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Unjust unemployment
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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I was sought out by this company to work for them in a management position. I was promised many things and assured that this would be a stable career path. The fact that all of that was untrue is not my issue with this company. I, along with others who were recruited by this company, was caught up in a corporate downsizing. That is acceptable. Especially with the Sept 11th tragedy. We anticipated such events to take place. However, no one could predict the inhumane manner in which this company would treat us. I would not expect a major corporation to have personal feelings or care too much about number 1244.

However I would expect a company who eliminated my position to NOT interfere with my future outside of the company. Communications and Commerce in Indianapolis, Indiana eliminated the positions of hundreds of employees. Hundreds of us from entry level customer service agents all the way up to project managers. Although we were assuming the downsize would be coming soon... we were not given advanced notice to prepare for other employment. Granted that is not a requirement... however, the company knew of the downsize and when it would occur nearly 30 days prior to the date.

And to further their bad business practice they are now disputing our unemployment benefits with the state. They are claiming that they offered all of their employees other positions in other departments and that we refused the work. This is true... but not complete information. We were offered these positions at a 45% cut in pay, demotion from management to entry level, AND a change in shift from days to nights. Not to mention loss of seniority with the company as we would have to quit and be considered new hire employees.

Although we are getting the denial with the labor board straightened out so that we can collect our unemployment to pay our bills and feed our families... the matter on my mind is that this action is completely unnecessary. Comm.Comm is trying to find any means possible to rid themselves of us. We did not choose to leave. Had the offer been a little more reasonable, most of us would have stayed. It is very difficult to find a job now with the US at war and all that is going on... Job searching is the last thing I want to be doing. I am upset that I was ensured a stable job that did not pan out...

I am upset that they consider a demotion with a 45% cut in pay a "reasonable" offer... but most of all I am furious that they are in such a financial bind and in such a state of strife that they find the time to continuously drag down the ones they left behind. Communications and Commerce based in Salt Lake City, UT has delayed unemployment income for hundreds of its eliminated employees for over 3 weeks now. 3 WEEKS ! These people have bills to pay and families to feed. While it is apparent they are inhumane and inconsiderate to this, we understand they are a good sized company and don't even really know who we are...

BUT, we are people... we are Americans, we are Mothers and Fathers, and students, and tax payers. We are doing our part and looking desperately for employment. We are not kicking back our heels and enjoying very little income at their expense. Unemployment is not designed for that. Unemployment is supposed to help me keep my daughter fed for a few weeks or so till I can find something else. Unemployment is a great AMERICAN benefit... one I have never had to use in the 12 years that I have been able to work. I have never gone without a job for more that 2 weeks. 2 weeks in 12 years.

We are not gold diggers... we are not moochers... we are hard working men and women who need a little help while we piece our lives back together from having Comm.Comm turn everything into utter chaos. Yet, we have to write a letter EVERY WEEK to the DWD stating the same facts over and over that we were offered positions and declined due to demotion and 45% cut in pay along with shift changes. The DWD says that we didn't have to take these jobs because of the demotion and cut in pay... yet Comm.Comm continues to send rebuttal letters to the workforce office denying to pay our unemployment benefits.

I am not sure if anything could be done about any of this... I really don't care what happens to Communications and Commerce, LLC. I want rid of them more than they could ever imagine wanting rid of me. However, I am due some aid while I search for employment... whether they like it or not... they are responsible for providing that aid to me and my hundreds of colleagues. I just wish someone could get that through their heads and make them stop delaying the payments.

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