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My Dog Died Under the Negligent Care of Cliftwood Animal Hospital Formerly Known as Centre Court Veterinary
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- My dog died under the negligent care of Cliftwood Animal Hospital (formerly known as Centre Court Veterinary) located at 175 Cliftwood Drive NE Atlanta, GA 30328. Incident: My 11 yr old Maltese was dropped off to Cliftwood Animal Hospital at 8:35 am on Wednesday, 11/13/13 initially for boarding but he was also ill, and required an examination. I filled out a form giving the vet permission to do what is needed without contacting me first. The only thing I requested to be called for is sedation.

I missed a call at 11:09 am from the animal hospital and I returned the call at 12:15 pm, and was told that my dog was highly toxic, he had a severe kidney infection and some kidney failure. I was told that they needed to be aggressive with treatment, and he would be given antibiotics, an IV & a Catheter would be placed in him & they also needed my permission to proceed (my first thought was, what was the point of filling out the form, which gave clearance if they still needed verbal approval?) I gave them the “go ahead” and assumed all would be taken care of instantly.

I arrived at Cliftwood Animal Hospital at 1:06 pm expecting to see my dog with a catheter coming from his body along with IV's only to find him suffering in a cage and was told that everyone had gone to lunch. I held his frail body and spoke with the Office Manager who showed me an IV pack and stated that they were coming back, she really had no clear answer as to why the aggressive treatment had not started. Sometime in the five o'clock hour, I received a call with an update that my dog's condition had not improved and they would reach out to me the next day with a further update.

On Thursday 11/14/13, I missed a call from Cliftwood Animal hospital and when I returned the call sometime around 10:30 am, I spoke with a Doctor who was standing in for Rebecca but the stand in, informed me that my dog didn't make it through the night. Agony, Hurt, Distress, all feelings that I felt then and now.

My first time speaking w/ Rebecca was Monday 11/18/13 after she left a voicemail on my phone that insinuated that my delay in returning their call on 11/13/13 caused the death of my dog. This seemingly inept Becky can't be serious!! In our conversation, she was unapologetic, rude and unprofessional. This is clearly a case of Veterinarian Malpractice due to their negligence. Never mind the fact that the vet was under “Duty of Care” (accepted responsibility to treat dog verbally at 12:15 pm) and delayed the treatment for my dog (they didn't expect me to pop up at 1:06 pm).

Rebecca and her a select few of the staff which are the office manager, the stand-in doctor, and the lady at the front desk that I spoke with on Saturday 11/16/13 are INEPT and my advice to all is NEVER use them for any type of care unless euthanizing your pet! In this incident, there is no such excuse that entails my side & their side, these are all FACTS w/ documentation & phone records!

Unprofessional, Rude, Nickel and Dimer Veterinarian
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Very unprofessional vet. Overpriced and payment is the priority. Don't ever question any charges of Dr. ** because her seemingly friendly behavior will turn into defensive, rude, and insulting. If you question anything with her she will quickly tell you that you can go somewhere else. She performed a c-section for me and when she was angry because I questioned a charge, she said, "Good luck in your breeding program".

I am not a breeder and she knew that I was not. Someone who could go from 0-100 like she does is not mentally stable and looking at other negative reviews re: Dr. **, it looks as though her negative and insensitive personality is not an isolated incident. I prefer a vet that cares about my animal vs. someone who obviously doesn't care and is so unprofessional.

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