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Cinemark Theater - Very Bad Service
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HARKER HEIGHTS, TEXAS -- I wish to pass on an unpleasant experience that my wife and I encountered at your Harker Heights, Texas theater. This evening (May 14), we arrived at 7:10 and bought tickets for the 7:30PM showing of Star Trek. We stopped at the snack bar and did not see anyone there on duty. I looked around and finally a lady walked out of a room with stuff needed for the coffee machine. She said she would be with us in a moment.

In the meantime, another lady with the same uniform appeared, walked past her, and saw someone (obviously a friend) she knew. This other lady was wearing a concession uniform, but a little different. They both hugged and started chatting while my wife and I still waited. After a few minutes, the friend left and the lady approached us and asked if she could help us. The first lady was still working on the coffee machine. Wow. Please pass on my apologies to her for interrupting her personal conversation just because we wanted ice cream.

To a different subject, the movie was scheduled to begin at 7:30PM, but we had to endure a Sprite commercial and a number of previews of movies I have no interest in seeing. This lasted for over 15 minutes. Please be very clear that as a result of the foregoing, I will NEVER step foot in your theater. The Hollywood theater in Killeen is where we will attend in the future. While I suppose I will still have to watch a few previews, at least we won't be treated like dirt by your concession people.

Poor non-popped popcorn,90% kernels
By -

HWY 121, ALLEN, TEXAS -- My son, a friend and myself went to the CineMark Theater on Hwy 121, Allen, TX on Saturday, July 28th. We went to the 4:20 showing of Live Free Die Hard. We purchased popcorn and large drinks. The first few bites on top were popped. The rest of the bag was just unpopped kernels. I was so disappointed. Anyone - even the young man who bagged it - should know you do not serve the unpopped kernels in the bottom of the popper to anyone. My friends was the same way. No excuse for him. There are too many people who need and want to work who would know when you pop fresh popcorn!

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