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Thinking About Getting Married at Sans Souci? DON'T !!!
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Our Wedding Day was ruined. We booked with Couples Sans Souci in Jamaica at the advice of our travel agent. She stated that Sans Souci was the most romantic resort in Jamaica and that we would be thoroughly taken care of and that everything would be beyond our expectations. The staff there would take care of every need and that Nadia (wedding coordinator at Couples Sans Souci) would take care of every detail of our wedding. We had scheduled our wedding for 3:00 PM on Saturday April 7, 2007 with our travel agent.

THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 2007: We arrived at Couples Sans Souci on Thursday, April 5, 2007. When we arrived, we met with the wedding coordinator, Nadia. We went over what would take place on our Wedding Day (April 7, 2007). We informed Nadia we had written our own vows which were extremely important to us. Nadia said no problem she would inform the minister and it would be taken care of.

She said our wedding was changed to 3:30 PM on Saturday April 7th because of scheduling conflicts. We agreed to the change. She told us what was included in our wedding package. That it included two ½ hour his and her massages, a two tier wedding cake, bouquet, boutonniere, and complimentary wedding T shirts.

SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 2007: At 2 PM I received a phone call from Nadia's assistant saying that there was a change and that our wedding time was moved back to 3 PM. Thankfully, Diane and I were back in our room and we OK with the time change. I was told by Nadia's assistant to meet Nadia at 2:30 PM in the game room. She would take me to the minister and get my fiancee at our hotel room at 2:55 PM to bring her to the gazebo where we would be married. The minister was to allow us to add our vows to the marriage ceremony as other couples have done as well. We had specific songs to be played for the processional and recessional that we brought.

As the ceremony began, and my fiancee walked to the gazebo, halfway to the gazebo they began playing the first song then jumped to the second song. When it was time for us to say our personal vows to each other, I pulled out the index cards which they were written on, but the minister disregarded them. I figured it wasn't time and put them back in my pocket. Before we knew it, the minister pronounced us man and wife and left the gazebo. We were dumbfounded and the photographer and videographer we hired just looked at us. They said to just say the vows and they would insert it in the video.

While we were saying the vows to each other the minister came back and watched us. We were then led to a table to sign the marriage license. Afterwards we went to another table to the cake. We had photos and video of us cutting the cake and feeding it to each other. When we were done, a staff member took our wedding cake, asked us for our room number and to our knowledge, our wedding cake was being delivered to our hotel room. We were never told different. We said we would be eating it every night for dessert. We then went and had photos taken. That was the last time we ever saw our wedding cake again.

When we got back to our room the cake wasn't there. We waited and made 4 phone calls to the front desk inquiring about our cake. Each time they apologized and said it would be delivered. At 6:30 PM we went up to the reception area and asked the person at the reception desk about the missing cake. She made a phone call and said it would be delivered to our room ASAP. Since we were early, we thought we would check with the restaurant to see if we could have dinner earlier.

Apparently the restaurant had our reservation for 6:30 PM &“ it was now 6:45 PM. We then had dinner (which our travel agent Gail made a reservation for 6:30 PM (same time the restaurant had on file), desk services told us 7 PM (the day of our arrival), and Nadia told us 7:30 PM (again the day of our arrival). When we went back to our room there was no cake.

SUNDAY, APRIL 8, 2007: Sunday we made two additional calls to the reception desk and to guest services but still no cake. I posted my review of the events that took place on Saturday on the COUPLES WEBSITE. My wife went to guest services and asked if Pierre **, the resort manager, would be in and the woman at guest services stated he would be in at 9:00 AM the next day which was Monday.

MONDAY, APRIL 9, 2007: Monday morning I looked on COUPLES WEBSITE to see if they posted my review and they did not post it. It was deleted and never made it to the website. There were other posts for that day (Sunday) but not mine. My wife and I went to guest services to ask for the resort manager Pierre **. We were told he wasn't in yet.

TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2007: Tuesday we received a voicemail from Nadia, the wedding coordinator, who wanted us to meet with her. My wife called her and got her voicemail. We decided to take a walk to her office and see her. Pierre ** apparently forwarded my review to Nadia, wanting to know why I was so upset. I told Nadia why and that I did not make a scene on Saturday because it was our wedding day. I repeated that I felt she was not capable of handling so many weddings at a time.

She admitted she has been overwhelmed and that it is difficult for her to take care of the bride's needs, make sure the minister is ready, the tables are decorated, the cake is there etc. Nadia has an assistant but I feel she does not delegate well. Nadia stated to us that she thinks weddings every hour is too tight a schedule for her. I told her it is inexcusable to miss our vows, and to have a wedding cake go MIA for 3 days without an explanation. She called in room service and was told that the cake was there. Nadia asked if we still wanted our cake. At this point 3 days have elapsed and I don't know how the cake was stored and what was done to it.

My wife and I looked at each other and said no, we no longer wanted the cake. We were supposed to eat it every night. This was a symbol of our wedding day. Nadia apologized and we left her office. That evening around 6:50 PM, the assistant manager called our room to ask if he could speak with us at dinner that evening, which was dinner on the beach for all the guests. We agreed to meet him. When he arrived at our table he apologized for what happened but offered us no explanation and wanted to hear what happened from us. We told him and he apologized and that was it. He left the table.

When we arrived back at our room after dinner we found a bottle of champagne and a fruit and cheese plate on our table. Strangely enough, after entering our room, the phone in our room rang and my wife was asked if we received everything. It was almost like we were being watched. At this time we were offered a quiet dinner on the beach for Wednesday evening. We declined.

After that no mention was made of our ruined wedding or about why it took 3 days and several phone calls to find out MIA cake. There were no offers to try to make things right for our ruined wedding or the stress and upset we experienced the days following Saturday. We feel our wedding day was ruined because we didn't say our vows which were so very important to us and the following days trying to find out what happened and why.

We think it is inexcusable for us not to be given our cake to enjoy, for not knowing what happened to the cake for 3 days and why we had to make several phone calls to inquire about the missing cake when this should have been taken care of after the first phone call.

We found it extremely difficult to enjoy our honeymoon while constantly going over in our minds why this happened. We met several couples on our honeymoon and expressed to each and every one our dissatisfaction. We will never go back to ANY couples resorts, and will let everyone we know what happened to us.

I can't believe that the management doesn't care about a wedding couple's feelings or their happiness and satisfaction while staying at their resort. We feel that when we leave, another couple will take our place and the resort will go on as nothing happened. We were a process to them. COUPLES SAN SOUCI have expressed no remorse for what they have done.

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