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Ordering Event Tickets
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Rating: 1/51

Worst ticket company I have ever dealt with. Ordered E tickets for the Kentucky Derby. Later; days after I had paid, they said that they weren't really E tickets and that they would be mailed to me. I said no, I ordered and paid extra to have them emailed to me. They guaranteed they would be there in time only when they were to be delivered, it required a signature even though I specifically told them that I would not be there to sign. I had to go to UPS at night and wait 2 hours to get the tickets since we were leaving the next day. I opened the envelope and they sent the wrong seats, of course cheaper seats that I ordered. Never again with such a poor rated company.

AWFUL. Will Never Book Again.
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I really hate leaving negative experiences for companies but this is by far the WORST service that I have ever received from any company that I have ever dealt with. I booked a round-trip, international flight through (who has a customer service team "based" in Chicago so it seems) and due to an unfortunate change in plans, I had to reschedule and then ultimately cancel my return flight. I paid both the reschedule fee AND the cancellation fee imposed by both the company and the airline. Completely fine -- my plans were disrupted and I had to take the fall for that.

But here's where it gets worse. When I cancelled my flight, an agent informed me that he could process a refund to my card but that it would not be the full value of the return flight. I understand how things work so I was completely fine with that. I just told him to make sure that this refund got put through.

Fast forward two weeks, the refund hasn't been processed. I call again and speak with another agent who informs me that the refund would be placed within 21 days. I wasn't informed of this policy at the beginning but after being told that was how their system worked with the airline, I let it go and resigned myself to waiting. Before I hung up, I confirmed with the agent that the refund had indeed been registered on that end.

After 30 days were up, I called again because the refund had not gone through. I spoke with an agent who said that I should just wait for the refund. Being an idiot, I did. About a week later, I started calling EVAAir to see whether they ever received the refund request from CheapTickets. They hadn't and could not find any records aside from the fact that my ticket was left "open". The most recent representative I spoke with mentioned that they still had not received any word from the travel agency.

It has now been almost two months after this entire ordeal. I called Cheaptickets and after waiting on hold for a ridiculous amount of time, I reached several agents who just kept transferring me over to the next. (One agent even asked if I wanted to use "credit" to get another flight -- I really wish that was some sort of sick joke).

I FINALLY got a girl on the phone (Macy) who tried to assist. But when I gave her my information, she let me know that she could not find anything and that my ticket was marked as "open". She then asked me whether I had checked my credit card statement to see whether the refund had magically appeared (why would I have called in if I hadn't already done this?!)

Additionally, this poor agent could barely speak English and could not even repeat my telephone number back to me properly. I don't want to discriminate (English being my second language as well) but how on earth could you even TRY to resolve an issue if you don't actually understand what is going on? Incredible, really. After finally refusing to let Macy to continue to speak over me repeatedly with some awfully scripted dialogue, I had her check her records again. She did and lo and behold, she finally found that a refund request.

She told me to call the airline to check the status of my refund and once I told her that I had already done that (multiple times), she stopped speaking for a while until she found another script that she could throw at me in which she tried to repeatedly tell me that there was no way that she or any of her other colleagues could follow up with me regarding this issue. In fact, she told me that I needed to call again tomorrow. (And what? Go through the exact same process again? You have to be kidding me.)

At this point, I pressed her to speak with a manager. After another few minutes on hold, I finally got connected to someone claiming to be a manager. She asked me for the exact dates of when I called (I almost threw my phone out of the window at this point) and then spent another 15 minutes "reading through all the information". She told me that she could not find any answers. (At this point, I was not even surprised).

Frustrated, I let her know that I needed some sort of resolution and she let me know that she had put my case through to their "refunds" team for review. I had to tell her that I needed some form of follow-up on their end in whatever mode of communication she could handle. She told me to expect an email within 48 hours. Quite frankly, I know that I'm going to be on the phone with CheapTickets again in another two days trying to get these guys to get their act together. Obviously, I'd rather not be (total time: 56 minutes) but I want to make sure that you know NEVER to use this company.

Bad service
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Rating: 1/51

I have bought many tickets over the years and every time there is a problem. I have found that it will not be properly handled. You are way better off using a travel agent or going airline direct. I will give a couple of many examples that I have had the opportunity of having to deal with. On a scale of 1-10 on this company's ability to solve problems I give them a 0.

Example #1: Three years ago in Feb, my grandmother and best friend was notified that she had a couple of months to live. Upon hearing this news I made arrangements to spend as much time with as I could, even if it meant borrowing money to do so at the time. It worked out that I would be able to spend 2 weeks out of every month with her. Times like this are confusing and your not in your right frame of mind. That last ticket that I booked through to see her was booked backwards.

Instead of booking a ticket departing from Dallas Fort Worth I booked the ticket departing from Reno, Nevada. My wife had caught my mistake approx. two weeks before my flight. I called customer service to fix the problem that had occurred. After spending most of my day on the phone and going through several "supervisors" my ticket of $350 got an additional $400+ dollars added to it. The flight that I was moved to had plenty of extra seats and was in no way shape or form overbooked or lacking seats. I paid their fee and went on because I didn't have time to deal with it.

Example 2 10/31/14: My mother let me know a couple of days ago that she wanted to fly in and visit me for 10 days over the Thanksgiving break. She sent me her credit card info and asked if I would book a ticket. My mother was a widow for 24 years out of adoration of my father. Four years ago she finally remarried. Beautiful sweet woman, her being unmarried was not because of a lack of suitors trying.

When my mother remarried I assumed that she had changed her last name and that is how I booked her flight ticket. After mailing her the confirmation I received a call with her letting me know that she had kept my father's name out of continued adoration and that her current husband was fine with it. I then call the customer service to try correct the problem.

I finally get a customer service representative on the phone and describe my problem. She lets me know that there will be a $275 additional charge to the already $350 ticket. Unhappy with this answer I asked to talk to a supervisor. I was then asked for a call back number in case we were disconnected. After 10 minutes on hold we were disconnected. After waiting for my call back for approx. 1 hour I was not called back. Sitting at my desk with a phone that was not interrupted phone at my desk.

At this point I call back again and start completely over. I told them about my previous conversation and was placed on hold for a "supervisor" of After awhile on hold again, I got another representative on the phone. When asked if she was a supervisor she stated that she was not a "supervisor". She went over the situation with me again, put me on hold for a while and then came back with a price of an additional $100 to change the name on the ticket. At this point I am getting irritated.

I asked nicely to speak to her supervisor. She then stated that she was the highest ranked "supervisor" there at this time. I then stated that she had just told me that she was not a "supervisor". I then asked for the person that I could call back that was her supervisor. She stated ** and said that she could not give me the last name of her "supervisor".

All in all I took it that their prices can be whatever they want for corrections and that no one is in charge or can make decisions to properly fix a problem. I will continue to spread the word of a shady, unsympathetic company that has no one in charge as much as I possibly can!!!

Replies My Two Hour Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- I was trying to book a flight for my family and me (6 pax), from Orlando to Santo Domingo from July 28th to Aug. 8th. I was browsing on Cheaptickets. com and I found an attractive fare of $250.00 per person with 1 stop overnight at Curacao. I was so happy I found that fare and a proceed to book it, and then.. my journey to hell began.

I started to book around 9am, enter all the information, select even my seats, and enter my payment information. It did not went through according to the information given on the yellow highlights, saying that the booking could not be confirmed at this moment. I tried one more time, and got the same answer. I called around 9:30am on a desperate race to get that discounted fare, and after 18 minutes waiting on hold, a representative named ** came on the line.

I explained all my Odyssey trying to book the fares. I told him I'd refresh the page several times to see if there was an update on the fares, but I was still getting 250.00 per person, and I wanted to take advantage of that. ** just told me he couldn't do nothing, and he quoted me the flight for 1.769.00 plus the 35.00 of booking on the phone. I was trying to be calm, so I just declined, since I felt he was just in a hurry for me to book and didn't helped me. I had to ask him if there was any department in charge of the website issues that I could talk to and see what was the issue with my booking (he never offer the option I asked).

He transfer me to another department and I waited around 10 minutes more, to get in touch with **, who just told me that she couldn't do anything, but suggest me to split my booking in two (reserved 3 pax first and then 3 pax later). I was OK with that suggestion but my concern was if by the time I booked the last 3 pax I would be able to get availability. Her solution was just to cancel the reservations in case I couldn't complete the whole flight reservation and I would be refunded for the flight payment, but probably be charged a 20.00 fee for cancellation. I was very amazed how fresh she told me that.

15 minutes later after ** and no solution at all, I tried again, getting this time a 264.90 fare per person. I try again all the process, and this time it didn't recognize my credit card billing information, so I called my bank and surprisingly I found out that my credit card was charge with 8 different transactions, (1) of $1,505.40, another one of 1,589.40 and six charges of 2.00 each from I flip out!!! I was charged twice and had no confirmation and no flights reserved. By that point I wanted to kill someone.. its 11:00am (2 hours after I started with this).

I called back again to, and after a 15 minutes waiting I got on the phone with **. I explain all my frustration and all my anger with the most longest flight booking I ever had. ** was very professional (finally someone with customer services), and she helped reversing the charges from my credit card. There goes another 15 minutes solving the problem with my bank. Two after I just lost my time, my peace and no flight booked.

In a few words, Cheaptickets has no customer service (excluding **), no guarantee on the rates, so its a scam, and it just not a website I would recommend. This is the worst experience I ever had.

Advertisement Scam And Dishonest Terms
By -

My wife and I purchased an airline ticket through to travel to Canada on July 30th and return August 4th. The reservation CheapTickets record locator: # is **. Unfortunately due to family emergency we did not make the flight and Delta Airline told us to contact cheap ticket about a refund or rebooking. We did and several cheapticket agents told us we can use the existing $964.00 (ticket cost) as credit for a future reservation as long as it was used before May 10th 2011 and we agreed.

We were told several times there would be a penalty of $150.00 on each ticket and the difference of $664.00 would go toward our new airline reservation tickets with Delta. We were OK with this as we told by several cheapticket agents this was the normal penalty fee. We call cheap ticket two weeks ago and were told they cannot find the booking in their system so we should speak to Delta Airlines, Delta send us back to cheapticket. I then insist on speaking to several supervisors over this time and they pulled our records, told us all the information related our last reservation but said they cannot rebook the flight because that file was not available.

We have been calling cheap ticket everyday for the past two weeks and kept being told by different supervisors that the files for that bulk purchase with Delta is purged but will be reinstated in 48 hours. We are now told we will have to make a new reservation using our credit card and the price of the ticket would be immediately refunded to the card once the new ticket is issued. The refund would cancel out the tickets from our credit. I ask how long it would take for the ticket to be issued and was told immediately after the new reservation is processed. I call back to make the reservation today and I am now being told there is an additional $50.00 rebooking fee for each ticket.

Our new reservation was to New York and the ticket price was $249.00 with all fees paid on each ticket (2). Even with the addition $100.00 rebooking fee for both tickets I was ready to set up the reservation because at this point after hours on each call I was ready to get it over with and the $664.00 credit would definitely cover the cost. I again asked and was told before starting the reservation that all funds would be refunded to my card so I gave my card information. Feeling very uncomfortable with doing this before the reservation was completed I asked how much exactly my card would be charged and was told $350.00.

I was very surprised by this and ask where this figure came from. I was shocked when I was told this amount would not be refunded on my card. I was told this was to cover the two $150.00 ticket penalty and they were waiving one of the $50.00 rebooking fee. After weeks of being told this would be taken from the existing credit this supervisor was pulling a fast on me. Ask why this was so she told me they have no way of separating the transactions, cost for ticket and airline penalty. I told her to cancel the transaction. This is so frustrating and upsetting.

Bad Customer Service Is Their Mantra
By -

I recently needed to book a flight to Washington, DC from Buffalo, NY. Considering there are a plethora of options of where to go online to book flights, I weighed my options and took a chance with I booked my flight and was content with the simple and easy process for picking flights and booking via credit card.

In checking through my records, I realized that I failed to receive a confirmation email with my account and flight information on it. Given that had put a $2 hold on my credit card for the flight, I had assumed as anyone would in my position that everything was a-OK and that I had nothing to worry about. After all, cheaptickets prides itself on being the cheap, easy way to book a flight. I called customer service on 9.04 to verify my flight, thinking that my confirmation must have been sent to my spam folder in my gmail account.

My cheap and easy ticket buying experience was quickly compounded into one of the most unprofessional and horrible experiences I have ever had from this point forward. Upon calling customer service, the customer service representative who was merely doing her job in assisting me went on to tell me that not only did I not have a ticket booked, but I must have done something wrong to cause the error. Now, being an Internet savvy person as you have to be in this day and age I need you to realize the level of frustration on my behalf as a customer.

I followed all prompts on your website, entered all appropriate information, and was led to believe I had purchased the ticket that I needed. Further emphasizing this point, a hold was put on my credit card for $2 from CheapTickets.Com for the purchase. At no time did I receive an error or an email from customer service on your behalf saying something was wrong. Instead, a week goes by with me believing that I have a ticket booked for my trip, and I come to realize that I do not have one and am told by your customer service agent that I did something wrong to cause this.

Follow this path of "logic" and you will see that indeed, I did nothing wrong but there must have been a glitch in your web interface causing the issue, considering one would never be so bold as to accuse their customer of not being intelligent enough to hit a submit button. This being insinuated from your company is utterly ludicrous, unprofessional, and downright inappropriate.

Furthermore, I am told by your well trained customer service agent that "she is sorry that I feel the way that I do" about the service I received, but there was nothing she could do to help me, besides book another ticket for the same trip that was $70 more expensive. Not only was this not an appropriate response in the way of customer service, but training your customer service agents to be condescending in any way to a customer is not only unacceptable but it is going to cost your company in the long run. I ended the call frustrated and belittled.

Your training program at must be a short one, after all your customer service department does not actually provide any customer service.. rather they blame the customer for any mistakes and then take advantage of them by charging even more for the ticket they are trying to book. That is a very dishonest and counter intuitive approach to customer service.

Today competition is everything in the marketplace. The one thing that makes a business stand out from another is the level of customer service one receives from that company. Great customer service makes customers happy, makes them repeat customers, and makes them recommend that business to others. Word of mouth makes companies in times of a rough economy.

In the reverse, poor customer service is a detriment to a company. A company who puts customer service as second seat to everything else is a company that receives poor reviews of their services all over the internet, like the ones I read about your company (just do a search for reviews and read about all of your unsatisfied customers give their two cents).

A company who belittles and makes their customers uncomfortable will lose existing customers and future customers based on word of mouth. Customer service is everything, and customer service is something that your company is lacking as a whole. I'm sure that my definitions of customer service aren't a surprise to your company, being a corporate entity. My question remains, however why is it that you do exactly opposite of what will build a customer base by treating your customers in such a manner?

I come from a family who works in the service industry, and I understand what it means to build a clientele and how you need to give to customer wants and needs at times, as well as how much the old saying "the customer is always right" really builds a reputation with a company. In general I am appalled that in the way that I was treated by your company and how little was done to rectify my situation.

I had the opportunity to be a great and loyal customer to your company, one who travels often, with many acquaintances who do the same. Now I stand as a customer who was ill treated and unsatisfied. I was unable to re-book my ticket to DC throughout this whole process, and now I have a business trip that is ruined and no one to blame for it but your awful customer service standards and poor web interface. What is one to do in this case?

I can go about my business and let it lie that I had a bad experience with your company and leave it at that. I could also go forth and warn those who I know against using your company's services based on the experience that I have had. I can also put my two cents in to all of those searching the internet for a place to book their next vacation through. Regardless of what I do, my situation was not made right.

I stand unsatisfied, and your company is to blame. The weight of that, times a thousand bad experiences is enough to sink a ship, in this case the ship being your business. I would appreciate a formal apology for the way this situation was handled, and some insight on how it could be rectified on's behalf. After all, the customer is always right, and I was severely wronged.

They Bullied Me
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I am not one to complain, and this is my 1st time ever to write a review on a company but this must be said. I WILL NEVER USE CHEAPTICKETS EVER AGAIN! I went to and tried to get a plane ticket from Pittsburgh to Houston Texas, Feb 28 to March 4.

A few days later I realized that the confirmation email they sent me had the wrong dates. I believe this may have happened when I filled out the billing information and left something out; when I pushed "send" or "next" it went back to that same page and said I left something out that needed to be filled in, I guess what I did not realize is that CheapTickets also cleared the dates when it reloaded back to that page.

I called them to explain what happened, but the customer service representative got very defensive and would not work with me at all. He wanted me to pay them for the plane ticket, a cancellation fee of $250.00, and then buy a whole new ticket with the right date on top of that! I offered to pay the difference between the cost of the ticket I bought and the ticket I was trying to buy. And I actually would considered paying a cancellation fee that was not so ridiculously way too expensive! It was more than my ticket was!

All other companies have like a $50 cancellation fee if any at all! I used this company quite a lot this year because I travel for work and this is how they treated me? I felt bullied so I disputed the charges. Now they sent me an email threatening that they were going to go to a Collection Agency. They are just a bunch of bullies who do not care about the customers at all. I would suggest for you to never use them! I would use Expedia or ANY OTHER company instead who are known for having good customer service. Thanks for listening.

Do Not Use
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Rating: 1/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- DO NOT USE CHEAPTICKETS.COM. By far THE worst customer service I've ever had. I had purchased two tickets to the Pink Concert in Oregon January 9th. We get to the concert to find out that the tickets they sold me were FRAUDULENT. I then had to buy two crappy tickets in order to go to the concert.

The next morning I call Cheapticket's "Customer Service" and some guy answers the phone. I tell him the problem and his response was "ah OK well we are upgrading our systems so call back in a few hours".. EXCUSE ME!?!?! So then I email the company to let them know the situation and I get an email saying I will be contact within 5 business days.

Now, I don't know about you, but I have just been screwed out of over 200 dollars and I'm not happy. 5 business days is a crazy amount of time to expect someone to wait (plus still never got that call). So naturally, I dispute the charge on my credit card. This finally got cheap ticket's attention because they notified me that I could only receive the 150% refund they promise on their site if I can't the dispute. Well gee, maybe if your customer service didn't suck, I could've talk to someone there and felt more comfortable not disputing it in the first place.

After emailing back and forth with a girl, I finally cancel the dispute last week. I again emailed them today to ask for an update on my refund. They have done nothing because they have not received notification that the dispute was canceled. BS. I don't believe that for a second. A customer tells you that you are selling bad tickets and you don't even look into it?

Meantime, they tell me it takes up to 30 days to get the refund, so I'm sure they expect me to pay the interest charge on the 200 plus dollars sitting on my credit card waiting for the refund? Why doesn't the company do as they promise??? It is not hard to contact the venue and talk to the VERY NICE people there who helped me out to see if my tickets were in fact fraud. But nope, they are dragging their feet in hopes that I give up so that they don't have to pay me the 150%. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Beware of!
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Rating: 1/51

HAVERFORD -- I booked 4 people on a flight from Munich to Detroit in April. In July I start getting emails for 1 of the persons saying that they have changed his flight time. The airline and flight number stayed the same, but the departure time went from 12:20 to 1pm. No big deal. I talked to 2 others and they got the same email. The last person in the group never got an email confirmation of the time change so I just let it go. Big mistake.

Yesterday (21 Aug 2013), I get an email saying that she was on a 10am flight arriving in Detroit 4 hours prior to the rest of the party. I don't understand! Why was she moved to an entirely different flight and time. I got the email around 6pm and called by 1pm the next day to try to get her back on the 1pm flight. The flight including her husband who has the same last name (which is not that common!). I was told that because Lufthansa already issued the tickets (how? they are e-tickets!) that I would have to pay a change fee to get the person on the same flight as her husband. Why do I have to pay $450 to fix's mistake?

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that she could pay for half (mind you this was after about 1 hour on hold and then me telling the supervisor to call me when she had answers as I was at work) but I would still need to pay $150. I was happy that half of $450 was $150 but soon found out that reason was that the supervisor had inverted the return date from 01 Oct to 10 Oct!

After another 15 minutes on hold she could not yet confirm that it would be $450 and I told her to call me back again when she had it. I finally paid $225 to change a ticket so that the person could be on the flight that I originally booked her on. Why am I responsible when screwed up? I will make sure to avoid this site in the future!

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