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Buyer beware cost plus furniture wood beetles
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OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I recently purchased the Verona kitchen table from Cost Plus. During a dinner party one of my guests noticed movement between the planks. As we looked deeply into the table with a flashlight. We noticed worms(larvae). I contacted a local termite and pest company to identify the insect. They took the sample and analyzed it under a microscope, It has been identified as a wood boring beetle. They said it was not native to this country. I contacted world market corp office in Oakland, ca. I was surprised to hear that this was not the first time this happened.

They knew this problem could occur, not surprised at all. They then offered to exchange the table. I requested that my house be inspected for contamination since they are wood boring pests. (wood post beetle). According to the pest experts, these beetles can do more damage than termites. World market will not do anything about the situation. The exact words I believe, "That is not going to happen, any sort of guarantee or inspection". I will do all I can to warn people of the products and customer service from world Market. After researching this seems to happen frequently. Be careful of World Market.

Low Quality Products and Service
By -

Low quality wood is used for all the products sold by Cost Plus / World Market, so be very careful, and do expect to return a portion (if not all) of your furniture orders for replacements. I received 2 sets of Napa Chairs, the Napa Bench, and I'm waiting on the table (if I get it). 2 chairs were more damaged than the usual dings and scratches - 1 had a broken leg and the other was dangerously sharp edged on the seat and needed to be finished (it wasn't completely sanded and looked like someone took a fork to it).

As far as the table goes, I'm not sure I can even get it yet... I had no idea that they did not offer you the option to select a higher "grade" of shipping, and found out today that the freight company is only supposed to drop this 200 lb. item off outside my front door... I'm a single mom, I doubt I can move this 200 lb. table into place and unpack it and put it together, much less pack it back up again and move it back outside for pickup when I find the damage!
I'm still waiting for the table leg (if they can do that) and the table itself... Will update this when I get the deliveries!

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