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Gen (Onan) Hour Meter and Rocker Switch Replacement
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CHICO, CALIFORNIA -- I had purchased a new Onan Generator from Chico Truck and RV about a year ago and at that time the hour meter did not work and the rocker start switch would stick. I was going on a big trip so I took the motorhome in to get this taken care of along with a couple of other concerns. They installed a new hour meter ($69.95 for the part) but the rocker switch was larger than the original switch on the service panel. They enlarged the hole for the new larger switch and in doing so they broke the service panel, and actually returned the MH to me with the panel broken and the larger switch pushing the broken area in leaving a 1/8" gap around the switch.

The cracks from the break ran out from three corners ($18.65 rocker switch, $42 labor, and $5 shipping). For this botched job I was charged $135.60 -- I took the service manager out and showed him the damage. He said his technician had gone home already and that it being the weekend and that the tech would be on vacation and he told me he couldn't really do anything until he talked with his tech. I too had places to go, so I took pictures and got the service manager to sign the billing with a note on what he saw and I gave him the pictures.

A month later, having returned from my trip, I went back and wouldn't you know, the tech that worked on my rig said the panel was already broken, suggesting I was lying, but any fool could see that putting the larger switch into a hole too small was the cause of the busted panel. The service manager then told me he would take it to the owner for review, of course I had to supply him with more pictures as he had lost the first set.

I told him it was going to cost me about $100, maybe more to replace the service panel and that it was not a new motorhome and I thought it would be fair if we split the cost to replace or fix the panel, and it seemed to me that $50 or a replacement from them would be fair. (This panel is right at the front door and you see it every time you leave or enter the MH.)

Later that day I got a call from the service manager and he told me the owner would not do anything about this because it is an old motorhome. I would advise anyone traveling through Chico, or living in Chico California to avoid Chico Truck and RV. Their work is sub-par and they definitely do not have the "customers best interest" as part of their service.

On this OLD motorhome I have had them install, front bell cranks at a considerable cost. I have purchased a $2400 generator and paid them to install it, and later the hour meter and rocker switch that should have been taken care of when I bought the generator. The bell crank installation should have been a warning, as after the install the motorhome wandered all over the road. I called them and they were too busy to get me in until a week later. I took the MH to Les Schwab and they said the bell crank was binding and they fixed it with the turn of a wrench.

The generator installation the original gen had the tail pipe going out the back, not the side, they put the new install out the side and they did not leave any clearance between the exhaust elbow and the mounting frame causing a vibration you can feel in the floor.

This was supposed to be fixed when I took it back in for the switch and hour meter fix -- did they fix it?? Nope, why? Oh, they thought I was talking about a loose tail pipe so they tightened the clamp and out of the goodness of their heart, they did not charge me for that. STAY AWAY from Chico Truck and RV, especially if you have an older MH as they have no respect your you or your MH but they really love your money.

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