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They Lied - Repeatedly
By -

WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK -- A sales representative called on 1/12/11 while I was at work and spoke to my partner. Although she is on the phone bill, she is not aware of the details since I handle the bills.

Once the representative established that a) my partner had the authority to change phone service and b) my partner didn't really know much about what kind of service we had in terms of costs, she fed my partner a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo and misinformation about our current service. For example: She claimed that according to her "records" we paid nearly $50 for our current phone service which would make Cordia Communications cheaper. But we don't pay that much - we pay $25.67. If we had wanted any of the services CC offered we would've gotten them through our former phone company at the same price!

I called at 8:30 pm the same day and spoke to a customer service rep, **. I told him we did not want to change from our old phone company and to cancel the order. He said he'd put through a work order to stop the change. He said to call back after 24 hours to make sure it had gone through. (This boded ill. This stalling tactic is common with crap companies that scam people.) Sure enough, when I called back this evening at 9:45 pm and spoke to **, she said it was too late to stop the changeover, the order had been put through and the account was in the process of being set up.

I asked why she simply couldn't stop the process. She got snippy and said was too late, that if I didn't want the service I'd have to call my former phone company and change back. I said why ** didn't just cancel my order yesterday. And this is where she revealed the scam - albeit accidentally. She said, by that time it had already been too late. In other words, ** had lied. He had not put through a work order to cancel the service. It was just a way to get me off the phone.

To say that it's impossible to stop a service from being established is nonsense. Once in motion, the process is not inevitable, like gravity. Someone, somewhere, with the push of a button or a phone call can put a stop to it. This business of "impossible" just makes it clear that Cordia Communications is not a reputable or trustworthy company. Tomorrow I'll call my old phone company and will hopefully be able to clear up this mess.

Phone Company; The Worst Communication Ever
By -

Cordia called me today, and wow!!! It was the worst phone conversation that I ever had. On the other hand, I found something new about myself: Now I know that I can yell at people on the phone… yeah, for the very first time in my life I was like insane on the phone. They were trying to switch me from Qwest to their service, and I didn't want to do so… I was trying to stop conversation politely, but their representative wouldn't let me do so, by repeating all “great benefits” of switching, and that there is “no physical change.” I said: "Well, I don't care, I don't want any physical or virtual change to my account, I want to stay with my current company."

Finally, after it was going on for several minutes, and I was not able to stop conversation politely, I hanged up… Guess what? She called me again. I didn't take it. She called again. I took it. She was wondering why did I hang up on her, and started from beginning… finally, she repeated a few times that I don't understand that they are trying to help me to pay less for my phone bills, and so on… she said that I am so DUMB so I don't understand that I pay too much, and that they are trying to help me.

I said that I want to talk to her supervisor. She said that supervisor is not there, and this time she hanged up on me. Then she called again, accused me that I hang up on her again, and connected with supervisor (which wasn't there 2 min ago). Supervisor (same accent, very similar voice… her twin?) didn't let me say anything about my previous conversation, and begun to push me even harder into their services. She also repeated several times that I don't understand that there is no physical change, and I am paying too much, and they just want to help me… she almost yelled at me at this point. And this is when they drove me nuts and I started to yell on her.

Also, I tried to make them to put me on “do not call” list, and they wouldn't do so, “because I don't understand that they want to help me”. Instead, both of them were trying to verify my phone, name, address, and so on, like: “we are not singing you in, we're just want to verify it”… and “you don't understand, you're paying too much” again. I never liked to talk to advertisers before, but I always was polite on the phone… I guess my politeness on the phone will end from now on.

Telephone Service
By -

On August 27th 2011 I reported my telephone service was out of order, the associate told me on the 31st of August a service person will be at my home at 7 pm. On the first of September when I called to inquire why no one came or called, they said my phone was fixed on the Wednesday. I told them the only thing seemed to have been was from completely dead to such a loud humming, we have to scream and understand very little. Then said we will submit another ticket. I have since called them over 7 times. The phone has gone to completely dead, to a loud humming to crossed lines with other people screaming on their phones.

They have been EXTREMELY rude to the point of on Saturday, their customer service associate cursed at me and slammed the phone down. I tried making a complaint to their Supervisor, **, and he also was rude. I said please put yourself in my place, I have been out of telephone lines over a month, have extremely patient. Since I work from home, I need my line up. So far I have lost some of my income. On the back of it all they are still expecting me to continue to pay my bill. He said there is nothing he can do. As it is now, I cannot even move to another company until this is resolved. I do need Legal advice from you as to what steps I need to tale. I am beyond upset.

Scammers, Switched lines without authorization
By -

WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK -- I am soo pissed with this company. They have been calling me nonstop and claimed that they are linked with AT&T and can switch my number without a hassle and would charge me less than what I pay now. I said I would call back after I review their company and the next thing I know, they have switched me from AT&T without my verbal authorization. Funny thing is, I didn't even make an account with them. And they said they need to make an account to cancel the service. Like what on earth is going on here?

People, please be sure not to pick up any calls from them. They would switch from your provider then make you pay a bill. They said they are sending me a bill but I don't wish to pay for it, since I never authorized a switch. I have contacted Better Business Bureau. Let's see what happens. But piece of advice, BEWARE!

False information and over billing
By -

I was marketed to Cordia in the spring of 2005. During this marketing session I was advised that "Cordia Residential Unlimited" Service for $39.95 per month would give me unlimited local and long distance. At no time during this marketing session was "data minutes" mentioned. Based on what I was told, I agreed to take Cordia.

When I was transferred to confirm this and was told there would be charges if certain minutes (I later learned the term, "data minutes") went over a limit I stated I did not want anything that could involve extra charges. At that point I was switched back to the Cordia marketer who assured me that with the unlimited plan there would be no extra charge. We discussed this for a few minutes until I felt comfortable that there in fact would be no extra charge and I was again switched to confirm my choice.

Once again I was told of extra charges that could result with this plan and once again I stated I did not want any extra charges and once again I was switched back to the marketer. This happened three times. Each time the representative would mention extra charges, with no further explanation and switched me back to the marketer then the marketer would take time to explain that the Residential Unlimited plan that I was getting was in fact unlimited and assured me there would be no extra charges (as I was being told in the confirmation part of the call). I finally signed up under the impression that no extra charges could or would apply.

My first bill dated May 22, 2005 charged me for my phone and an extra phone. I was being charged for 2 phone numbers, one was mine and I have no idea where or whose the other number came from. After a call to Cordia it was agreed that my bill would be adjusted and I would wait for my next bill to pay what I owed. My June bill was adjusted, the charges for the phone that was not mine had been removed but now I was being charged a finance or late fee and the taxes on the charges were still being billed. This was eventually resolved.

I was also now being charged for "local data" minutes over 1000 used. The marketer had given me false information. I again called Cordia. After at least 2 phone calls and much debate, I was allowed to back date an "upgrade" to the next plan for $49.95, which I was under the impression would NOW give me "UNLIMITED" calling and the charges for the data minutes were dropped. (I now paid $49.95 retroactivity instead of $39.95 and I received a credit for $15.79.)

THEN on my October bill I was again charged an extra $75.48 for data minutes over 5000 used. I did not know that I still had a limit and would be charged for excess. I called Cordia 3 times and got no help. I have since switched companies and I did pay a portion of my finial bill. The total was for $142.48. I made a payment of $74.44 and included the statement that if cashed the bill was to be considered paid in full. The check was cashed and they now state that even though I requested them to cash the check only as payment in full I still have the balance of $69.00 and they have put that amount in a collection agency which is going against our credit.

Billing, overcharging, disconnections
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Never choose Cordia Communication as a phone servicer. This company has no idea how to handle a small business, probably because they are connected to VERIZON. I am a small business with 12 remote call forwarding lines and 4 actual land lines. Remote call forward lines are ones that forward to a regular line so it's 16 telephone numbers I have.

In June of 2004 I was offered by Cordia communication telemarketer a bill of 150.00 dollars +taxes and 4 cent long distance. I spent 2 hours on the phone explaining my account and what I want. I was told that that would not be a problem. July of 2004 I received a letter stating I should not pay my previous carrier because they are in their custody. I thought it was all going well until I hear from Sprectrotel my previous carrier. I am threatened with disconnection.

Here I find out not all my lines are transferred. I was being doubled billed and promised by ** and ** that this problem would be corrected. I called ** and ** weekly to address the problem, I completed 4 more LOAs (authorizations to take my lines), I spent at least 100 hours on hold, 15 complaints to the PUC, 5 emails to Cordia, I have been hung up on, refused to pay for the lack of service and incompetence. My case was escalated to ** and ** supposedly higher up then ** and **, raised stress and anger levels, and have been disconnected.

Basically, Cordia Communication makes you feel like a victim of terrorists. They demand payment before they will address anything, however, they have been given months to solve the problem. It took almost losing all my lines and my livelihood and 13 months before all my lines were in Cordia communications custody. Finally, having all of my lines with Cordia Communication did not end or solve my problems.

Next, big issue was the billing the high charges, twice as much as Spectrotel, not 40% less as promised. My 150.00 dollar bill never arrived, however, my $485.00 monthly bill does. It continues and has yet to be corrected. I receive 7 envelopes with the same 4 pages in each. I have yet to receive a complete bill which adds up to the current charges. My billing issues have been going on from the beginning. You may ask why I stay? I have no choice the problems would be threefold if I brought another carrier into the mess Cordia Communication made of my lines and account.

What about the PUC? Did you know you can only have 2 formal complaints for the same issue on file with the PA PUC after that there is nothing they can do. My complaints went to court with the CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER AND PRESIDENT OF Cordia COMMUNICATION, Wesly Minella. He states I received detailed billing and accurate invoices. I have invoice after invoice and 5 unopen envelopes, remember I get 7 per month, for each month that proves otherwise. Wesly Minella can have a look at these bills at any time. I have offered this proof to so many Cordia personnel only to be told it will be addressed.

I was not present at the hearing because the PUC does not give that information until it is over. So what happens next? I spend two hours twice a week on the line with Cordia Communication each month. I spend most of that time on hold being avoided. The rest of the time I am listening to apologies and empty promises. Let me acquaint you with the Cordia Communication Staff. First there is ** and **, customer service supervisors who will pound on a keyboard emailing everyone about the problem and getting it solved, SO THEY SAY!

**, extension **, who promised phones would be on in 24 to 48 hours knowing when I called back she was going to be on her move from Orlando to New York. Next, there is ** extension **, who is so incompetent he disconnects all calls he puts on hold. **, extension ** who demands I pay $1100.00 more for new activation, that's on top of my $485.00 a month for service I don't get. **, customer supervisor who knows just how to pick up the phone for a second so she can send you to voice mail. **, customer supervisor who will call you back before she leaves, 3 weeks later I have yet to hear from her, I guess she just hasn't come to the end of her day.

**, extension **, **, **, **, **, **, **, **, **, **, and ** customer service reps who get paid to be unable to help you because the company updates their computers so often it's rare to get a person with a working computer. Without the computers there is no customer service, such as on August 16, 21, 28, and September 8, 9, 10, and 11. They will promise to call you back, but that's just another lie they tell you so they can get on with not working. **, was an exception she actually called me twice in one day, couldn't do anything though the computers were down.

Where am I in my saga with Cordia Communication, HELL, because I still don't have an accurate bill or customer service which WESLY MINELLA, chief operating officer and president of Cordia stated otherwise under oath. I want to talk to the president, Wesly Minella, to prove my case. I have stacks of invoices and sealed envelopes to prove my case and statements. My satisfaction will hopefully come from a company who is trying to help me escape the blackmail, threats and chaos of Cordia. Feel free to email at ** if you have encountered these same problems maybe we can be the I HATE Cordia GROUP.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 at 7:45 pm my 16 lines were once again active lines. Back in business I am, but not quite correctly. My fax line was actually sent to my phone while an active line with 3 others attached was sent to my fax. Wednesday, another day wasted getting Cordia Communication on the line. **, was quick to offer some help, "Do you really need the fax line?" "How about moving the fax machine?" "Do you get a lot of faxes?" Then it was time to get verizion on the line. They are even more intelligent than **, blaming me for moving the wire run in my house and that the wiring was the problem not the hook up.

They then stated another $150.00 would have to be handed over to them if there was a wire problem found. ** may not be the most intelligent rep when it comes to faxes, but I have to say he was honest about returning my call. ** actually called me 6 times within two days addressing my concerns. SHOCKINGLY Cordia actually has a customer service rep. Finally, on Wednesday 9/20/2006 a verizion tech shows up to fix the problem he did not understand until I physically showed him the problem. Two minutes spent at the interface box my lines are now correct.

Another month in Cordia hell and under their terrorist reign. Not one accurate bill has arrived, not one statement outlining my payments or charges, not one call regarding my bill, not one person addressing the billing issue. Well it seems I am right back to the beginning with no problem solve. Still no satisfaction as of November 13.06!!! Tip on getting to the head of Cordia, Get the customer care people to transfer you if you hang on long enough you'll be connected to the receptionist then ask for **!!! You'll get to speak to the head of Cordia!!!

Service Fees
By -

I was looking up on the internet for Cordia Comm. Company there was nothing. My mother was called to see if she would like to have long distance/local calling for $20.00 to $30.00 a month for being a senior citizen. There is "NO" such a deal. The amount is up to $125.00. How can they ask this of a person?

Cordia Communication
By -

NEW JERSEY -- My complaint with cordia communication is identical to those that I read on this site. Some have wrote to the FCC and BBB. What was the outcome? Apparently not much. They slammed us in August of 2006 stating that they were taking over Verizon's' long distance service. Once they got our phone business their games began. They threatened to disconnect our business line because I questioned their billing.

Statements. Not only was our bills erroneous, they took it upon themselves to change our phone plan. So, not to have our business phone disconnected I paid half the bill and switched back to our previous phone co. Once our business was reconnected with our previous long distance provider I asked Cordia again to adjust our bill, and to explain why they changed our plan.

They declined to make adjustments and threatened me again with the disconnection of our business phone. I informed the rep. we have a new long distance carrier so their threats were falling on deaf ears, and why the intimidation? I asked again to adjust our bills and why was our plan changed? But, asking these questions also fell on deaf ears... theirs.

For these reasons and more, I plan to write the FCC and BBB, and to inform Verizon of Cordia's practices and what tactics they used to lure us from their company. And, I will also inform anyone else that this matter should concern. I don't know how far it will go but it's worth a try to get this company (Cordia) to clean up its act and admit to wrong doing and to compensate all who stand victims, and hopefully enough complaints may lead into a class action lawsuit. God only knows how many others are out there and being cheated by Cordia and don't realize it and/or don't know where to go for help.

I never thought that being scammed could ever happen to us, but it did. For Cordia to get our phone business they lied and deceived us and use the name of a long standing phone company, that we were using for many years, and used trickery to acquire our business. Then when we tried to speak with someone in Cordia to help us with these inaccuracies, we were continually transferred from one customer rep. to another, disconnected countless times, put on hold every time we phoned, using countless of our hours, work time and causing us mental stress trying to rectify this problem that they created.

For these reasons and many more I feel that we should be monetarily compensated. And most disturbing of all, is to be threatened time and time again that our business line was going to be disconnected. This alone is a crime. This is our livelihood, and without it, we would not have a home, health ins., and the devastating effect it would have on the ones who depend on us. We would have lost everything that we have built and worked so hard to establish all because of one selfish company (Cordia).

With their mismanagement of accounts, refusing to acknowledge or take responsibility in their mistakes and ignoring to provide their number one asset "the customer" they forgot that without the consumer they would not exist. Well... this is just a short version of my experience with Cordia. At a later date I'll explain this unlawful event in depth and in chronological order so everyone can have a firsthand look at how Cordia and most of their employees are trained to cheat, lie and deceive. My biggest question is why would anyone with a conscience work for such a company? One last thing... WESLEY MINELLA. President and chief operating officer of Cordia.

Horrible customer service
By -

P.O. BOX 1763, WHITE PLAINES, NEW YORK -- I was sent to collections for an account I never had. I spent 1 hour on the phone with a customer service representative who had very broken English. They acknowledged that I never had an account but refused to provide me with any documentation to assist in removing this from my credit reports. The "supervisor" spoke worse English and repeated told me it was my problem to fix.

Not telling truth about plan
By -

When I talked with someone about their plan, they told me it would be 20.00 a month. I asked them if I could make calls to Ireland and England on the plan. I was told that I could set up my cell phone on the plan and it would still be 20.00 a month. Then I received my first bill and two of the countries that are not accepted to call to a cell phone are Ireland and England. I feel they just wanted me to sign up, that they would say anything to please me.

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