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Crayola - A name we all know
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COLORADO -- I just wanted to give a compliment to Crayola, for their Mess-free color wonder product. Our twins are going to be 3 in January, and recently have discovered the wonders of coloring. They love it! I bought them each a Crayola Mess-free color wonder set. Nemo for our daughter, and Cars, for our son.

The markers will ONLY color on the special paper that comes with each set. The markers will not work on the floor, carpeting, walls, furniture, mirrors, or each other. Anywhere you do not want kids coloring on, except the special coloring paper. They love it, and have so much fun with their very own little kits. This is a nice little item for a child in your life, especially with the holidays coming up.

Silly Putty Has Helped Me With My Wrist & With My Tourette Syndrome!!!
By -

2 years ago I hurt my wrist while going through my boxing workout. I have been on all kinds of medications and I even had surgery late last year in the hopes of healing the tendon damage. None of that so far had really done much. I would heal a bit, then re-injure it again; sometimes over the most simple of exercises. I have used all types of devices and machines; again with no real luck.

So I was in Toys R Us one day a few months back getting a gift for my nephew and I noticed your Silly Putty. So I bought 25 little eggs of it and have been using it every single day since then. This stuff is so great! It cost way less than physical rehab, medications, and other treatments and it seems to be building up my strength and dexterity again. When I get used to the resistance, I just buy a few more packages and that adds more resistance to the giant blob that I have of the Putty.

So while I know I'm never going to fully heal, your Silly Putty has been helping me out a lot. I have also found that it helps with my Tourette Syndrome. My hands twitch and I end up breaking remotes because I end up tearing buttons off of them. With the Putty though, I have something in my hands that my mind can play with.

So I just really wanted to thank your company for still offering Silly Putty! Because the knock-offs are junk and they smell bad and have toxic warnings on them. But your Putty doesn't have any of those warnings; so I feel safe playing with it for hours on end. I even chewed a few pieces like gum and my dog ate a piece of accidentally.

So if anyone else out there is in need of something to help build up your fingers, wrist and forearms. Or really any of the upper body. I have discovered all types of exercise I can do with this stuff. Then know that Silly Putty helped me. And if you have Tourette Syndrome and the comments of the remote make any sense to you, then the Putty will help you with that as well. It's cheap, it's non-toxic and it's made in the USA. So I am not loyal for life!

UPDATE: While my dog has only eaten a small amount, she really seems to love Silly Putty. I have chewed it and it has little to no taste, but to her, there must be something tasty in it! So just watch out. Your dog might not be like my dog where she will eat pretty much anything, but just make sure. Because if a dog eats 20+ eggs of Silly Putty; I honestly don't know what will happen. That is A LOT of Putty!!! Dogs must smell something nice in the Putty that I can't. Because Silly Putty taste like flavorless gum to me.

Product Was Inferior, But Customer Service Is Great!
By -

This doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is frustrating to kids. It comes with a big coloring book and 3 color wands. The kids are able to color the pages and the color will not show on anything but the special paper - making it mess-free.

But as we learned my 3-year-old and 4-year-old grandchildren found it a bit of a challenge. They would color a section and have to wait to see the results for a few seconds and then they could continue coloring. I called Crayola because they have their phone number on the box and they ask you to call if you have issues with the product. They were very understanding and they are mailing me a coupon for $15 to try another product. I thought that is great customer service.

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