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Chevron West Palm Beach Florida Consumer Reviews

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Bad Gasoline - Chevron Station in West Palm Beach - Oil in Gas
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WEST PALM BEACH -- I have a new 750il that broke down after getting 20 gallons of premium at the following: Chevron 1755 North Congress Avenue West Palm Beach Owned by K&F Cell number is **. My car broke down 3 miles later. The dealer found very tainted gas that had a tremendous amount of oil in it. The state came in and found the same thing in the premium tank.

I tried to tell customers for 2 days before the state came in but their owner kept having the police chase me off. I have photos of them actually pulling the oil out. My repair bills are over $2,000 and counting. The owner told me that I need to SUE HIM to get my money. What a complete jerk!!! I heard that 73 customers in Orlando had the same problem this week.

Update: Engine is blown due to this issue. Has to be replaced. New $84,000 car with a $10,000 repair. These guys will not even call me back, and Chevron corporate says it is not their issue. Can you believe it? Now I have to shell out the cash, hire a lawyer, and sue. Disgusting. Boycott Chevron! Thanks for all the feedback!

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Chevron West Palm Beach Florida Rating:
1 reviews & complaints.
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Chevron West Palm Beach Florida
1755 N Congress Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
561-686-7778 (ph)
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