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Consistently Fun!
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CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My family and I started going to the Chuck E. Cheese on Sam Ritt when my oldest girl started school. We learned that CEC restaurant had a "Spirit Night" that donated a portion of the proceeds to the school... and they even gave the schools stickers worth tokens for being good at school. The area it is in isn't really the best, so I wasn't exactly expecting a good time. But the workers there really make the difference!

All the employees must enjoy working with children... They are all very patient and kind. The games are always in working order... I don't think I've seen a broken down machine there once! The kids even get to dance with Chucky sometimes... and when the little dance is over they throw fistfuls of tickets for the kids. The food can take a while sometimes... but I guess that's the problem with going during busy nights. You can always print out coupons for discounts and extra tokens/tickets from their website too so we always get a pretty good deal.

They also take their security seriously... The front door is watched by an employee and they use "invisible" ink to mark families coming in with unique numbers so nobody can attempt to leave with someone else's child. That way you can let your older children run around without worrying (although we always keep most of the tokens with us so she has to check in regularly).

We enjoyed the service there so much we even did a Birthday Party there... which went over really well! The staff seemed really excited about the event and did really well organizing all the children for the various events and activities. It was like having a party planner/organizer there to make everything easier. Thank you employees at Sam Rittenberg's CEC! You make listening to several dozen children running around and screaming a bearable experience. :-)

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