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Wrongfully Denied LTD Claim
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Cigna Group Disability Insurance is the worst organization ever as they are they are immoral, unethical, liars, lack shame, and will cause you mental distress when they should be helping you through your disability. I have directly caught Cigna lying on so many instances. It must be sad to work as a disability claim agent at Cigna knowing you are lying to people who are disabled. Cigna claims they have sent paperwork to your doctors but EVERY time (this has happened 5-7 times with 3 different providers) my doctors have confirmed and shown they have either not received requests or already responded.

With great difficulty I was able to get through STD period but now came LTD where they denied me claiming I had a pre-existing condition. I was recently diagnosed with OCD for the first time in my life and according to Cigna I already had the following pre-existing conditions (Bipolar 1, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, ADHD). I have confirmed with my provider psychiatrist whom I had seen during pre-existing period who confirmed other than Bipolar. They has not seen me for anything else.

Cigna conveniently listed every single mental condition. How ridiculous is this. I am sure I can appeal or hire an attorney and get this whole thing sorted out but it's just ridiculous that they make you go through this when you are legitimately on disability and have just lost your job because you are unable to go back to work. I really hope Cigna goes down. They shouldn't exist. Oh and my claim agent Jasmyn is probably one of the worser human beings on this planet. Stay away from Cigna!

CIGNA and Long Term Disability Claims Handling (LTD)
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Please voice and file complaints with your particular state's insurance department or department that handles such complaints. The more people that let their voices be heard, the more we can fight the lobbyist's efforts to help CIGNA get away with what they do... Then get a good lawyer if necessary, as CIGNA has lots of clout...

Regarding CIGNA in general, but in my case STD/LTD – Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability. I paid for LTD (Long Term Disability) coverage/benefits for over 15+ years. When the coverage was needed CIGNA has done nothing, but make the process extremely difficult, making it clear the object is to make the claimant give up. My claim went from PSL/STD (Personal Sick Leave/Short Term Disability) to LTD (Long Term Disability) with the same incident number, with CIGNA handling from the start.

I have been out of work since April 11th 2014. SSDI has determined me to be permanently disabled and will re-examine my case December 2017. CIGNA now states they need an IME as there is not sufficient proof/documentation to support my disability claim. I know the contract gives them the right for an IME, but they have plenty of documentation, it is just to make it more difficult. Also Google CIGNA and IMEs to see how much fun that is. To date my claim has been denied three (3) times (one of which was verbal), with each denial being appealed and then overturned, showing CIGNA just wants to see what they can get away with.

Two (2) denials were in writing, one (1) was verbal, but all three (3) appeal letters are on file. I have already file a complaint of BAD FAITH PRACTICES and DISCRIMINATION AGAINST PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS through the New York State Insurance Department – New York State Department of Financial Services. Their claim is currently in closed status as CIGNA was paying me and my claim covered at that time.

They advised me to cooperate with CIGNA, provide the requested information by both myself and my medical providers. If denied for a fourth time to call New York State Department back, at which time they will reopen my claim and investigate my allegations. CIGNA can see all the paperwork and supports in my file. I have given CIGNA more than ample information/supports to substantiate my claim. Know that I will not go down without a fight. I will write to every blog, government and state agencies, and review for an attorney to seek not only what I am entitled to for LTD benefits, but also court costs, and most importantly of all punitive damages.

I have work for approximately 33 years, of which 29+ years had no gaps in employment. I have never collected unemployment benefits, been on welfare, or any other assistance. I had no other option, but to no longer work. Between my illness getting worse with age, the work environment getting increasingly demanding and more stressful year after year. Also with some of my physical illnesses being caused directly or indirectly due to my mental health issues and some of my physical issues limiting treatment for my mental issues as well as exacerbating them, there was no more options.

I struggled for years to attempt to keep working with things getting to the point of have a near nervous breakdown every day of the week. I am lucky to date I have not had a heart attack. My wife and I, even though low middle class, gave a substantial amount of or income and belongings to charity. All of which demonstrates I am no system sucker. Also check out Wikipedia regarding CIGNA, and I am sorry for those honest claimants just trying to get what you paid for.

Cigna Mishandling of Disability Claims
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- Regulatory Settlement Agreement: An extensive investigation regarding the long term disability claims handling practices of CIGNA Insurance Company began in September 2009 and was concluded with the signing of a Regulatory Settlement Agreement (“CIGNA Agreement”) on May 13, 2013.

In this agreement CIGNA is also required to abide by new claims handling procedures which require CIGNA to give greater weight to Social Security Disability Benefit Approval Findings and take every reasonable step to verify a claimant's disabling condition. CIGNA is also required to use independent doctors to evaluate claims and they cannot bonus any employees based upon the number of claims denied. CIGNA will be subject to constant monitoring by the state's investigators and must meet with investigators quarterly to report on the number of previously denied claims that have been reversed and the implementation of the new claim handling procedures.

HOW CIGNA MISHANDLED MY HUSBAND'S CLAIM: CIGNA in their settlement agreement dated May 13, 2013 did not follow the agreed to Enhanced Claim Procedures in the handling of my Long Term Disability claim for symptoms and the problems associated with my diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. CIGNA wrongfully terminating my LTD claim, CIGNA supported a finding of disability before the Social Security Administration (SSA), and then disregarded the SSA's finding of disability. My LTD benefits were approved by CIGNA personnel on January 13, 2014. I became entitled to monthly SSDI benefits beginning July 2014.

On October 14, 2014 I received a letter from CIGNA stating I had 30 days to provide requested information. My LTD benefits were canceled on October 23, 2014. Seven (7) working days after the letter was sent out the decision was made that I was no longer eligible for LTD benefits under my plan. Within a 10 month time frame they tell me I am eligible under my STD and LTD plan for benefits, they help me with my SSDI claim which was approved, they then inform me of a review and give me 30 days to comply, they make a decision 7 working days later that I am no longer disabled. CIGNA's did not comply with its own deadline.

My Social Security Disability Income awarded was not given significant weight. I was not given any information on the basis for determining the weight of my award and its relevance. The only thing I was told about SSDI was that they had confirmed that all available medical information was received based on my notification of benefits and a call to me asking if independent testing by SSA had been done. CIGNA has not explained why it discounted my SSA decision supporting my disability.

CIGNA provided me with the resources to prove to the government that I am permanently disabled. Then they promptly and surreptitiously cancel my benefits and claim I am not disabled and I am capable of working. CIGNA made no attempt to resolve discrepancies in medical statements or conclusions. I am at a loss to understand how the review team at CIGNA came to the conclusion that my Parkinson's disease has reversed its progression and that I am now better than I was at the beginning of the year.

This conclusion does not align with what I have learned or experienced since being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. It also does not align with what is on the CIGNA website “Parkinson's is Progressive, which means it gets worse over time.” CIGNA did not at any time during the review process ask me for any of my own statements regarding my disease and its progression. I could not find where my claim manager had ever reviewed my reporting of symptoms. I do not believe that all my conditions were considered.

My claim manager did not seek any further clarification from my physicians even though my records indicated additional symptoms. I could not find where any attempt was made to clarify the functional discrepancies between the CIGNA reviewers and my treating physicians. We are working through the CIGNA labyrinth of paperwork and filing an appeal. I just hope that this information gets out and something is done to protect the consumer.

Payment and Follow Up
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- I am receiving LTD from Cigna but have struggled to get initial payment on LTD. STD was awesome my adviser called me regularly, checked in and followed up. Payments were made on a consistent and regular basis. I then transferred over to LTD where I had a new adviser. He lost my paperwork I had to call him to find out what was going on he said he needed some information and asked me all the question he asked me on my previous call to him. He sent the check to some unknown address and had to resubmit it, all of this after I called him. He didn't notify me of this information. I did all the footwork to collect my doctor info and he said he didn't have it.

I was then transferred to another adviser. I elected EFT for my LTD deposit. It was received on the 15th of the month. It's the 16th now and I haven't received it. I called her and she said they have until the 24th. So for some reason I shouldn't expect my EFT deposit on the 15th now.

Also, she sent several letters saying they didn't have doctor reports from my 4 surgeries. I called the doctors and they hadn't received the request forms from Cigna. I have received several letters saying they have attempted to call me and have been unable to reach me. I have never received a voicemail from them and when I tell her this she says my VM is always full which is weird because I receive VMs every day and no one has told me this. So, I cleared my VM to be sure and that is still the response I get from her.

When I say, why should I expect to receive my check on the 24th when I receive it via EFT on the 15th she says because they don't have to give it to me until then because of the dates it covers. So, I cannot expect any level of consistency from this company and as any of you who are on LTD know this is incredibly unnerving.

So, her response is that I wait and if I don't receive my EFT by the 24th then she can look into it. Very unprofessional in the LTD office. STD was awesome and on point collected information, contacted me and left VMs when needed and no issues with STD. I only wish that was true with LTD. Very disappointing especially when you all know we paid into this, this isn't a gift we are getting it's a coverage we paid into.

Cigna Long Term Disability Insurance
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- Years before my disability I enrolled with Cigna Long Term Disability insurance through my employer. When I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and had my first operation I was approved for long term disability as I was expected to recover and return to work in 3 months. As with many who undergo a disc fusion, my problems just got worse. I now have 4 discs bulging and pressing on my main nerve root. Even though my post surgery pain level was significantly higher than before, Cigna decided I could go back to my old job. I appealed and won.

Two years later and Cigna does what they call an "any occupation review". While they can't tell me I can do any other job (because my pay scale is too high) they do tell me I can go back to my old job. I appeal and Win again.
Two years later and the only thing I have done is long term pain management. No operations. No medications (except pain). No physical therapy. No change in my medical condition in any way. You guessed it - Cigna tells me to go back to work. I am appealing this decision also and hope to win.

If your company offers Cigna insurance urge them to look elsewhere. If you have Cigna insurance take further steps to protect your family. If you are, like me, fighting with Cigna right now pray for divine intervention because that is your only hope. Cigna does not care about you, the law, or doing what's right. The only thing Cigna cares about is their bottom line. Companies like Cigna give the insurance industry a bad name.

Long Term Disability
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Rating: 2/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- CIGNA first shortchanged me by half what they owed me in long term disability payout, stating in writing that my short term and long term ran concurrently. WHAT? First off, my short term check was five months after it would have stopped, had I been paid on time. My long term was backdated over six months to where it was supposed to have started. How can long term and short term insurance run at the same time? I paid, although through my employer, extra for my long term, as my employer doesn't offer long term. Now I received a letter that my long term is to be canceled Jan. 28th, 2017 because their mental health clause allows them to.

So not only did I get short changed on my money. Now I'm getting shut off after only eighteen months. I initially had to do battle with them over my even receiving long term benefits. I kept getting letters that my doctors weren't sending the records that they needed. I finally went to the Dr. office, had my records printed out, and sent them certified mail to Cigna office. The first batch weighed in at a paltry five pounds. Not ounces. Pounds. Funny how fast my claim was approved when I smoked them with that move. Insurance companies are lying cheating shysters. And they have nerve to be upset when they get sued and beaten in court.

A Bunch of Thieves
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Rating: 1/51

I have catastrophic tinnitus and have been unable to work for the past four years. I have diagnoses from my EMT, GP, neurologist, audiologist, acupuncturist and others. All are in agreement that I am not fit to work. Cigna has rejected my claim and then ultimately approved it after a nine-month battle for my last two appeals.

Once an independent medical review team is called in, which takes 6 to 9 months, my case has been approved. Then Cigna in as little as three months can review the case and again decline coverage. Each time I spend thousands in legal bills to challenge the denial. Given the catastrophic nature of the condition and the exhaustive paperwork filed, Cigna ultimately has paid. Their behavior is driven by cost savings and excluding clients such as myself who are disabled.

My only advice in dealing with CIGNA is hire yourself a lawyer immediately even before you filing your first claim. Expect that they search for anyway to keep from paying, including perhaps waiting for you to die. This company should be shut down. Its practices are egregious and injurious to those who have paid for disability and receive little but grief in return. If you have any choice in your disability insurance company, do NOT choose Cigna. The mafia probably offers better coverage. My case has just been denied for the third time. If I could sue these ** into bankruptcy I would be happy to do so. They deserve no less.

Cigna LTD Huge Disappointment
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Rating: 1/51

GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- I worked for my company for 30 years and paid into the long term disability insurance program for each and every year. I have severe scoliosis and have some other abnormalities, all due to a birth defect. So after working 30 years I went out in disability. Took 2 years or so to get my Social Security. During those 2 years Cigna paid me. Then the same month SS started, the LTD stopped. Now it is supposed to be that they both pay some.

I've been fighting Cigna Ever since and I'm NOT giving up. They are trying to wait me out. I did a little digging and Cigna has been sued more than once for the way they handle LTD. what I don't get is they paid me for 2 years, social security agrees that I cannot work and my condition is only getting WORSE, not better. So how can they just deny my claim?

Our federal government need to clean this industry up. Now I know why approx 90% of disabled people are toward the poor end in the financial world. It's because by the time you get done fighting them, you may be homeless and completely flat ** broke! Cigna and the way they handle LTD claims is criminal!!! They need to be held accountable!!!

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Rating: 1/51

PITTSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- My poor mother was in a car accident, she had a wonderful job. She became disabled and Cigna was her insurance provider. First two years all ok. Second denied after SSI awarded her disability. Appeal and won a lawyer took almost half. Four months into receiving her benefits again case closed, appeal again, said she could be a cashier when she is now suffering from so much more from the stress of this company, she can't even make her rent.

She suffer with ddd disk herniation will not be able to do surgery because she has emph, torn rotor cuff because she is weak has PTSD and bipolar all caused from not having a job and this company putting her homeless again.

CIGNA is a Bunch of Outright Liars.
By -

In December we finished our battle with short term disability. My husband has Crohn's Disease that has been complicated with ongoing Pyoderma Gangrenosum. The battle took over 2 years between him trying to go back to work and Cigna's complete lack of professionalism handling his case. Paperwork was constantly lost, doctors' phone calls were not returned, keeping us in the dark on what the needed to evaluate the case, and not returning our phone calls were more than a common practice. Somehow we got through.

We were recently contacted by their Life Insurance Department. They were going to do "Their own investigation, being that Long Term Disability had nothing to do with Life Insurance." We sent out all of the recent records. Including the last colonoscopy (which was in July) and his last Dr. appointment (which was in December). In the mean time ** saw a new GI May 7th.

They denied our case saying that the information was not current enough. When asked if we can send in the May 7th narrative, we were told it was too late. We just received the LTD check which was 1/2 the amount it should be. When asked why we were told the case was re-evaluated when they evaluated the Life Insurance because all departments are connected. They have received 3 different narratives from 3 different doctors in the past 7 months stating that if ** should return to work he will ultimately lose his limb. This prognosis will never change. Both diseases are chronic and debilitating.

Apparently since we called the day before the letter was sent out of denial for LTD they will do another review. I asked why we were not notified of the review and why no one called to say they needed further documentation. I got no answer. ** asked how often they believe someone should get a colonoscopy? He got no answer.

I am tired of their unethical antics. I pray that they come under review. Our house is for sale, we sold the car, and are living in my in-laws' basement. I hold them personally responsible for our financial downfall. Not to mention the sleepless nights and emotional stress they have put on us.

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