what I was hearing. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told the same thing, that basically they can do this, it is not illegal and too bad, so sad.

I am closing my account and moving to another bank next weekend when I get my next paycheck. The new bank I called, which is actually a bank I used a few years ago, asked me what bank I was leaving. I told them Chase and she laughed and said they have tons of ex-Chase customers coming over. Do not use Chase, they are thieves. I am also writing my state government to find out if what Chase is doing is legal and if so why! The greed of this bank is unbelievable.

Declined Payment on Their Check Without Legitimate Reason: Incompetence, System Glitch or Deceptive Maneuver?
By -

DELAWARE -- Chase Credit Card customer since '06. Fixed APR of 8.99%, NEVER, EVER late on any payments, NEVER, EVER over-drafted my bank account. In Feb. '09 refinanced home mortgage @ 4.275%. GOOD CREDIT score, it has actually gotten better since the home refinance.

Here is the damaging unethical new practice of Chase. Promotional "Rate Reduction for our most Valued Card members" (BEWARE!!!). 0.00% fixed APR until Feb. 2010 when you use the enclosed "Special Rate Checks." Access extra cash, transfer high APR balances, pay unexpected expenses, use for large purchases.

My card info - Credit Limit: $5,500; Previous Balance: $2,700.11 (NEVER over 50% of Limit); Last payment: $1,350.11; Current Balance: $1,350.00 (Less than 25% of Limit). I all but exhausted my bank account to pay (cash) to my Chase balance and cut it in half.

After checking online to make sure that the payment had posted to my Chase balance, I deposited $1,350.00 in my bank using one of the promotional 0.00% checks from Chase. After checking online with my bank, make sure that the Chase check had been posted, I proceeded to pay off two "high APR balances" (online) in the amount of $1,200. I also paid my gas, electric, and two other credit card payments, leaving only $124 in my bank.

A few days later, I received a letter from Chase stating that the check of $1,350 was declined and that they had made the decision to change my credit limit to $1,800 due to late payments or not paid as agreed on accounts. (THIS IS FALSE!!! I have NEVER been late on any credit card accounts, never!!!) My bank now has me over-drafted on every payment that I have made. Chase has my CASH, with which I could have paid all payments with absolutely no problems.

After HOURS of phone conversations with multiple Chase reps, I was transferred to (**) high level management in Delaware. After his thorough examination of my account history and current credit report, he admitted that there was no reason to change my credit limit or available funds and that he would correct it. Sounds like problem solved? Read on.

My bank still has me seriously over-drafted. After talking with my bank, a possible solution was recommended. The bank suggested that I call Chase and have them reverse my $1350.11 CASH payment back into my bank account to cover my over-drafts. Sounds doable? Read on.

I checked my Chase account to make sure the Delaware manager had repaired and put my limit back at $5,500. Bingo!! Looks like he had kept his word. I called Chase back to verify that their check would now be honored and solve the problem. After riding the phone merry-go-round, I finally got a manager (**) in Orlando, FL. I asked to have my $1,350.11 payment reversed back to my account to avoid the train-wreck that Chase was about to cause and to call my bank and correct their mistake.

** said that the payment COULD be reversed but would take up to 15 DAYS!!! (Not an option.) ** said that I should have the bank just run the check through again and that the funds ARE available and your bank can call us to verify. Solved? Looking at my Chase account online today, Saturday the 13th of June 2009, account status as follows - Credit limit: $1,700; Balance: $1,350.00; Pending Charges: $2,700; Available Credit: $0.

On Monday, I will most likely be in a financial train wreck. My damages will probably be in the hundreds of dollars funds available to satisfy the over-drafts and penalties. My hard-earned good credit is headed toward ruin. All because I was told, in writing, that I would receive "Special Savings as a Most Valued Customer". If I issued a check from my bank and then later stopped payment, I could be prosecuted for check fraud.

I need legal help. I have been set up and torpedoed! Chase is aware of their error(s) and could fix this travesty but they have not. Consequences and damage: the potential for my financial destruction is in the works and Chase has not made their check good. They have admitted that they had no legitimate cause for denial of payment.

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