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A Nightmarish Car
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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- My 2017 Chevy Tahoe, which I bought brand new, has a terribly annoying rough idle problem. Fiasco started from the second day I bought the car. I realized that it was shaking at idle like a massage seat. Although they tried to convince me that it is a common and tolerable problem for these cars and denied the problem, they had to accept it after my several insisting complaints to GM center. They kept my car at the service for over 20 days in total in the second month of my purchase to change the motor and transmission mounts 3 times. Each time I got my car back, it was same or even worse than before.

Now they are telling me that they have fixed the problem and they have nothing else to do for this car which means you will keep shaking with frustration as long as you keep this car or make yourself happy with how it is. This is not the only problem with this car. I am so stuck with this major issue that I couldn't start focusing on the other problems like the squeaking sound coming from the front tire on turning and another whizzing sound in the back tire, unlevel joints of the body, rattling sound from the engine and the dashboard besides many other issues.

I simply want to say that it is a terrible, horrible, nightmarish car that no one should ever think of buying. The only thing GM is good at, is selling their car. They don't give damn after it is sold. They told me I can trade in the car charging me about 18.000 more than I paid to replace it with a new one. They are so good to make lemonade out of a lemon. It is so misfortunate to own so many problems with a car after paying a fortune for it.

2007 electrical issues
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- 2007 tahoe's battery died twice this year, it took a charge and started. Last week August 13, 2010 gauges died and rear sensor shut off. Next morning I went to start it but it was dead. I replaced the remote battery because I could not get into car. After getting into car it would not start and alarm would not work. Some dash lights and front windows work. Dealer has had the tahoe and cannot figure out issue and had to get a new machine and tech. Next step is to get a tech who designed the electrical system and brain from Detroit. A friend just same issues with a new gto.

GM finally gave him his money back. Another friend just told me her new Buick is having the same problems. Question: Has anyone had similar issues and what was the outcome? GM tech called me asking for symptoms. They have the car for 9 days but car has been dead for 14. After explaining what happened he told me the following: They replaced the ECM (not covered, 3-yr warranty over) but still does not send signal to the PCM (covered under 5-yr warranty.) He also asked why the car was not brought in for the battery run down and ECM recall.

I told the tech I had no idea there was such a recall. I only knew of the windshield heating and door handle recall. I guess recall letters did not make it out to tahoe owners due to GM possibly filing for bankruptcy and them getting bail out $$. Too much going on. 60% of GM is owned by tax payers and canada owns 12%. Well, they told me to call back Monday...

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AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I have 2 Chevy vehicles unfortunately and soon will have none. My first Chevy vehicle was a 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71. The transmission went out at 115000 miles. $1450.00 later it was good to go. Have not had any other problems out of it yet. But don't turn to it for dependability either. My other vehicle which is my wife's, is a 2002 Chevy Tahoe Z71. The transmission crapped on us on vacation this weekend in Savannah Ga. We live in Augusta, Ga. The Tahoe only has 72000 miles on it and has lost reverse.

The chances of me buying another Chevrolet even with a lifetime warranty bumper to bumper; you would have a better chance of getting a job at Enron then that happening. I mean you would think that Chevrolet would realize that they made a crappy trans. from 99-03 and would be responsible enough to stand behind it and make it right. I mean after all they are the longest lasting most dependable trucks on the road, right? Well, except for this whole transmission thing.

But any ways what do I know? I am just a blue collar worker who tries to get by honestly. But that doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere these days so maybe I can just start applying for jobs in the white collar field, and tell them on my resume that I will be the longest lasting most dependable employee in the work force today. And when they find out different they will have to pay me to leave. Not happy in Ga.

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