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Beware: Raw Chicken
By -

WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK -- I went to the Cheesecake Factory on Sunday, January 25, 2008 for dinner. I have no complaints about the service, the young lady was an excellent waitress. She even gave my son some bananas to snack on for free.

I ordered the Steak Diane with Chicken Madeira. The first thing I tried was the steak which was rare to raw in the middle when I asked for medium rare. It tasted good and I tried to overlook the fact that it was undercooked because I'm not one to complain in a restaurant. Next I tried the Chicken and thought it tasted a little mushy but again, I overlooked the fact that something may be wrong. The lighting in the restaurant was really dim and I couldn't see what I was eating at all.

I finally realized that the chicken was completely raw when I cut into it a second time and noticed the consistency of the chicken was completely mushy. I then cut through the entire piece and the slime that covers the chicken before you cook it was still on the chicken and it was completely RAW. Under the wrong lighting it kind of looked like cheese in the middle when I cut the whole piece of chicken down the middle. It was absolutely disgusting, especially considering I had eaten a piece.

I was outraged and they tried to give me something else for free but I could not eat anything the rest of that night. I was so paranoid that I was going to get Salmonella poisoning that my stomach was in knots the whole night. Beware of this restaurant, look closely at your food before you bite into it and if you can't see what you are eating, DON'T EAT IT LIKE I DID! The Manager even came to our table and said it was absolutely disgusting in the light.

My Son's Birthday
By -

WALNUT CREEK, CALIFORNIA -- I brought my son's buddy and my son to eat at the WALNUT CREEK, CA Cheesecake Factory because it was the buddy's 16th birthday. I could not believe that they did not acknowledge it after we let them that it was his b-day. They did not bring out EVEN a small piece of cake to let him know they acknowledge his b-day; the waiter ** patted him on the back and said "Happy Birthday!!" Cheap and rude service. I've owned a restaurant for 30 yrs and always bring out cake and ice cream treat to let the customer know we appreciate their b-day.

Online services
By -

I had used the Cheesecake to send one of their delicious Godiva Cheesecakes to my friend for his birthday. I ordered two weeks in advance to be delivered on a Friday (day before his birthday). It never came. Turns out that it was a FedEx error, they mis-scanned it. It sat in Atlanta for 5 days (over the 4th holiday weekend). They delivered it while my friend was out of town, and left it in the Houston sun. Needless to say it was a puddle of mush after the dry-ice melted over the weekend.

They promised to send a replacement to be delivered on the following Thursday, with an apology letter. Well, with tracking number in hand, I checked with FedEx. They did NOT call it in as promised. It has NOT arrived. And NO apology letter has arrived either; nor have they bothered to answer any of my emails to their customer service department to ask WHY they did not get it out as promised! My friend cut his vacation short to get the mushy box off his doorstep, and be there to sign for the replacement cheesecake. Yet -- nothing has arrived.

I will NEVER use this site to send anything ever again. The Customer Service at the Cheesecake Factory is beyond poor. They do NOT answer complaints, they don't care that they screwed up... again.

What's Going On With Cheesecake Factory These Days?
By -

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Me and my husband are regulars at our local Cheesecake Factory Restaurant. We've been going there since the grand opening about 3 yrs ago and liked it even after we found a huge fly in my glass of water and a sharp piece of glass and my husband's plate! But two latest visits surprised us a lot.

First, my husband ordered Wasabi Crusted Ahi Tuna and tuna looked very unusual. We had this tuna few times before, but that one was anything but Ahi. Looked different, tasted different. Not good at all. Manager was saying that's a "different cut."

During our last visit I got Shrimp Scampi where shrimps were buttered and fried (should be sauteed) with sticky overcooked molded in one huge piece angel hair pasta. My husband ordered Fillet Mignon and got a piece of Rib Eye with some fat cut out of it. Manager offered no apology, not much of explanation and claimed nothing has been changed in a recipe.

We do appreciate good cuisine and still can tell a difference between rib-eye steak and fillet mignon, between fried and sauteed. Why make us look and feel like idiots? No more Cheesecake Factory for us. It's time to support nice and small local restaurants with owners who really care and have respect for their customers.

Considering Eating at the Cheesecake Factory? Please Read This and Reconsider.
By -

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- Another Cheesecake Factory complaint from an unsatisfied customer (I also posted this in a different thread, and decided to make my own. Sorry if you're reading this for the second time.) I just recently submitted this complaint through their website "Contact Us" form (which isn't that easy to find... I wonder why.)

We have been going to The Cheesecake Factory for a long time nationwide and are usually leave very satisfied with the food and service. Today, take out service was terrible. It took over 40 minutes to get our food (2 sandwiches, and 1 appetizer.) We were told it would take half the time. Please note that one person in our party was on their break who is employed at the mall and he gets a limited amount of time to purchase food and eat. He had to have his only break of the day extended due to the long turnaround time on your part. We did not have any unreasonable requests nor was it a big order.

We even tipped the take out guy 20% when we put our order in and paid. We soon regret it. People who had ordered after us came and shortly left with their food while we sat there patiently. When we received our food the take out guy did not even apologize nor express any sympathy for the delay. In this case especially, time was money for one of us who didn'€™t even have enough time to finish his food. The order was incorrect, the warm sandwich was cold and we were not given the proper utensils and condiments.

Not only have you lost our business, you are losing our family and friends'€™ business as well. We paid a good amount of money; we expect to get good service and a good meal in return. Thank you for your time. When considering to eat at Cheesecake Factory PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider. You are so much better off eating elsewhere. Somewhere that actually appreciates your business!

Menu Item Described Incorrectly
By -

GREENWOOD, INDIANA -- This was our first visit to the Cheesecake Factory in Greenwood, IN. I had previewed the menu by picking up a carry out menu because I have difficulty finding food agreeable to me. I decided on the grilled pork chops, because they were not described as having any extra sauces as most of the items did. When served they were covered in a sauce. When I asked the server what kind of sauce was on the chops, she said "NONE the flavor was just from the applesauce they were served with." I said "no they were covered in a sauce."

She sent a manager over. He said the chops were glazed with a maple bourbon sauce. I stated the menu didn't describe any sauce or glaze the pork tenderloin did. He asked me if I like the glaze. I told him no. He said I could order the item plain next time. There will be NO next time. The menu should correctly described food. Either a restaurant cares about customer satisfaction or they don't. The facts in the case shows that management at Cheesecake Factory doesn't.

inflexible attitude
By -

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- If you go to Cheesecake Factory, don't you DARE ask to substitute an item. My wife asked to substitute a small garden salad for a potato side dish and was told NO! No apology, just a Nazi-like NO! I tried to complain to the management by a polite letter but they never even bothered to reply. I also complained at their website and again no reply. They just don't care.

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