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Colonial Life Disability Insurance (UNUM)
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COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a 24 month Disability policy from Colonial Life Insurance & Disability which was offered as a pre-tax payroll deduction through the company where I was employed. I initially purchased this policy in 2005. In 2009, I went on disability because I am now Legally Blind. I was examined by NJ State doctor, for Social Security, who confirmed my doctor's findings. After a bit of a struggle, (one lawyer's letter), I finally received Colonial Life Disability checks for the last 12 months.

SUDDENLY, THEY STOPPED SENDING THE CHECKS! No notification. No correspondence. No phone call. My phone calls were blocked as I could not get through to a live person, despite following the menu, instead my calls would be dropped. I had to call the parent company (UNUM) to get through to Colonial. They now claim they need more information from my doctor.

To date, Colonial has received from my doctor 3 written reports dated 4/28/2009, 11/03/2009, 5/05/2010. Additionally, they received my release for medical information from my doctor dated 4/17/2009 and 6/18/2010. These releases are good for 2 years, so why the need for the second one. They also had a phone conversation with my doctor in 2009.

They claim to have not received any information from my doctor following the June release, which is one month after the 5/05/2010 written report. Their checks also advise me to keep my doctor's information current, so they can call him at any time. So why didn't they just call him before they decided to stop the checks? (Sounds like harassment to me.)

My doctor mailed the info June 28, it is now July 11. I have a progressively degenerative eye disease, for which there is no known cure, so I can't get better, as stated by my doctor in all these reports. I am 62 years old. I am being given a runaround by Colonial Life Insurance (UNUM). I am told "they have to decide the claim" (AGAIN??? IT'S THE SAME CLAIM/DISABILITY). In the wake of Merrick v. Paul Revere Ins. Nev. 2008, do I get yet another lawyer? Also, I would really like to know if my former employer "dictates" the policy since it appeared as income on my W2.

I was advised, by NJ State Commission of Ins. that the employer "dictates" the policy on my Aetna Policy. Can you help with this, as it is a continuous battle. Incidentally, Colonial Life is located in Columbia, South Carolina, with offices throughout the country. However, the salesman for our local office of Colonial Life absolutely refused to give me the address. I can produce proof, in writing, for all the problems I've had in the last year. I have names and dates of phone calls. Colonial Life is not insurance... They are premium collectors only! They make you sick when you try to file a claim.

Colonial Life does not pay
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I purchased a supplemental cancer policy that offered a benefit for cancer screening. I phoned my agent to verify my coverage prior to making the appointment and was assured everything was covered and my policy was in effect. When I submitted the procedure they informed me that the policy was cancelled a few days prior to the exam.

I have received a number of correspondences from the company with various reasons why the coverage was cancelled. The dates and reasons are all different and contradictory. My agent now will not respond. I have never received a cancellation. Luckily I do not have cancer. I can not imagine a cancer patient having to deal with this nonsense.

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