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Chrysler Breaching Warranty Contract
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Purchased a used 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 30k miles on 04/27/11. NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS!! First problem happened 2 months after ownership. Driving on highway and vehicle won't accelerate. Take to dealership twice to have problem fixed. First time gear selector assembly was done. Second time was due to a wire being pinched (paid $150 out of my pocket for something that wasn't my fault). Next trip to dealership service was 3 months after purchase.

This was for the driver side window stopping half way up when in operation. Regulators for both front windows were replaced (luckily no charge to me). Next problem happened 5 months after purchase date. Sitting at stop light and Jeep dies. Was told by the dealership service department that it could have been a "hiccup" in the system. They were unable to find any problems involving this concern. Next problem happened in 02/12.

Would drive Jeep, park it for less than an hour, get back in it and it wouldn't start. This happened numerous times and made 2 trips out to the dealership service. 1st trip they found nothing. 2nd trip they cleaned connections to the starter. Now... for the big Whopper of complaint for this vehicle and Chrysler.

The morning that I picked up my vehicle from the dealership 02/24/12 after the connections to the starter were cleaned, I drove the vehicle an hour and 30 minutes until my vehicle started shaking violently. I was on the highway and when I pulled over another man pulled behind me. He got out of his car and ran up to my Jeep as I was getting out yelling "it's on fire". The underneath, between the two rear wheels was on fire.

Called the fire department, got towed back to my local dealership in tears. Dealership service told me a pinion seal had busted which caused gears to lock up. Fire melted a brake line (roughly $4,000 worth of damage total). I figured everything would be fine and would be fixed - no problems because I have 2 different warranties on this vehicle that I have owned for less than a year. HA, I was wrong. After the dealership had submitted the claim through Chrysler, it was returned as denied.

I proceeded to make a complaint to Chrysler and refile the claim. It is now 03/20/12 and the claim has been denied for the second time by Chrysler. Supposedly a letter of denial was mailed out to me on 03/12/12 but I have yet to receive it. Supposedly (and I say this because it is what the dealership has been telling me that Chrysler is saying) Chrysler will not pay for the repair, although my warranty states it is covered, because there was a fire. Chrysler is saying because of the fire, it shows that I personally neglected the vehicle.

Now, from all the previous service calls that I have had on this vehicle, obviously I take care of my vehicle and obviously take it to service for any minor/major concern I have. And obviously I am NOT a trained technician to know that something is wrong with the vehicle unless a warning light came on or a weird sound of some sort was coming from the vehicle. As soon as I felt the vibration coming from this vehicle, I pulled over, had the fire extinguished, and was towed back to the dealership.

It completely blows my mind how Chrysler can deny to fix this vehicle under warranty and say this is my fault. Very first vehicle I have ever purchased from a dealership, first time I have ever had a car payment, and LAST time I will ever trust Chrysler!! All I want is for Chrysler to provide great customer service to me by fixing my vehicle.

Poor Warranty Service
By -

SAN JUAN -- On 11/11/05 I purchased a Grand Cherokee at Chrysler Dealer in Puerto Rico (PR). The vehicle comes with a 3 year/36M miles and I was given an extended guaranty up to 84 months/70M miles. During the 3/36 guaranty period, any repairs were covered in a satisfactory manner. Now the air conditioning needs repair (same problem fixed 1 year back).

I took the vehicle to the dealer but because any future service must be covered with the National Auto Care extended policy I must take the vehicle to the Daimler Chrysler main dealer in PR. I did as instructed but when I requested the service the DC Rep told me that I have to call National Auto Care myself because they do not have the information in their system and would not know what services are in the NAC policy. They gave me the phone # 1-800-526-8678.

I called and after following the directions to choose the correct department and selecting what I felt was the contact, I was automatically left holding the phone (with music) until I had to hang up after 10 plus minutes. The problem here is that I think I should have received a service from Daimler Chrysler covered by National Auto Care but I cannot obtain the service or even the information as to what my policy covers.

Lack of support
By -

SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA -- Within two days of purchase of a Jeep Overland Grand Cherokee 2007 (trade in with 2004) the old 5 star dealership, ** in San Rafael CA, who was in the middle of an ugly divorce, locked the doors. It took 6 months to get the registration sorted out. Initially Chrysler Daimler were uninterested in any assistance. The problems continue. Now calls are coming in saying that the warranty is going to expire on a vehicle that still doesn't have 20,000 miles on it.

Beautiful vehicle but there has to be some support when things go wrong. Try calling them - no one is interested in any kind of assistance. The next time we want to drop this kind of cash on a vehicle, don't think it will be anything associated with Chrysler. All they want is your money. We have choices. Shame though.

Vehicle Shudders or surges
By -

THORNTON CHRYSLER, ALABAMA -- Purchased a 2006 new Jeep Grand Cherokee from Thornton Chrysler in Florence Alabama. At about 1,500 miles the vehicle began to shudder or surge especially bad at 30-60mph. I also sometimes have a popping in the right rear. I have had the vehicle at the service department, called everyone at DaimlerChrysler: their consumer hotline, Tommy Lasorda the Vps office, **, and engineers. They give me the crazy story that it is normal. IT IS NOT!!! I have test driven several of the exact same make and model including 1 at the dealership for a week, and they perform fine. The reaction and attitude I have received from both are totally disrespectful and unacceptable.

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