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1) Poor Customer Service 2) False Advertising 3) Refund Withholding
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I began my service with 2 lines of basic/minimum service. I received an email ad & wanted to take advantage of a promotional buy 1 get 1 free on a phone which required an upgrade in both phones & phone plans. When I went to place the order for the 2 phones & reviewed the order I suspected that I was only going to receive 1 phone. A call to Cricket confirmed that suspicion so I refused to accept the package when it was delivered. I then started to try to place the order so that I would receive the 2 phones. I was never able to place the order so that the 2 phones were confirmed on the order page. Multiple calls to Cricket were unsuccessful.

This was the beginning of the "merry-go-round" with customer service to which I was to become very familiar with over the following (approximate) week. Accepting my defeat in trying to order the buy 1 get 1 free, I opted to upgrade 1 phone/1 phone plan. I then re-ordered the self-same phone that I refused to accept (as described above). I received this package without incident. Trying to watch my pennies & nickels, I wanted to wait until I received the refund on the refused phone before I applied monies to upgrade the plan.

Eventually, a customer representative informed me that I would receive the refund within 3 days after Cricket received the refused package. I began to suspect that there would be no refund forthcoming & that I would eventually be forced to battle my way through the customer service "merry-go-round" to accomplish that. With judgement reservations I upgraded my plan so that I could begin to use the GPS/navigation feature (which is the sole purpose of my desire in upgrading the phone/phone plan. Thus, I received a receipt from Cricket verifying the upgrade.

Myself, my spouse, my daughter, my son & a (non-Cricket employee) tech all tried unsuccessfully to access the navigation feature. I made numerous calls through the "merry-go-round" & the phone connections were disconnected each time. My son has had approved permission in re my account since day one & he had a long talk with customer service & was eventually promised a follow-up call from Cricket to resolve the problem. If you guessed that the follow-up call never occurred, you're right!! I am left with no choice but to assume that the navigation access will never occur.

I will now address the refund. More than enough time has lapsed for Cricket to have received the refused package. The "merry-go-round" leaves me to suspect I can quit watching for the refund. I will elaborate on the "merry-go-round." It was my experience that if you finally manage to get past the automated system & are connected with a human, the human will be very nice & polite. But the human will give you a # to call for your issue because that is not their department. So, you call the number & get the very same jingle - they are very nice, but it is not their department. You are then given another number. And, guess what? It's the very same.

Now, after going through this several times, I began to get frustrated. If ever I began to say any words that sounded like a complaint, POW!! the line was disconnected. Please do not think that the disconnection followed cursing because that was not the case. I know that cursing is grounds for disconnection & even though I was frustrated, I was not stupid.

In fact, on one occasion, I even complimented the service representative on how well-trained they all were in how to Dodge the issue by having another number to refer the client to, or how to refer the client to a number where the automated system choices are inappropriate for the issue & how they can manage to disconnect the line whenever they wish. Obviously, I never got to finish saying these things. Even though I asked, I was never allowed to speak to a supervisor.

In finality, I never got the buy 1 get 1 free phones. I have not received the refund for the refused package. I have not been given access to the navigation feature that I purchased. Trying to solve these issues through customer service is not feasible. Needless to say, I am very dissatisfied with Cricket. I will finish out the month that I have already paid for before I change my cell phone service to a different carrier/provider.

Cricket non refund flex bucket money scam
By -

I was informed by Cricket Communications to add flex bucket money to all three phones on my account prior to vacation, so I would have service while out of the calling area. I did as they requested but they gave me the incorrect instructions on how to program the phones so they never worked out of area. I was then forced to purchase 3 new phones while on vacation to the tune of about $500.00 just to have service. When I had my new numbers ported to the new service Cricket locked me out of my account and as a result my flex bucket money was not refunded.

Cricket said that they do not have to return that money. I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of this type business practice. I have started a site to begin a class action lawsuit against them. Please join me at ** and let them know you too have had enough.

Cricket Broadband is a rip off!
By -

I purchased Cricket broadband about 3 weeks ago from a Cricket store no more than three blocks from my home. I tested the service in the store for internet connections and to specifically check to see if I could stream movies or music. In the store it worked, but at my home it would shut down after 10 minutes into the movie. I have Netflix and all I wanted to do was watch a movie! Cricket claims on its advertising that for $50 per month you could stream movies, games, music but what they didn't tell you is that it's in ten minute increments!

So, I tried to return the product the next day and I was told I could get my $50 back for the modem but not for the $50 of service. I was also told to sell my modem to someone else! WTF kind of crap is this? I am so reporting them to the Department of Justice for their deceptive and crappy service.

Bad Customer Service From Cricket
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I purchased a Kyocera K132 phone from Cricket on 6-22-07. I was told at that time the phone would be replaced if any defects were found in the first 30 days, there was no mention of a fee to replace the phone in the first 30 days. Employee ID # **. On the 7-18-07 at 6:00 p.m. the display on the phone went blue and nothing on the screen could be read. On 07-19-07 I called the Cricket store and explained what was happening. He stated there was nothing that could be done - the phone would need to be replaced.

I drove to the store and waited for 45 min. for customer service to look at the phone. I was then told I must pay $10.00 in order to replace the phone for shipping and handling by employee # **. I explained the phone was less than 30 days old. The cricket employee then stated if I would have brought the phone in on the 23rd of this month she would then have charged me $45.00 to replace the phone. I was very upset and they did not care that I did nothing to the phone and that it was in fact defective.

She then asked me if I wanted to pay the $10.00 to replace the phone or not. I asked her what choice I had and she stated "Pay the replacement fee or keep the defective phone." She also stated I could call customer service at 1-800-CRICKET to see if they would credit the $10.00 back to my account. I paid the $10.00 and replaced the phone.

As soon as I arrived home I called 1-800-CRICKET. The person that answered the call was ** employee ID # **. I asked for a manager right off the bat. She would not get a manager and wanted to know what the problem was. I explained everything to her and she stated "Sorry for the inconvenience but it is our policy to charge a fee for replacement of the phone for shipping and handling." I then told her I should not have to pay to replace a phone that I did not damage in the first 30 days. I asked for a manager again.

After putting me on hold for 5 min. she stated there was no managers available and I could call beck. I told her I will wait as long as it takes for a manager to come to the phone. After some time ** employee ID # ** got on the phone and stated she was a manager. I explained everything to her and she said she could not do anything. I became upset and told her I would file a report with the BBB and she said that was not necessary and she would give me a $5.00 credit for my trouble. I explained to her the company charged me $10.00 and she would not credit any more.

She then stated she could not do anything else and I could file a complaint with whom ever I wanted. I then called Kyocera and spoke with ** ref. # **. I explained to them what was happening and she documented it all. I asked her if I was to have had sent the phone to them for service what would I have been charged. She informed me I would have paid nothing. Kyocera covers all shipping costs for defective phones. Cricket is making money off selling defective phones. They pay nothing for the phone to be fixed by Kyocera and they don't even pay a shipping fee for them to fix it, but they are charging their customers to replace the phones.

Deceptive Services
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Had a Cell hooked up and paid 35.00 insurance for a cell phone replacement. They sold the cell phone to someone else and gave them my number. They never resolved this issue nor replace my phone or repay me. This Company are Alibaba and the Cricket thieves. If you don't have high anxieties you will after using Cricket Communication. Like Comcast Memphis, TN, nothing but thieves that mislead and fraud the consumer and the state can really care less. Call the FCC. Cricket is a company out of Ca. They can care less about the Consumer.

Terrible experience so far...
By -

So far I have had my phone for 2 months, the phone itself seems pretty good (Motorola Slvr) and the reception service on the phone seem decent enough. I purchased my phone and plan online saving 20 bucks on the phone and getting first month free. A great deal. Right when I received my phone, they had given me the wrong area code phone number, so those without cell phones would have to call long distance. I had to take it to a local Cricket shop to have it changed. Next they had sent a letter with the phone saying I was automatically placed on automatic bill pay, but that turned out not to be the case.

I used their online system to set it up and it didn't work the first time, so I had to set it up again. In the beginning they shut off my phone because I assumed automatic bill pay would work and didn't. When I paid online my service was reactivated in a half hour, but they were charging me a fee for turning it on again. I called a customer service rep who I explained the situation to, he said he could remove it from my bill as a courtesy. I was grateful and ensured bill pay was set up and working.

As I reached the end of my second month, I noticed my online account still said I needed to pay the fee. I called customer service again and they said that I didn't need to worry about it. I asked that they update the account to reflect what they are telling me and they said it will be. I am really debating whether I should have purchased this phone at this point.

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