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Poor Execution and Follow-Thru
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LARGO, FLORIDA -- We have been on a journey with Clear Choice since Oct-2014 (12/31/2014 entry) regarding installation of two windows and a slider. We failed two inspections and the quality of follow up service has been horrible. I wish I had held back final payment until final inspection and finished product was complete. I would not recommend this company.

The initial installation, they failed to fully install key lag screws holding the door in. The screen delivered, would not fit and failed to deliver replacement screen in a timely manner. The new screen when used, scrapes the frame and leaves large scratches - unusable. They claim it is part of the design.... I had to bend the frame and apply a thin piece of felt.

It failed fire inspection, they erroneously stated that our alarms were hard-wired interconnected and never verified, so we now have to purchase new alarms - would have done prior to inspection. We have had several very business like calls to service and sales staff, none of them resulted in any promised actions and all required additional follow up. So for us, the saga continues as we now have 90 days to meet fire code.

Your Home International/Clear Choice Canada/Your Choice Canada
By -

COLLINGWOOD ON -- I am so so sorry this happened to you. I am a former employee of Clear Choice Canada/Your Home International. I was hired in March of 2007 as a sales representative for YHI. At the time, this company appeared credible. Our windows were from Acan which is an excellent company and our installers were wonderful. In October 2007 the owner (Whom I grew to trust) said that we were going to be merging with Clear Choice USA and that we had to go to Atlanta for training. I had to pay for the ticket and hotel myself, which as a sales rep, is something I have had to do in previous positions.

So I put out the money and went with the owner, his "business partner" and another representative to Atlanta for a 6 day training. The company clear choice USA seemed to be a legitimate business that offered quality, affordable windows (I still believe this about the USA company). On the trip, we were very excited about the opportunity and the owner asked me if I wanted to invest in the company and run a separate location. Initially he wanted $25,000, and as a young married woman, with a mortgage, I was not comfortable with that amount.

When we got back, the Owner, his partner, and I went through some negotiations and the deal was, that I would put out $10,000 to get the Etobicoke location up and running, I would not be an owner, but the money I put out would be considered a "Loan" to the company, and I would be reimbursed within one year. The benefit to me, was that I would have a share in the profits of the company. I even spoke to a lawyer, who said this sounded good. Once the location was up and running, and all of my money was put into the business, we began to lose our GOOD installers because the Clear Choice model was to pay less.

When ordering the windows, they were always coming in the wrong sizes. I was tapped out financially, and the owner refused to pay any more on advertising. This was a huge red flag for me. As time went on, customers began to complain about the new product, the quality of installation and the time in which it took for their windows to come. My hands were tied because the owner called all the shots and constantly left me in the dark. Then, he started bouncing cheques to my installers or not paying them at all. Things went downhill very fast.

By March 2008, I knew I had to get out. I recorded a conversation between the owner and I, in which he agreed to let me out of my contract and return my money. I thought I was safe. But 2 months later, after trying week after week to get my money back and my phone calls going unanswered, I got a letter from the owner, saying that he welcomed legal action because he could prove that I was a poor manager which resulted in the company losing money. When all was said and done, I was out a $10,000 investment and $5000 in back commissions.

I did not not go to small claims court because I learned that there was a judgment against the owner for $40,000 from a previous window manufacturer and I was so weak from stress, I couldn't bear the thought. I was strapped for cash when I made this investment, and in the end, I had to go bankrupt. I still have all my customer files, recorded conversations and recorded sales techniques.

I would be willing to help ANYONE who wishes to pursue legal action. I know all the names of the people involved. Contact me, if I can help in any way. I am sorry for those who have been taken advantage of by the owner and for ever being involved with this company or this scam artist of a man.

Windows and Doors
By -

I entered into a contract with Clear Choice Canada to install some windows and doors. This was probably one of the biggest errors in judgment I have made. Remember the old saying that "if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is". These guys are pure and simply scam artists and snake oil salesman. In the last two years alone, they have changed company names and information at least 4 times. In 2006 they operated under Your Home International. In 2007 they changed to Clear Choice Canada. Late in 2008 they began to advertise under Your Choice Canada but still sell under the Clear Choice Contracts. (Unknown to the parent company in the USA) They now advertise under both but with a different owner and operator. (Both companies work out of Pretty River Drive in Collingwood.)

My ordeal began in May 2008. (I still do not have my windows installed and it is Mid December 2008) Like the previous reviews, I have been told everything under the sun. I have been told my windows arrived but there was a problem with the colors. I have been given a date and no one show up. I have been told my door still needed to be painted. I have been told they could not get in contact with the installer. I have been told that the installer picked them up but his warehouse was locked up by the property owner and they could not get access to them.

In the process, I have spent hundreds of hours tracking down info, been told I will get a call back (it never happens) and been given the run around on everything under the sun. I have been passed from Jim, to Paul to Wendy to Russell back to Paul and Jim and never again to the so called CEO Russell. He is always in a meeting when you call or out of the office. They inform you that they can not reach him and he has no voice mail. (Imagine that, in today's day and age a CEO with no cell phone, blackberry or paging service.)

When I finally find out he is in the office, he is unable to take my phone call and they ask for me to call back in 15 minutes. When I call back, he has gone out. If you have signed up for a contract with them, my advice is to seek legal action a.s.a.p. Even if they do eventually install your windows, the warranty is worthless. They are selling a product under the Clear Choice logo that is not a Clear Choice product. This means your warranty is worthless. I verified this with the Head Office in the USA. I am in the process of doing this myself.

I may think of getting the parent company involved or look for similar people who have been screwed over by the con artists and start a class action lawsuit. Under no circumstances should you ever sign a contract and give a deposit to these people.

By -

I'm having a lot of problems getting my windows installed in Ottawa Ontario by Clear Choice Canada. I initially ordered 5 windows on the 06 Aug 08 and gave them a 780.00 deposit. On ordering the windows the salesman would not commit to an installation date but did say they take six week to manufacture, and it should be shortly after that. Well I started calling in September to try to get a firmed update from them but to no avail. They apparently can't get any local installers from the Ottawa area.

An installer named Peter called me on the 6th of October saying he would be doing the installation the following Monday and if I would make sure all the blinds are down and the area is ready for them to work. I removed everything as requested and waited for the installers to arrive. It was going on into the early afternoon and no one arrived. I managed to track down the installer who was from Gatineau Quebec, and he advised me that he had cancelled out of the job as Clear Choice wasn't paying very much.

No one called me to let me know. Phoned Paul in Collingwood where Clear Choice office is located, and asked him what was going on and he said he had not spoken to anyone. Well Peter the installer told me he had just spoken to Paul 20 minutes before my call. Nice of them to let me know what was going on and that my windows would not be installed and I could put the blinds back up. I spoke to Jim the installation co-ordinator in Collingwood and he told me they were having trouble hiring installers in Ottawa and they would be sending a crew from Toronto before the following Friday which would be the week of the 20-24 October 2008.

I called Jim on Friday the 24 Oct 08 around 1 o'clock because I had not heard from anyone. He now tells me he got a fax from the storage depot in Ottawa, where my windows are being held, that one of my windows had been broken at the warehouse and they were not to set an installation date. (Yeah sure.) Jim is supposed to contact me on the 31 Oct 08 to let me know what's being arranged to get my windows installed. I'll keep you posted as to the outcome. If your planning on ordering from Clear Choice Canada, make sure you get an installation date put on the contract, or you will be getting the run around like I have.

A fellow from Clear Choice showed up at my door on the 31 Oct 08 wanting to measure the windows for some reason. He said that one of my windows had been broken in the warehouse and they had to re-order. He also said he would be putting the windows in sometime during the first week of November, when he returns from Toronto. Stay tuned. 17 Nov 08 - Spoke to Jim the coordinator at Clear Choice Canada, and he said my windows would be installed on the 26 Nov 08 weather permitting. Stay tuned for the next episode of this fiasco.

26 Nov 08: I finally got my windows in today. Everything went quite well and the two installers were excellent to deal with. They were finished in about 6 hours, and they cleaned up and took the old windows with them. It's too bad the company Clear Choice Canada can't be more upfront with their customers. A simple phone call to to the customer to let them know what's going on would help. Would I deal with this company again, Yes because the product they sell seems first rate at a reasonable price. The only thing I would do different would be to put an Installation By date or money refunded so I'm protected.

Windows and Doors
By -

I wish I had access to these reviews before my husband and I entered into a contract with this company. I have real empathy for these people because I have lived their pain. I feel like I am in an episode of the Twilight Zone or Springer except I am the one getting screwed. Like the previous review states, these guys are bad news. I have been waiting for my windows for 8 months. I was told it would be a 6 to 8 week turn over. During this time, I have been lied to at every step of the way. I have spoken with Jim, Paul and Russell. Each expressed that they were ashamed of how this has turned out and in the same breath lied in the process of saying it.

They tell you this is the first time in their 25 years of installing windows that they have run into this type of situation. (Obviously a lie. Look at the other people who have been spun the exact same story.) They never offer a solution to the problem and keep you constantly running around in circles looking for someone to give you concrete answers. They never return phone calls and always tell you the person you are looking for is in a meeting or out of the office. (God forbid they disturb them as your problem is obviously not that big.) I am guessing it is because they have a flock of similar problems if not more to deal with.

Do not get involved with this company under any circumstances. If you do, you will have many sleepless nights and lots of stress as you cannot imagine people being this incompetent and dishonest. This is by far my worst customer experience in my life. You cannot even imagine.

Company Closed Its Doors
By -

GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- Beware of Clear Choice Windows, especially if you live in Phoenix, Arizona. Their office is located in Glendale, Arizona. We agreed to purchase some windows on 02/02/2010. We paid half down, which was $571.91. I realize that is not a lot of money to most people but we had to save for years before being able to commit. We received a voice message saying to call to set up an appointment for installation around the end of February. Since it was the weekend, we were waiting for Monday to call. On Monday our sales representative contacted us and said the company has closed most of its offices. Not just the one for Phoenix.

I called the local number, which goes to voicemail and then says the mailbox is full. I then called the office in Tucson, Arizona and immediately was sent to an overflowing mailbox. I also called the main toll free number. It asks for a zip code and then transfers to what I assume is the same local number since it also goes to a full mailbox. Clear Choice Windows had an exhibit at the Maricopa County Home and Garden Show and I have seen them recommended on several websites.

Hopefully, I can find a way to get my money back but I used a debit card and the company is independently owned, so I would assume my chances are slim. I feel sorry for those in similar situations and hope this will at least save some people from making the wrong decision.

Clear Choice Is The Wrong Choice
By -

DAYTON, OHIO -- I had new Windows installed on 9-29-08 by Clear Choice out of Dayton Ohio, when they were finished with the job they left the old windows on my property. When I called to ask why they left the old windows they said they thought I wanted to keep them.

Now why would I spend money putting new windows in my house just to keep the old ones sitting outside?? For decoration?? I called them on 10-1, 10-2, 10-3 and 10-6, on all of these days they told me someone would pick up the old windows by 5 PM but that never happened. It is now 10-7-08 and I still have the old windows sitting on my property. I was told once again today that someone would pick the windows up from my house today by 5 pm, crossing my fingers. For anyone thinking of using this company please make sure they pick up the old windows and remove them from your property before you sign on the dotted line.

Company Response 07/28/2009:

What this customer fails to state is that her son asked the installers to leave the windows because he wanted to take them to the aluminum center to get the money for them. After several days of the customer son not removing them for the money, the customer called us to come and get them removed. We explained what happen and the customer did not want to hear about it. Yes, it did take 3 or 4 days to get the crew back out But with over 1300 jobs of installed windows over the last rwo and half years, this is our only real complaint.

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