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Got Short Changed by Evil Cashier
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OSWEGO, ILLINOIS -- Last night I went to the gas station to buy a newspaper I paid with a $20 bill and the cashier gave me change back for a $10. I proceeded to tell her that I gave her a 20 not a 10. She said that she was not sure what I gave her that I needed to wait until the morning when they counted the drawer to see if it was over and if it was she could give me the money and she just kept ringing people up and ignored me. I was so pissed off.

The next morning I went back to the gas station to talk to whoever was there and tell them what happened. They had no idea of what I was talking because the cashier didn't even bother to leave a note and of course they said that the cash register had not been over 10 dollars. I feel so cheated on and I am never going back to that gas station again. Can anyone tell me what is the procedure of a gas station attendant when this happens. Are they supposed to count the money right there and there or what do they have to do.

Just Say NO to the "Joe 4 Oil" Program!
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Have you seen those television commercials for CITGO's discounted heating oil program featuring Joseph P. Kennedy II? In the commercial, Joe Kennedy states that families that have been awarded a federal fuel assistance benefit automatically will receive a letter from Citizens Energy Corporation (a front for CITGO) informing them of their potential eligibility to receive a one-time delivery of up to 200 gallons of heating oil at 40 percent off retail price.

He says that this program is "a gift from the people of Venezuela to the people of the United States". The commercial ends with Kennedy urging viewers to call a toll-free telephone number (1-877-JOE-4-OIL) for more information about this program. I know that Joe Kennedy is a publicity seeking, ultra-liberal fool, but this time he's gone too far! This smug, sanctimonious, millionaire has got a lot of nerve sponsoring Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez's latest attempt at class warfare.

I guess that Chavez figures he can further insult the Bush Administration and at the same time look like the good guy by offering subsidized home heating oil to low income Americans. I hope that most people who are eligible for this program see it for what it is and say: "Hey Joe, take your buddy Hugo Chavez's discounted home heating oil, and shove it"!

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