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Covergirl and Revlon Lipstain Nightmare!!!
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- Early in April of 2010, I began using two products on my lips; Covergirl Outlast Lipstain #440, and Revlon ColorStay Lip glaze #540. My nightmare began when I noticed the products have changed my lip's color from pink to white color. A few weeks later, there were dark colors appearing on top and the bottom of my lips!! They were black/brownish color covering the outer area of my lips unevenly.

At first I didn't think anything of it, and thought they will go away with time, but when the dark colors continued on and persisted, I was very concerned!!! By going online, I found Revlon and Covergirl's website, and posted my concerns. I requested help and advise, how to cope with the situation!!! Within 48 hours they replied and asked for unused products and letter from me describing my experiences. I submitted to their request and waited for their response.

Early December 2010, I visited a doctor plastic surgeon. During our visit he asked about the cosmetic products, which I have been using in the past few months. After his examination, the initial photos of my lips were taken, and a bleaching cream was prescribed for the dark pigmentation on my lips. My communication continued on by phone calls and letters to Covergirl and Revlon Claims representatives, but to my disappointment they did not take my claim seriously!!!

Six month after my initial visit with the doctor, on May 11, 2011, I had my follow up appointment. My doctor's diagnosis has been 50% improvement on the pigmentation, but the remaining color may not completely resolve even after using the bleaching cream!!! That means I'm stuck with my lip's color and have to stay in this nightmare!!! Per Revlon's Claim Director's request, my doctor faxed over his observation, but Revlon has denied the claim and Covergirl has not responded at all!!!

There is no doubt, that there is many women like me out there using the same cosmetic lip stains/color stay lipsticks products. I'm positive that there are more cases like me out there… You have a voice... Let them hear it!!! LET US DON'T ALLOW COVERGIRL AND REVLON PUSH US AROUND ANYMORE!!! We will stand up and let them know that their products created this nightmare and mess. It's only fair for them to pay, fix the problem!!! They need to take responsibility for their products and make is right for consumers like us!!!

We spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic products every year… It's only fair that the consumer doesn't pay out of pocket for the large company's cosmetic mistake on their products!!! Dismissing consumer's skin and lips problem does not necessarily make them go away!! It's ugly and unbarring when we look in the mirror daily and see that awful scar left on our face. If it's not fixed, over time it'll take away your self esteems and causes depression!!!

Woman do what they can to add to their beauty, but when the products causes such awful changes on our face… It's time to stand up to these large companies and say WE WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE... You caused the problem... You fix it!!! It's totally unfair for me to pay out of my pocket to fix my lips with laser surgery, when it should be them paying for it!!! I'm seeking legal action now.

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