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How Bad Is Convergence Communications Guatemala
By -

SUNRISE,, FLORIDA -- There's an old Rodney Dangerfield joke, in which he's explaining he used to know an ugly woman. A sidekick in the audience shouts to him, “How ugly, Rodney?” Rodney would answer, “She was known as a two bagger. You'd put another paper bag over her head, just in case the first one broke!”

In my case, my beef is with the cable-TV firm that's supposed to provide me that service in Guatemala City, Guatemala. A gringo company (not U.S.; U.S. companies in general strive to give better service. Gringo, as in ‘down-and-out, dirty-and-gritty gringo'), with no respect for its customers or for itself. In this country, it keeps its base firmly closed, never answering the door. Its phone is never answered. It has a call center that, likewise, has never answered, not even once. On the Internet, it gives out several places in the U.S. in which it's supposedly based.

So, how bad is Convergence Communications Inc., Guatemala, based in Sunrise FL, or perhaps in Salt Lake City, UT? Man, it's bad enough so that you'd want to have two subscriptions to its cable-TV service, so that, when they bill you for the two, you can deny them payment twice.

This time, right in the middle of the Football World Championship (soccer to you), my cable-TV service has been out of commission for more than a week. Not the first time this year either. At a couple of previous times it has been out of service for another more-than-a-week time. Without even mentioning how often the pic just snaps off with a crack ─this must harm my TV some─ and stays out for several hours.

I just hope that some other company, somewhere, has expansion plans, and is, perhaps, investigating the possibility of paying some sweet money for Convergence Communications Inc., Guatemala, based in Sunrise, FL, or perhaps in Salt Lake City, UT. DON'T DO IT! You'd be buying a crooked and dirty shell of a company, indefectibly directed to failure. You'd be burdening yourselves with a company that young Guatemalan hoodlums could, unavoidably, run more ably. And many Guatemalan companies DO give better service. I happen to be masochistic.

Fly by Night Cable-TV
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Convergence Communications Inc. (CCI) is an apparently fly-by-night cable-TV provider that cites different places as their home base. In some web pages, though clearly identifying itself as a cable-TV provider in Central America, it gives its base as being in Salt Lake City, UT. In others it claims to be based in Sunrise, FL. Yet again, in a Guatemala website it purports to be based at an address in Guatemala City where nobody ever answers the door and the given phone is never picked up.

All this serves to signal the nature of a company that, in the last year, has quit sending the cable-TV signal for WEEKS on end without ever publishing an apology or at least, an explanation. Don't even MENTION, please, the possibility of discounting the proportionate amount to the service not rendered in its bills.

NOW is one of those times when CCI has simply quit its service. NOW, in the middle of the world's largest, most important sport event, the Football World Cup, watched by billions all around the globe, CCI again has ‘problems' providing the service for which it's paid for ─ this means ‘zero' cable-TV signal, full charge billed for its abysmally bad service.

Oh, least I forget: CCI also has a ‘call center', which plays the well-proven game of asking of you: “If you know the number of the extension you're trying to reach, dial it now… If you don't, wait on line. Your call is important to us” and then have you wait long enough so that the line either disconnects or you hang up, bored after a quarter of an hour wait.

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