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$7 Check Cashing Fee on Check Drawn at Citizens Bank
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Rating: 1/51

ALLSTON/BRIGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- This is without a doubt the worst bank in the world. No wonder they have customers. I had an account with them years ago and they screwed it up so badly by cashing checks for the wrong amounts. Then they gave me a hard time about fixing it. Dropped them ASAP after that. Today went to cash a $50 check drawn on their bank-$7 fee because I have no account with them. No I don't and never again will I! Ridiculous fees-this won't get you any new customers either! Bozo rip-off artists! Stay as far away from this cesspool institution-they're horrible!

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Published:

Horrible customer service. Every month I send them my regular car payment plus an additional $1000 to the principal amount. This month the person applied the entire amount to the payment and after multiple calls to them no one has fixed my problem. Finally they reversed the charge and applied the ENTIRE amount to principal only. And now I am getting frustrated with getting that fixed. I'd much rather pay a point or two higher interest rate instead of dealing with these incompetent, unprofessional employees that they have.

Boat Repo
By -

PO BOX 1790 FLINT, MICHIGAN -- My family as well as the rest of the country has fallen on bad times. I am a boat owner for the last 6 years who has struggled with a payment that was never supposed to be mine longer than a month. To make a long story short, I have had to struggle with this burdensome payment that has put my family's well being at an additional risk since I have been injured, laid off, and lost my personal business.

I had advised Citizens of my job status, communicated, asked to have the loan modified, I made sale efforts recently and successfully was able to sell the boat, or so I thought. I connected the bank and buyer and both parties had decided on a price of 20k discounted from 27k and to take the boat on a cash deal.

The auction price of this particular 21' Crownline and trailer even with the low 300 hrs would probably bring 10 to 12k I had been advised by many local boat dealers and buyers. All that being said, we the buyer and I asked the case worker lady to provide us with the bank wiring instructions and the buyer would wire the 20k immediately. The buyer had viewed and inspected the boat and immediately offered 5000.00 Cash to put down and to wire the balance within 24 hrs!

Apparently bank changed their decision without warning and did not provide the wire instructions to us or answer our constant phone calls for two days... I personally called at noon to the bank and asked politely via our case workers voice mail to please call back so we could find out what's was going on? 45 Min before their close of business time on the 10th of November (the dead line date), the nice lady who I had been dealing with got nasty and said we had not called and that we were now passed the given dead line!

I was very angry and asked if they were one of the banks that had taken the federal bailout money and if that was how they were going to pay my boat off and double their money? After the heated discussion I offered to return the boat and even drive it to the repossession man who I had spoken with multiple times previously. After hanging up at 5:00 pm the buyer called and said he spoke to the seller twice and was waiting on final closing instructions and we are still 8 days later!

I am trying desperately to keep a repo. And or a bankrupt off my record by paying this boat payment by feeding my family Mac and Cheese without gifts special treats or turkey for holidays and Christmas the past 2 years going on 3 we were on temporary disability and loans from friends! I can't believe that America is being manipulated by such crooked banks and employees! This is crippling Americans and our economy!

Instead of Citizens Bank of flint Michigan taking nearly double the auction price they would rather bankrupt a small American family who has taken bread off their table and assumed a personal responsibility for helping their institution sell a boat saving the bank thousands in repossession and legal costs!

These selfish narrow minded folks are not willing to do their jobs and cooperate civilly to save their corporation from a larger loss that might require them to do their job correctly and fight to help a fellow Americans family who cooperated and communicated honestly during the loan, and went out of their way to find a solution to their own personal 6 year family problem rather than take the easy way out and bankrupt on their personal debt!

Shame on these crooks in flint. Imagine this; if every boat, house, or car owner in default would try to be responsible, citizens could save 10 k per loan possibly like I am trying to! At that point citizens might be able to fix this little balance problem they have.

Companies » bank (public) citizens republic Bancorp $300,000,000 committed 0.3% of bank bailout commitment 0.1% of total bailout commitment. Disbursed $300,000,000, returned $0 revenue to gov't $13,875,000 net outstanding $286,125,000. Jump to table of transactions, profile, sec filings, Google finance static map? Corporate headquarters of citizens republic Bancorp. Flint, Mich. See all recipients in Michigan.

PI Lost in Mail
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Rating: 3/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- I opened an account with Citizens Bank in December 2016 (around the 10th or 12th not sure of exact date). I was told my debit card and PIN would arrive, separately, within 7-10 business days. 2 1/2 weeks go by and nothing. I then call and am told a 2nd debit card would be sent with the same PIN as the first. I explain that the first was never received and am told a PIN will also be sent. My card arrives a week later, no PIN, I wait 2 days, still nothing and call, "It will 100% arrive by tomorrow". 3 days later, still nothing.

I call again, speak to the RUDEST man, I am told that a 2nd PIN was never sent and that it would be $12 to get another sent because I want it expedited since it has now been over a month with no PIN and I am severely limited on my card due to this. He says that it doesn't matter, Citizens holds no responsibility for me "not checking" my mail. Mind you, I have received every other piece of mail sent to me and he also just admitted that a 2nd PIN was never sent as promised. When I stated that the 2nd PIN was never sent he denied ever saying it, before every call it is said to be recorded, I told him to put me on hold, rewind and listen to himself.

After dealing with his lies and rudeness for another 3 minutes, I asked to speak to a supervisor, I refused to pay the $12 fee. I was put on hold for FIFTEEN MINUTES AND NEVER GIVEN A SUPERVISOR!!! But the jerk got back on and could all of a sudden waive the fee. I was told the PIN would arrive emergency status by Monday, and no signature needed.

Well, today is Tuesday and no PIN. I call again and get Gina, she was AWESOME and the ONLY reason I am not closing my account. She explained that the jerk from Saturday did not put my delivery through until today and also that she could set up my online banking over the phone with no PIN (a question I asked in every single previous call). I called tonight with every intention of closing, but Gina changed my mind. I will still close if I have one more even slightly bad experience with their customer service reps, they should all be like Gina, she is great.

Awful Loan Process
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Rating: 1/51

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- While working with Citizens Bank to secure a construction loan we were required to provide documentation multiple times, even after documenting that we had previously submitted it. Every timeframe for each process they provided was incorrect and always took much longer. Our loan processor lost our paperwork and instead of telling anyone, did nothing, which resulted in us having to submit the paperwork again. The Vice President – Sales Manager then took over our application, only to loop back in the same loan processor who had no idea what he was doing. It was very difficult to get a hold of anyone during this whole process.

It took four months for us to get any sort of answers from the bank. They kept saying it was because construction loans take a long time to process. I know the issue was incompetence. The kicker: once we finally received something in writing (they basically refused to provide anything in writing and would avoid our questions) it was all wrong, and none of the numbers lined up.

Still unsure how the underwriter (who had all documentation submitted to him multiple times), the loan processor and the VP-Sales Manager all missed this. Needless to say we walked away. I would never refer Citizens Bank to anyone and am shocked how they operate. Albany, NY Branch 833 Broadway, Albany, NY.

Expedited Card Not Expedited
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Rating: 2/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- On Christmas eve I ordered a new debit card because I had an unauthorized charge on account. I was told it would be expedited and I would receive it by Wednesday the 27th. No card on 27th so I called the call center. I was told that I would definitely get it the following day. Still no card the following day. Also went into branch on Thursday, I told them I was told my card was expedited and had not received it. The branch said, that it was not expedited.

Friday night into Saturday morning I was on phone for 1 hour and 1 minute. At first representative said it was expedited then she said, "Let me found out what happened from my supervisor." The supervisor said that it couldn't be sent expedited through FedEx because I have a PO box. Would love to know why it took 5 Citizen bank employees and hours of my time to tell me card couldn't be expedited.

When I told the representative how much time money and frustration this caused me she tried to minimize it by saying she understood how this may have caused some confusion. I told her that as soon as I was able to switch my direct deposit to another bank I would close my account. She closed the call saying, “Thank you for banking with us.”

They Stole Our Car
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Rating: 1/51

This company had double dipped I to our account not just once. Creating havoc with our finances. And seemed to have been irritated when a payment was blocked when they shouldn't have taken it. Or when it wasn't even due yet. Recently they towed this car. My wife's car! They didn't contact us. And they tried to convince us we hadn't paid in months.

We made some payments through our bank and some through Walmart MoneyGram express. Our bank had to take their money back and resubmit it. Citizens said they would research the payments made to someone else's account. They also stated they wouldn't sell our car and they would call first. They didn't! My wife did call them frequently. But these people lied and put the car on auction. Now we will be lucky if we get 3000.00 back.

Will Be Switching Banks as Soon as Possible
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Rating: 1/51

PHILDELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- This company needs to properly train their employees in customer service. My experience earlier this afternoon at a Philadelphia branch was completely unacceptable. The moment one of their employees could no longer provide me with information that could help me quickly resolve a lost debit card incident, was the exact moment she should have apologized that she could not be of more assistance, or even suggesting the corporate number.

Instead, she chose to get an attitude and speak to me rudely, and disrupt the emergency phone call I made to my parents, who due to their own employees breaking the rules upon setting up my account, were the only ones who would be able to help me secure my account. This is a very stressful circumstance. My money was unsecured for an undefined amount of time, and instead of being sympathetic, she became argumentative. I will never do business with this disgusting bank again, and will dissuade others from wasting their time. A lot can go wrong if someone's financial information is at risk, and attitude was the absolute last thing I needed.

Construction to Perm Loan
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Rating: 1/51

Citizens One is a terrible bank to acquire a loan. I was handed off to 5 different loan officers for a construction to perm loan. In the last handoff to a loan officer in Illinois, half of my paperwork was missing or I was told I hadn't turned it in. Fortunately, I had everything saved. My rate changed between the handoff from Rhode Island to Illinois with no explanation. They pulled my credit twice. One of the loan officers was rude and arrogant, and often argumentative. So much for their customers service slogan.

In the end, they decided they needed me to have an audit of my company P&L and Balance Statement. I received an email to that effect at 2:57 pm on Thursday. However, at 8:25 am Friday, they denied my loan for incomplete application. The loan officer today admitted she was too busy to get it to me earlier. An audit can't be conducted in that short period of time. I only had time to call my accountant. I own a small business so when they requested it, I was traveling. I'm wondering if Citizens One ever gives a mortgage to women who own businesses.

86 Year Old Customer Gets Hurt On Bank Property And They Refuse To Pay Ambulance Bill
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Rating: 1/51

LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA -- My 86 year old mother was knocked down by the wind entering the bank (it was on a high wind alert day 11/21/16). She sustained injuries and the door entrance was subsequently closed and needed to be repaired after the accident. The bank called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. She had an MRI and quite a head bruise and was very kind and nice about everything.

When she received the $1420 ambulance bill she called the bank to see if they would assume responsibility for it. They simply sent it to their insurance carrier Liberty Mutual who denied it because the bank does not carry medical coverage payments. In fact I spoke to Liberty Mutual and they said it wasn't a slip and fall case and they did not have to act as if they should have known something could happen on a bad weather day because she didn't fall, it was an act of God.

So we have a long time senior customer who goes to the bank, gets whacked on her head by a door, they call for medical attention because she is a senior and then release themselves of doing the right thing for someone is injured on their property. Great customer consideration. I say find another bank who takes responsibility for their customers.

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