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Dishonest, "Bait and Switch", Sleezy, Extortion
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Rating: 1/51

HAMPTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Invited Ken ** of Cormier movers to home 2 times to give us an "accurate" estimate on our move. Ken ** walked through our entire home to include basement and garage to make sure nothing was missed. As a someone in the moving business claiming to be an expert/professional with over 25 years experience you'd think his estimate would be "ball park".

Ken ** said he needed approx 25% $1000 deposit down to schedule our move. He was given a credit card number when we scheduled the pick up date. He chose not to run the credit card at that time. 4 days after he picked up the contents, our personal belongings, from our home he called to tell me he was a little off on his estimate of $3400 estimate (rounded off) to $8600 (rounded off).

Instead of the $1000 deposit Ken ** told me he was going to charge $5000. More than 50% of his new total. If I did not agree to pay that amount, he would hold my belongings in storage with a storage charge accumulating daily until paid. Ken ** would only agree to give us a delivery date after I would to allow him to charge $5000 to my credit card. He was not to receive the balance of $3600 until delivery and inspection of our goods.

By the way, Ken ** claimed verbally as well as written in his packet of info, he did all his own moves from start to finish. "Never a third Party". Guess what, he lied. Mayflower Movers delivered our contents. The day before the delivery of our belongings, Ken ** called in and charged my credit card the balance of $3600 without my authorization.

At the time the Mayflower truck showed up, I told the driver he was at the wrong address as I was waiting for Cormier Movers. The driver laughed stating that "Ken does this all the time". I called Ken ** and with a very rude, abrupt answer, he said "What's the big deal, you got your stuff". As the driver and his helper were unloading our items, I noticed a lot of damages, i.e., the side of my upright commercial freezer all smashed in, and antique marble top for an antique piece of furniture with several chips and 2 large gauges across the top, dining room set - every chair scratched and a big gauge in the table and too much more to list.

The driver of the Mayflower truck told us that when he got to Cormier Movers to pick up our items it was passed from a Cormier Mover truck to his, not a secure storage as we were told. He also stated not surprised about the damages as nothing had protective wrapping around it. No padding on the marble top, pictures that were damaged or dining room set.

When I called Ken ** regarding this, he said no big deal and he would send out a claim form. Never received one, big surprise, until 3 months later after I disputed these excessive charges with the credit card company. On the contract Ken ** filled out at our home, we requested additional insurance. Ken ** has since claimed, we did not purchase additional protection for our goods, yet on the contract there is an additional $100 charge, line item for such.

Following the final unloading of the Mayflower truck, the driver hands me a "Bill of Lading" filled out the day before Cormier Movers picked up the contents from our home with a balance due of $3500 (rounded off) and a customer signature (Not Mine). No breakdown of services just a total. So to sum this all up, I have a signed contract which has one $ amount, a forged contract with another $ amount, a verbal amount which is just about triple either written amount.

I have written several emails requesting this "signed" contract Ken ** claims he has declining the extra insurance, but will not provide to me to justify, to provide proof this amount he is claiming triple the amount of his estimates. Ken ** used a "Bait and Switch" on us as well as held our personal belongings "Hostage" until he charged my credit card, "Ransom", as I call it or we would not have our personal belongings given back to us. The second charge without my authorization... He did it the day before delivery as he knew well that I would not have agreed to it.

I had a broken foot at the time, so if I was able to get back to NH I would have. I should have called the police, that he was holding our property "Hostage" and extorting more money than agreed. This man is a Liar and a Scam artist. He is a Bully as I have saved his voice mails yelling at me because of the disputes I have filed against him.

Unprofessional, Over Charged, Thousands of $s of Damage
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Rating: 1/51

HAMPTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- My wife and I have moved twice internationally within the last 10 years. In our prior moves the movers were professional, our things were moved with care, and the final price for the moves was very similar to what was quoted. In August, we move within NH (about 14 miles) with Cormier Movers and were very disappointed on all accounts.

We ended up with thousands of dollars of damage to our things (including some sentimental items), and damage to the home we moved out of and the new home we moved into. Cormier also lost our silverware, a few cutco knives, and other kitchen items. Cormier suggested they would only compensate us for a small fraction of the value of the damaged and lost items (base on the weight rather than the value).

In addition, Cormier charged us nearly double what they quoted for the move. The owner of the company did a thorough walk-through of our three bedroom home and provided a quote for $2,475 for packing, moving, and unpacking our home. However, the final price charged was $4,208, approximately 70% above the quote.

The crew was very unprofessional, unproductive, and did not appear to be experienced. The lead mover in charge of the crew was lazy and provided his inexperienced crew no direction. They were supposed to have everything packed and loaded into the truck by mid-day, and have us unpacked by the afternoon.

When I saw very little was getting done and the crew was moving painfully slow or just standing around I started directing them assigning different members of the crew to different tasks (packing boxes, moving things from certain rooms, loading the truck with things ready to go, etc). I asked one of the guys to move all the boxes out of the basement and forgot he was in there.

Two hours later, I remember I hadn't seen him and went back down to the basement to find him still there. When things were finally unpacked from the truck I only later realized many pieces of furniture were either not re-assembled at all, or were only partially assembled. We're appalled with how poorly this move was executed. We spent much more than quoted, are out thousands of dollars in damages, and will not using this company in the future.

Cormier Mover is a worst nightmare
By -

HAMPTON, NH, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I called Ken, the owner of Comier Moving, NH after I read his website that he moves Piano and have cranes. Later I decided to go with a local company and move piano with piano mover but he said he do not charge travel and bring the crane. I made a reservation two weeks prior to the moving day of Jan. 30 of the last year. However, just several days beforehand, he asked me to move the date one day earlier or one day later because he had another moving request the same day.

I told him I could not. He then said that he would cancel the other and come for me as I made reservation. On moving day, he did not come but sent some young guys without tools nor tapes in smaller truck than he promised. After loading a little more than half of my belonging, one of the mover called Ken. Then he said that Ken was on his way with the big truck he promised and they will bring my stuff to my new house that is 8 miles away (15-20 minutes) with an estimated arrival time of 2:00 PM. Neither Ken came to old house where I was waiting nor his men to my new house where my other family member were waiting.

After 3 and 1/2 hours later, I called Police Dept in both Cities. When I called Ken in front of the officer and told him that I was with Police Officer, he said that he would be coming soon. He showed up at 8:00 PM to my new house. It was cold and dark, my stuff got unloaded everywhere they are not intended. Shovels and rakes to Master bedroom, computers to garage, you name it. Most items came if not broken, marred, damaged, with major chips and scratches. I had to finish moving the rest of stuff including refrigerator next several days with helpers.

Big Move
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Rating: 5/51

HAMPTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Ken and his team were great! Our move was no small task — old home, narrow stairwells, 4 stories, and 5,000 sq ft worth of furniture. It was a very personalized experience and Ken took great pride and care in getting us moved. I will definitely use these guys again!

Dishonest, Deceptive, and Sloppy
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Rating: 1/51

HAMPTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Worst moving experience ever. First there was the "bait and switch" once Ken had my deposit and later my goods in storage. He suddenly decides that it was okay for him to invoice me an additional $1000 over and above the additional labor I agreed to pay after the items were picked up. His only claim was that he had to pay his guys the next day to unload my goods into storage and it took all day to do this.

He even agreed that this was an omission from the original quote, but decided he was justified in charging the extra anyway. A lot of my furniture was damaged and have yet to see a dime in claims. From what I can see online, he has quite a reputation as a dishonest businessman. And this is exactly what he is.

I just wish I had seen all of these negative reviews before I hired these liars and cheats to move and store my goods. I filed a claim with the BBB to a standoff with litigation as my only remaining option. Tracy ** with Cormier actually had the audacity to lie to the BBB saying that I forced them to haul away my garbage. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

They left a considerable number of items that I had to drop off and eventually had to force them to come back and get some others despite telling them repeatedly that all of my belongings had to be out of the house when the truck pulled away and I paid for extra labor of $500. I even gave them a sizable number of pallets that they asked me for. I guess that is what they meant by hauling away garbage. Stay as far away from this company as you can and don't say you were not warned.

Cormier Movers Rip You Off
By -

Avoid! Chief complaint: gave me an estimate and then charged me double the estimate amount at the end. Sleazy!
Generally disorganized and incompetent. I specifically asked about a bunch of stuff at the beginning - if they had shrink wrap, wardrobe boxes for clothes, and other stuff. They said yes and then showed up and had none of the stuff.

They overcharge you for anything they can. For instance, they charge you $15 for re-usable wardrobe boxes, which you obviously do not want and which they obviously could use on every job. Left a bunch of stuff behind at the house, not sure why they missed it but I had to go back & bring a full carload of items they left behind in plain sight. Good thing the move wasn't long distance or I wouldn't have seen the stuff ever again. I used Marathon Movers out of Randolph, MA last time I can highly recommend them, very professional and efficient, light years away from Cormier.

The Best Moving Company I've ever moved with!!!!
By -

HAMPTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Hello, I must tell customers that this moving company has moved me/my family 5 times now and with this being our last move to North Carolina I will be sad to not be able to use them again. Mr. Cormier has moved us around the seacoast area for 8 years now and we finally made a move to a much warmer climate. They moved two semi loads last month and we didn't have a scratch on one item, they were on time and even early one day on the receiving end. They took very good care of our most expensive art work, they packed everything, and put our minds at ease! This company has been around for so many years most of the others in this area just come and go.

I must say that after reading all the reviews on this company I can't help but think most of you must be confused and have the wrong company, or maybe the reviews are written by people other than real customers. Mr. Cormier (Ken) is a very honest business man and has always gone out of his way to make us happy with our moves.

I'm sure if you had a valid complaint with his company he would do everything he could do to resolve it, but you can't please everyone. Sometimes no matter what you do people still need something to complain about!!!! Please contact me for a great review on this company and I don't mind speaking on the phone!!!! I am a very happy and REAL customer.

Disastrous Moving Experience in NH
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NORTHAMPTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- BEWARE CORMIER MOVERS of Northampton NH. April move from NH to WA. COMPLAINT against CORMIER MOVERS. April 11 to April 21, 2007.

Moving takes a lot of physical and emotional energy, as does relocation clear across the country. I decided to use a professional mover because I believed that my belongings would arrive more safely at my new home. Mike of North American Van Lines referred me to Cormier Movers. He stated that Cormier is a reputable moving company. I paid the price for Ken's initial estimate in advance (not on arrival, as most moving companies). More household goods accumulated, resulting in a bigger load on moving day. Cormier told that, if needed, he would just buy more space for my load. I paid again as much to Cormier for more space (again, fully paid ahead of delivery).

On moving day, the Cormier crew was courteous, though I had to run down my home's front door parts after they had left. My belongings seemed to be in safe hands. The load was to be transferred into moving cubes to make the trip cross-country.

Moving day is always a bit chaotic and, in that bustle, I was unaware of the letter notations following the Cormier packers' description of loaded items. I later noticed PBO-CU (packed by owner-condition unknown). Unfortunately, most of these cartons were crushed and torn open, damaging and soiling the contents. What really angered me was the liberal use of W (badly worn), T (torn), and M (marred); even brand new items thusly marked! It almost seems that these terms were applied to everything to cover for the incredible marring, tearing, and worn marks that would be imposed in the course of this move. Is this common with Cormier Movers?

An example is my white sofa bed, just a couple months old. It started this trip perfect and you can observe why I put it in storage instead of in my new home in photographs 99a through 99q. Yes, now it is damaged, torn, bent, and covered with black marks!

I traveled from New Hampshire to Washington and an ABF freight truck body (not several Door to Door cubes, in which I was told my things would arrive) was delivered to my house, the unpacking crew due to arrive in a day or two. The truck driver expected me to pay him. Two men (one dangerously overweight, leaving the job up to one man, in actuality) arrived April 21 to unpack the truck. The men removed the separation wall and stopped short in awe. They called me up into the truck body to see what was left of my property.

I moved from NH to WA, paying Cormier Movers nearly $10,000 to damage almost every item I moved. Cormier reserved 10' of an ABF freight truck body before my load increased in size, and, after taking another payment larger than the first, jammed all my valued possessions into the same reserved 10' of freight truck space; not a moving van or relocation cube as was described by Cormier, but a freight truck.

The Moving & Storage Solutions men were told that the job required only an hour or so, and that my home was a single story. My new home is a vertical three story, straight up and down. They worked for 4-5 hours, and assembled nothing (the platform bed is missing all of the bolts needed to assemble it), though they were careful and courteous. These men were very apologetic about what happened to by belongings.

The way the truck was loaded was shocking. The unpackers commented “Were these guys mad at you?”, “This looks like a drunkard's bad joke!”, “Unbelievable.”, and “They must have been drunk!” Throughout the afternoon, they called to me to take photographs of the disaster for documentation, items abused and damaged—it was appalling! We had to laugh at it all, incredulous! The moving professional unpacking my things had never seen anything like this load!

In the middle of all this, we called Ken. Ken said that he had been there when the load was transferred, and it all looked fine to him. (THAT is not something I would have admitted!) Ken suggested that we calm down and see that in that moment it looked bad to us, but in time, it would not seem so terrible. Well, Ken, it was much worse than it looked that day by the truck! There was no checking off of little tag numbers (Cormier had described this procedure) and it was very chaotic, due to the shortage of help. These guys were exhausted!

The truck space, 10X10, I guess, was packed solid with unwrapped furniture, barely alive plants, garden and sports equipment, cartons, wardrobe boxes, and electronics. All was indiscriminately jammed into the space (half the space needed for the safe transport of the contents). There was no regard for boxes with arrows indicating which side should be up, no regard for boxes marked “FRAGILE: Glass”. No regard for boxes marked “FRAGILE: Electronics”.

All of my electronics were packed in their original shipping boxes, thankfully, so they received only minor damage. Most cartons were crushed and punctured, soiling and damaging their contents. All wardrobe cartons were crushed at least 1', some to half their height. These were inter-packed with large pillows and down comforters, rugs, and other bulky items. No cartons were packed with vacant space.

The only item wrapped was a mattress. No other furniture, wood or fabric was protected from metal rakes or damage from other things in the load. A valuable bicycle was contorted in the cushions of a white sleep sofa, resulting in damage to both items. The sleep sofa (the heaviest item in the truck) was on the top of the load and not held in place by anything!

The walls of my new home suffered many scrapes and bumps (these two men were tired and not happy about the difficulty of the job) during the unloading. Because of this, I have repaired and repainted walls and stairways that were perfect when I arrived. I was left with all the materials that movers usually take away. When at last the two men from Moving & Storage Solutions were finished, they thought that they were to be paid by ME! What a shoddy operation! I hired Cormier Movers and I hold you, Ken, responsible for this appalling move.

I hired Cormier Movers because Ken agreed to take several BIG and valuable plants (some of great monetary, as well as sentimental, value). One of these never got here. All of them were frozen at least one night (could not have been under a roof of any kind, building or truck), unprotected from the last throws of NH weather. A seven-foot tall Bird of Paradise plant was put on the floor of the truck, many huge stemmed leaves just broken over, with all the cartons and furniture placed right on top of it! No, I did not expect Cormier to guarantee safe arrival of the plants, but this was willful destruction.

One does not have to be a plant expert to know that you cannot just break a big plant like that over and pile 9 feet of heavy goods on top of it! Many plants were abused in this way, some just thrown in sideways or upside down. When the two unpackers at the destination first saw the load, one asked, “Those are artificial, right?” Well, no, they are live plants, and all of them were now only sticks and stumps. These plants are 30 years old. Some will die from being frozen (had to have been left outside in the open sometime between my home and the next truck loading), unable to recover. Others will take years (with a lot of work and care) to reach their former size.

In short, Cormier Movers demonstrated a total disregard for the safe transport of my property. Many items are unaccounted for, MISSING entirely, whole cartons (eventually, I will miss the items they contained). I will only know in time, as I settle in my new home, what was left off my shipment. The horrible loading job makes it entirely credible that, once most of my things were jammed into that 10' space, when not one more box could go in, the items that would not fit were just dumped and I would never see them. Seven cartons and one live plant did not arrive in the load. Of the contents of the truckload that did make it, most is damaged.

I am fully aware that I did not of Cormier Movers full moving services, but certainly did not expect such unprofessional demolition! Now I understand the reason that one of the crew from Cormier Movers told me, “When I move, I just get rid of everything and buy it all over again when I get to my destination.” Many of my possessions are now trash and will cost me to dispose of them. This move has cost me more than I could ever have imagined: huge live plants, heirloom furnishings from Grandparents, and the Photograph albums from twenty-five years of family living and adventures. Tragic.

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