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The Payment Options Are Complete Trash. I've Been With Them For The Longest Time. But Now I'm Seriously Considering Switching.
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Rating: 1/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- The 24/7 number to make payments doesn't work sometimes. I always pay on it. But there's those days were it just doesn't work. So since it's the last day to pay for the new month, I tried the Quick Pay today March 4th and the thing isn't quick at all. It's **. Do not give something a name when it doesn't even live up to it. I was seriously stuck on submitting payment for 7 mins. I wasn't sure to cancel it or wait a bit longer. But I ended up canceling.

Tomorrow I'm calling a representative and giving them my 3 cents. They better not be charging me nothing if there's no service on my phone. It's just sad. It shouldn't be that hard to make a payment. It's 2017!!! Now they will probably charge me an extra five dollars because I didn't pay on time. THANKS TO THEIR ** SERVICE.

Unimaginable Horror
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I ordered a phone and service plan online. When I received the phone, I tried to activate it using the *228 as direction in the instructions. It would not activate so I called customer service. I gave them the phone number you sent me in my confirmation email and I was told that phone number was registered under a different person. I could not clearly understand what the representative was telling me due to a heavy accent, so I hung up and called back. The next person told me my account was locked. What?? It's brand new service, how could it be locked?? She didn't know either - couldn't tell me why, just said that I'd have to wait 24 to 48 hours to activate.

I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor could not have cared less! He was unapologetic, rude and sounded like he hates his job. He said there was nothing he could do but offer me a $10 credit. I had no choice. So in 48 hours, I was finally able to activate the phone. But guess what? That phone number you sent in my email - not even close! So I dialed my work cell phone with my new Cricket phone to see the caller ID to get the correct phone number.

I figured I was finally getting somewhere so I sent a mass text to tell my family my new phone number. As if it couldn't get any worse, the text was never received by any of my family. Then when I dialed my new phone number back from my work cell phone, it went to some strange man! I thought I dialed wrong but I didn't. I spoke to the man and verified that the number dialing FROM my Cricket phone was HIS number. How is this even possible??? Then I called technical support and she didn't believe me! I asked her to dial the number to test and she said she couldn't. Best she could do was change the phone number and waive the fee. OK fine, let's do that!

But GUESS WHAT???? More trouble! Nope, the account is locked again and there is a pending activation so she can't do anything. Awesome! I have loved spending 4 days on the phone with you guys on this! So she says she will have to escalate the issue and it will be 24 to 48 hours more before they can HOPEFULLY fix this. Let me remind you... I AM A BRAND NEW CUSTOMER - BRAND NEW PHONE - BRAND NEW ACCOUNT!!! Why is it locked?? WHY CAN'T YOU FIGURE OUT WHAT MY NEW PHONE NUMBER IS??? So, I give up. I tell them I want a refund and I will just go somewhere else. Well, she had to transfer me to that department.

So she transfers me to the cancellation department....that I held for over 15 minutes for and GUESS WHAT?? Wrong department - I need to go to web orders to have my account canceled and money refunded. "So please hold again and I'll transfer you." When web orders picks up I get "You have reached web orders, we have no reps available to assist you at this time. Please visit a store near you. Goodbye." So I call back (I'm on my work cell phone this whole time). I keep getting the same message.

So I call web orders back using the Cricket phone and my call goes right through to web orders. Kind of fishy. Seems like someone flagged calls from my work cell phone to not be answered anymore. What, am I causing you too much trouble?? None of this is your fault?? Look, I get it - things go wrong. But it is your responsibility to fix them and provide decent customer service especially when it's YOUR fault! So back to my phone call - I am on the phone with yet the 8th or 9th person by now who also suspiciously has a thick Indian accent like the other 8 people I've spoken too...and he doesn't care either!!

He tells me to mail the phone back and they'll refund my money. Well how can I be sure? Isn't there a form or some kind of refund confirmation? Nope. Just throw it in the mail and TRUST CRICKET TO RECEIVE THE PHONE AND CREDIT THE MONEY TO THE CORRECT ACCOUNT! Yes!!! I know this is going to work out so well! I probably just threw $85 and 4 days of my time in the garbage and no one at Cricket gives a care. Not one! I bet this review will go in the same pile all my other complaints have gone in. What a shame. You get exactly what you pay for and I will remind everyone I know of that!

Worst Buying Experience Ever
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- This is truly the worst buying experience I've ever had. I'm not talking about buying a phone, I'm talking about EVER. My intention by switching to Cricket was to be able to buy an iPhone and save a few bucks on my monthly bill. My first hint that this was going to be a nightmare should have been when I spent 25 minutes on hold for a sales agent. Once the agent picked up, he spoke flawless English and took my order swiftly. I paid extra for overnight shipping and placed my order at around 10:00 am. The total I paid was slightly over $680 (iPhone 5 + Overnight Shipping + 1st Month + Taxes)

The very next day I was waiting for my phone and nothing. I called to find out what was going on and they told me my order was delayed because of a busy warehouse. They said they couldn't refund the money I paid for overnight shipping, but as a "courtesy" they would lower my 1st monthly bill by $10. The next day my phone did arrive. The second nasty surprise came when I opened the box and the iPhone had a cracked screen. I immediately called them back to try to figure out what was going on. Of course when I called the sales line, they said that I had to call a different number because they didn't handle customer service requests.

I called the new number and of course the person that answered had an accent so heavy I just could not understand them. I'm not being nasty towards the customer service rep, I'm used to calling India or the Philippines when I have to contact customer service, but this gentleman just could not be understood. I politely asked to be transferred to someone else that had a less pronounced accent. The representative responded that "they didn't have anyone else" and hung up.

I called again and this time a lady picked up with a far less pronounced accent. I explained the situation and she told me that I had to contact UPS and file a claim with them for the broken device (Even though the shipping box showed no damage whatsoever), obtain the claim number and then call them back with the claim. So I called UPS, filed the claim, and called the number back. This time another gentleman with an even heavier accent than the first guy picked up the phone. I got so frustrated I just hung up without even saying anything.

I called back and a third gentleman answered that could be understood. I explained the situation yet again and gave him the UPS claim number. He said that I had to now ship the phone back to them and I would get a refund WITHIN 30 DAYS. I said I did not want a refund, that I wanted them to replace the phone. I was appalled when the response came back "It is not our policy to issue replacements, only refunds, and they take 30 days". I demanded to speak to a supervisor and the agent's response was the following (I'm being serious with this) "I don't want to waste our supervisor's time, because he's going to tell you the same thing I just said".

At this point I was so furious that I just called the representative an incompetent ape, and hung up the phone. After cooling off for a few hours I called yet again. This time the person that answered had little accent. I gave her a brief explanation of what had happened and asked her to send me a prepaid label to send the phone back. Her response was as follows: "We don't pay for return shipping".

At this point I absolutely lost it... I threw the phone in the garbage and filed a complaint with my credit card company, which is what I should have done in the first place. The moral of this story is the following: STAY AWAY FROM CRICKET COMMUNICATIONS AT ALL COSTS. THEY ARE SCAMMERS AND THIEVES.

Defective Phone! Chorus ZTE No Longer a Muve Music Phone! No Replacements!
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Rating: 1/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I bought the Chorus ZTE on 10/20/12 from the Cricket wireless website. Once I received my phone I called to activate it. While speaking to a representative I was told I needed to be on a plan that was NOT listed on their website & was MORE expensive. I wasn't sure why this was but I trusted he was correct & went with it. Since I've had this phone there has been nothing but problems with it! I could hardly EVER get online & once I was I'd be right in the middle of something only to be booted off back to my main phone screen & NONE of my online history saved!

When trying to get onto Muve Music to listen or download, it would tell me that my service wasn't active & couldn't get on to it at all or It would try loading until it timed out OVER & OVER again! When I did get to my music, I would try & listen to songs only to be interrupted by a message saying that I again had not subscribed to this service and it would boot me off! Sometimes while listening or searching for music the whole program would (just like the internet) completely close & return me to the main screen. All of my bill payments were up to date & my phone was NEVER turned off.

I had to call multiple times to have them "reset" or "update" my phone while talking to them in order to be able to listen to my music. After explaining all of the problems I had been having, I was told by one of their technicians that my phone was "absolutely defective" & they have "been having lots of problems with these phones". That I should "go in ASAP & get a replacement, regardless if it was past the 30 days or not" (it wasn't yet)."They are obligated to replace a defective phone that was no fault of my own."

I had not had time since to exchange the phone as I work the same hours the store is open. I figured I would just try & deal with the issues until I could make time to get in. However, that wasn't even CLOSE to ALL the problems I had experienced. Some of the things that had happened that I informed the tech of: after charging the phone all night it would say it was at 100% but after making one 5 min phone call and maybe 6 text messages, the low battery alert would come on. It was an inconvenience to have to carry my charger with me EVERYWHERE & find places in public where I could charge my phone while trying to do my day to day activities.

Not only was it embarrassing but I risked someone stealing my phone or someone moving it & losing it altogether! Not to mention how many times I had left it places not used to having to charge it EVERYWHERE I went. While trying to type a text message my words would stop appearing in the text box so I couldn't see what I was typing. Couldn't delete it, nothing. I had to turn off, then on the phone (which takes at least 5 minutes) to finish my statement or sentence I was typing to someone.

Needless to say this caused a lot of confusion. Not to mention people thought I was ignoring them, being rude, or reading only part or a statement which was quite a headache trying to explain myself (or my phone rather) each time this happened which was multiple times per day. The phone would randomly turn off on its own (not being close to a dead battery). SO I missed MANY important phone calls especially if the person didn't leave a message. I would change my background picture & after a day or so it would revert back to the last one I had on there - never failed. Some of my contact pictures would randomly appear upside down.

I would receive and/or send multiples of the SAME message that had only been sent once by me or the caller. There were MANY texts I never received and I had confirmed this by looking at my friends phones & seen it had been sent successfully through their phone but I NEVER received it! I would get voice mails randomly without my phone even ringing AT ALL! Sometimes I would get voice mails that were from days ago! And that's not all but you get the idea! But things got much, MUCH worse.

I woke up about 2 weeks ago & checked my phone after being on the charger all night to see it flashing a blank white screen. I wiggled the charger around a bit & it stopped but I thought that couldn't be good. The phone REALLY started acting up then it would not hold a charge AT ALL. I had to keep it on the charger at all times or it would die within minutes. While trying to charge the phone would go back & forth saying it was charging then it wasn't & so on. I thought this to be a problem with the charger connection on either the phone or the charger but couldn't understand all the other issues.

Then the phone COMPLETELY stopped working. It refused to turn on no matter how long I charged it or how long I tried. I took the battery out & reset the phone multiple times with no success. Christmas night I had the phone sitting on my desk (after it had been off the charger for over a day) And there it was just flashing a white screen! Just like a strobe light! I couldn't turn the phone off & it wouldn't stop until I removed the battery. The most bizarre thing I've ever seen a phone do! I asked my sisters (who both have worked with reputable cellular dealers & service) & neither of them had EVER seen something like this!

We tried multiple chargers, looked at the phone where the charger connects and saw no visible damage. The water damage dot was still white (turns red if water damaged) and there was no other visible signs of trauma or damage. I am VERY careful with my phones & have always followed the manuals instructions for care as well as common sense. It had never been dropped or near any kind of heat, extreme cold, humidity or water.

So yesterday I made a call to them (having to wait over the holiday without a phone for 3 days). I was told that this phone is no longer a "Muve Music supported phone"! That they have found out this phone cannot support this capability & is no longer a "feature phone"! I was dumbfounded that NO ONE had tried to contact me about this! They have my email, mailing address, secondary phone number & MY PHONE NUMBER! Yet I never received ANY information about this. I had been paying for a "Muve music Plan" and didn't have Muve music anymore!

They recommended I change my plan to a normal one - WELL DUH! But I demanded to be compensated from the date they stopped providing this service to these phones! Why should I have to pay for a service I'm not getting? It's like paying for cable, getting 100 channels then taking all the channels away but you still have to pay for it!? Not to mention the fact that I had paid $150 for a "Muve Music phone" & since that function was no longer available, the phone is just as regular as any other one.

I asked to be given a new phone that does support this feature because that's the WHOLE REASON I bought the phone! They told me it's not their problem and I would need to contact the manufacturer! I can't believe this company - not only has not & will not inform any of the 1000's (maybe millions) of customers who purchased this phone & will not reimburse any of us for a replacement phone or any compensation for billing us for services we weren't getting.

I am outraged & will stop at nothing to tell the world that this company is nothing but a bunch of dishonest thieves who take advantage of loyal customers who work hard for their money. If you feel the same I suggest you report them to the Better Business Bureau and put them on blast on websites such as this one warning others of the deceitfulness of this rotten company & its affiliates.

Nightmare! Avoid at All Costs!!
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I would have given this company 0 stars if that were possible. Avoid this place as if your life depends on it. The staff are very unprofessional. The local corporate store manager ** seems to have no idea how to do her job. After having an issue with the Huawei mercury I purchased in June which did not work from the moment I left the store I purchased it at (Hickory grove) I returned it to that store the following morning and was told by ** who sold me the phone that I would have to take it to the corporate location to have it replaced. I sat at this location for 4 hours without speaking to a single employee other than to be told very rudely to sign in on a kiosk which I did.

I stood against the wall for 4 hours waiting to be served because there is only one bench and the place is always packed (wonder why). There is a police officer stationed in the waiting room which should tell you something about this location. A woman was actually hitting her very young child in the waiting area with a shoe and no one even seemed to notice. After 4 hours I had to return home with no resolution. I spent hours on the phone with Cricket's useless customer service with no resolution and was directed back to the store where
I waited several more hours with no help.

Everyone within Cricket, apart from ** herself tells me that she should have replaced the phone and they can't help me. Fast forward to October. THAT'S 4 MONTHS! I am at my wit's end and am still paying for a phone that will not work. I finally get in touch with a regional manager for the Charlotte area that covers the store I purchased the phone from because the manager of that store (hickory grove) named ** refuses to help me as well. The regional manager named ** tells me that if I will pay a 125 insurance claim fee that he will give me a better phone and a discount monthly on my service as well as a credit to offset the cost of the insurance fee.

Although I did and still do believe that they should have immediately replaced the defective merchandise that they sold me, I felt that this was an acceptable compromise and agreed. He told me to go see ** at the Mallard pointe store and gave me a packet of info to give her to have this resolved. She did get me the new phone and I paid my 125 and she told me that she would text me within an hour to let me know that the credit and discount had been applied and what my monthly bill would be going forward. Needless to say, I never received that text. Just found out that none of that had been done after I left.

This has been the worst customer service I have ever received.Avoid Cricket at all costs!!!! The convenience of not having a contract does not offset the total lack of professionality and customer service. Every single person I have dealt with within this company made it very clear that they will only do the minimum required and couldn't care less about their customers.

Cricket Broadband and Employees suck!
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MADISON, WISCONSIN -- On Tuesday, January 4, 2011; I purchased a wireless broadband from Cricket from East Towne Mall. The man that was taking down my information, asked me for my license, and I informed him that I had just moved and if he would like my new address rather than the one on my license. He told me that my address doesn't matter, and that's when I questioned how I got billed. He told me that you get billed and pay online. I spent $53 for the modem, and $50 for the first month's internet, total of $103. I get back to my house around 9:30 pm to try out my new internet, installed and did everything the directions told me to do, only to find out it didn't work.

I called the 800 number and the guy told me that my internet didn't work because my $50 credit hadn't been posted. So I waited until the next day. Wednesday, January 5, 2011; After I got home from work at 6 pm, I tried the internet again, only to find out that it didn't work. I called the 800 number again, and the guy asked me for my zip code (the zip code on my license and where I live now are different) so he looked me up by my account number.

I began to explain to the man that the guy that sold me the broadband told me that my address didn't matter, and man chuckled. He took down my current address and then told me that I didn't receive any service where I lived which would have been nice to know before I purchased everything. The man explained to me that I could go to the West Side (30 minutes from where I purchased everything) to get a FULL refund as long as I made it in there by the 6th.

Thursday, January 6, 2011; I drove 40 minutes to the Westside store, where they denied me and told me I had to go to the store I bought everything from because they don't "associate" with the other store on the other side of town. So I had to drive to the other side of town were I purchased it from (Eastside) and the man told me that he could only be able to give me $25 of my $103 because they could only take back to broadband modem and I had to pay a restocking fee. I told that man that I would like to speak to his manager. He gave me her number and I called her, to find out she was VERY rude.

She started raising her voice at me telling me my receipt states I had 24 hours to return everything for a full refund and that the man that told me I had 3 days misinformed me. I told her that I didn't think it was right that I was paying for something I A) Never got to use B) Wasn't my fault that the guy didn't tell me I didn't get service where I lived cause he didn't take down my current address. I told her I wanted to speak to her boss, she then, really rudely took my name and number and hung up on me. NO manager should EVER hang up on a customer. 50 minutes later still no phone call. I called her store back, and she told me to go back to the booth.

I went back there to find a different man standing there. He refunded me the $53 for the wireless modem, and began to guilt trip me by saying that THEY (CRICKET) are losing money because they refunded me. I told him I wanted my $50 back for the month of internet I didn't and will never get to use. He told me I would have to go back to the store on the Westside (where I already was). I explained to him that they denied me, and he told me to ask for a manager there. I got their number and called them, and when I called a lady picked up, I explained the situation to her and she said that the guy gave me false information because they don't contact that store (even though they are the SAME company). I then flipped.

She went to someone higher than the owner, and I am now getting my $50 in a Visa gift card, not a check or a credit back to my bank account. But after the hours I spent running around and defending my case to rude Cricket employees, I just took it. and they are mailing it to me. I advise you NOT to work with Cricket, they are THE worst service I have ever had to deal with!

Cricket Wireless CUSTOMER SERVICE does not exist
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I must be stupid, I have been burned twice by this company. The first time with a cell phone that I had, the battery died (choked and died - DNR). I went to the local store, the girl behind the counter messed around it for about 5 minutes, tossed it on the counter and said that she could not get the back of the phone off, stated that I should just buy a new phone, turned around and walked off. I called the "1-800 #" and they nicely told me that insurance would not cover it, because I must have done something to the phone, but I could go up to the local store and see if they could fix it.

When I told them what happened, they insisted that it did not happen, "they do not hire bad customer service reps". Moving on - I switched carriers, and for a little more a month "not much more" I went to Verizon for phone services. Fast forward to present day my son got a laptop for Christmas. I wanted him to have Internet services, it was last minute, so I went to Cricket and bought the modem, and was on my way (boy I just wished I would have waited) I tried to pay my bill in January, albeit a day late, I know my fault, they had already cut the service off (understandable).

I went to the local store to pay, however the guy at the store said that because it had been turned off, he could not help me without the actual modem, so I went home and the next day went back with the modem and was told he still could not help me. I asked him to reactivate it, start up a new account and I would pay all the fees associated with it, he informed me that I had to buy another modem - at that time I left.

I tried to get help online, and called their 1-800 number that they listed, the guy on the phone, told me that he only processed new orders and gave me another 1-800 to call. I called this number, I do not think this number has any customer service people associated with it. I pressed the option to reactivate, and was told to go the nearest store, I tried every option, but without a "phone number for the account because it had been turned off". It was pretty useless, I tried to press 0, the system HUNG UP ON ME. While I understand the appeal of Cricket, the unlimited, no credit check, no contracts etc.

However with the crap you have to put up with, I think that it is worth the little extra money you have to pay with Verizon to get the customer service, people that actually answer the phones, email reminders about invoices due, stores everywhere, with more than 1 person in each store, and the convenience of being a day late and not having to go through heck. In researching, I have found that Cricket is actually rated one of the lowest for customer service, actually next to last. I will never make that mistake again, shame on me for getting burned twice!!! No third time!!! Beware and be smart

Cricket Customer Service and Warranty Department Continued Disrespect and Maltreatment
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Rating: 1/51

I would give a -10 if I could!! The trouble I have had this past month has been incredible and unnecessary!! I have been a loyal Cricket customer for years now and I even bought a new phone when they changed to the "New Cricket" with AT&T. Shortly after, it stopped working, so I sent it in for a replacement, now with the "New" system, forcing me to be without a phone for a week and a half! In just over a week, the "new" phone stopped working in suspiciously the same manner as before! I again was without a phone for a week and a half!

Within a day of receiving the "new" phone, it also didn't work, in the same way as before, leading me to suspect that people are just repackaging the same phone and sending it back. As it was within a week, they promised me (after an hour and a half on the phone...) that they would send me a 24-hour replacement, to hold onto my old phone, and then return it once I received the new one. I took off all day of work on Wednesday to receive my "new" phone, losing clients, etc, as I was flying out of the state on Thursday! However, the phone NEVER came!

After another hour and a half phone calls with them on Wednesday, of which I was repeatedly hung up on again, like Monday, they said that the representative on Monday had given me the wrong instructions, and as such, the phone was never mailed out! I called back again that night, spoke to a manager who told me he would take care of having it shipped to where I was flying out to. So, I left on a cross-country trip with no working phone! I called in-between flights to ask about the status of my "new" phone and get the tracking number. The manager assured me that he would call or text me back with that info as I would be in the air again.

Needless to say, I never got that call or text (to my Google Voice number). Then, after arriving, I then got lost in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere in the woods, as I had no GPS and couldn't even call anyone for help! When I arrived at my destination, I called first thing on Friday to ask what time my "new" phone would be arriving, and they said that there was NO record of any of these issues at all, in any of my files!!! After another 45 minutes on the phone, I was told that they would call me back after researching this situation. I never ever got a callback!

Today, Saturday, in the middle of the wedding party, I am up here, on the phone again - on my computer, trying to find the status of my "new" phone. I asked to speak to a manager, which again, he did NOT want to transfer me to, the same as Wednesday night! I insisted over and over and he just placed me on hold for close to an hour, checking in periodically to say he was "looking" for a manager, and then hung up the phone on me again, for the 10th time this week!!!

Since AT&T bought this company out or whatever happened this year, the service has been beyond terrible. It has caused me real life problems, loss of clientele and real safety concerns as I have repeatedly been lost, as a single female, in areas that I didn't know as the phones never function correctly! Not ONE person has offered to remedy this situation, take responsibility, nor even do what they say they will in calling or even texting me back!!!

The most terrible service and treatment that I have experienced with any kind of phone service in my entire life and I STILL have no phone but they are STILL charging me for a service that I can't even use!!! The worst excuse for a business that I have ever seen!

Poor customer service
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TENNESSEE -- The following was first sent to Smith Micro since it was under Support for the program that launches the Cricket Wireless service at 9:30 P.M. Friday Oct 30, 2009. They provided me with an email address to Cricket Wireless Support on the following Monday which I immediately forwarded the message to. There has been no response, so I thought I would send you an email with the body of the text that was sent to both parties. By the way, we've already lost two of the seven clients I have recommended the service to.

My stepson says that he called Cricket Support earlier today and was informed that the bandwidth was throttled and will be this way for the next several days because of "excessive downloading". I don't put any stock in this statement as this has never been a problem before; Cricket Wireless is advertised as unlimited broadband, & the two clients I lost today to a local Internet provider used the Cricket Wireless service for less than a month. Please see below:

"For the last two hours my Cricket Wireless modem has been running download speeds between 100-110 Kbps. Ping & upload speeds are typical (ping between 280-330, upload speed is 90-120 Kbps). Do you have a server down? Weather is clear here. Download speeds generally range from 400-700 Kbps. Generally, these speed reductions are only seen in this area from 2 A.M. to 3 A.M. I'm assuming a server reboot or other maintenance is being done at this time as this always happens regardless of the time of year. I reside in Atoka, Tn, approximately 25 miles north of Memphis.

Operating System: Windows XP Home, Windows OS Version: Windows XP Home Service Pack 3. System scanned for viruses and other malware. System is clean. Last Windows update run Thursday 10-29-09. Antivirus updated at this time. Additional system used to test modem is a Dell server running Windows 2000 Pro. Windows updates and antivirus updated same day as the above system. This system also clean. Same problem. Problem detected with Session Information window provided by QuickLink Mobile software, verified by

It is now 75 hours later and I am running a new application,; it also reports poor results. I am a local tech in the area & have gotten calls from three clients so far wanting to know why their Internet service is running slow. Current results as of Tuesday, Nov 3rd at 1:00 a. m.: Ping: 543 ms. Should be between 280-330 ms typical. Maximum download speed: 130 Kbps. Should be between 400-700 Kbps. Maximum upload speed: 100 Kbps (normal). I informed my clients that I would contact them as soon as I received an answer from you.

Are you upgrading your servers? Satellite hit with gamma radiation bursts? Is this the new normal my clients can expect? They & I are not happy. All these users use both desktops & laptops. I myself have two desktops & one laptop. Please respond as soon as possible so I can contact my clients and let them know when service can be expected to return to normal. This is a service I highly recommend because of the price & past reliability.

I have tested the service again as to the ping, download speed, and upload speed as of 12:40 A.M. today, Wednesday, Nov 4, 2009. A response from you would be appreciated in this matter. If this email has been sent to the wrong department, please forward to the correct department at your earliest convenience. Thank you."

I received a phone call from the Escalation Dept. on Friday, Nov. 6th, 2009. I was not able to take the call at the time and a message was left by ** requesting I return his call on Saturday, Nov. 7th. He informed me that he normally doesn't work on Saturdays but would be in the office at 8:00 A.M. the next morning my time to take the call. When I attempted to contact him, all I could reach was the answering machine. I left a brief message that included a call back number and a request to contact me at his earliest convenience.

It is now Monday Nov. 9th at 8:05 A.M. my time and I have once again attempted to contact Mr. Smith at the phone number given. Mr. Smith no longer occupies the office or the phone number has been rerouted to another office occupied by a gentleman who is only identified as **. I shall wait on this phone call until 12:30 P.M. today to see if a return call might be forthcoming.

No phone call was returned in what I expect to be a reasonable time. All I can conclude at this point is that their customer service is lacking or they do not wish for me or my clients to participate in their services anymore. I cannot recommend this service as truthful as far as their advertised claims any longer.

I am forwarding a copy of the final message to Cricket Wireless, the email address listed for Bill W. Smith, and the Better Business Bureau in Denver, Co. No further contact will be required. Our cell phone has been switched from Cricket to Cellular South. We will also be switching our broadband Internet connection to the local company that provides this service. I would like to say we did appreciate the service you have provided the past two years and are sorry we have to part company.

Worst Customer Service Ever.
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It all started when I had to move from Phoenix, Arizona to Windsor, California. I took my Cricket phone with me and all was well. I decided to make my monthly payment 5 days in advance on October 9th. I paid a total of 53.86 for my services which would be billed from October 14 to November 14th. Now on October 10th the phone broke. I had insurance on it and went through the proper channels to get a replacement phone, which cost me 50.00. I received the phone on October 14th. Unfortunately because of my move I was unable to activate my phone and was told I would need to go to a Cricket store to do so.

The nearest store is 150 miles away and I am unable to get there. So I told them to disconnect the services then and I wanted a refund on the 53.86 for services since I was unable to use them. I was told everything would be fine I would receive my money in 2-3 weeks. I then called their insurance company, The Signal, and got them to issue me a refund for the 50.00 deductible, and I had to send both phones back. I just received the refund from The Signal today, November 7th. I called Cricket to check on the status of my refund from THEM since I had not received it yet. I was told there were no notes stating that, and that the services were still active.

I spoke with a supervisor. She told me she would get right on it, it would take 7-10 days for it to be issued and that I needed to go and fax her my bank account info showing the payment was taken out. I did so and called back 2 hours later. I spoke to a different representative, and explained my situation and asked if my fax had been received. She told me this was the wrong department. I asked for a number to reach the correct department and she said she didn't have it. I then asked for a supervisor and she told me to call back in 30 mins. I was explaining to her how ridiculous that was since you never get the same place two times and she HUNG UP on me.

I then called back and spoke to another supervisor, a female. She was very rude and unhelpful and told me that she couldn't assure me I would even receive a refund. This was the first I have heard of anything like that, and I was trying to ask WHY that would EVER be. She couldn't tell me why and told me there would be an investigation. I told her I wanted to make sure my Fax was received since it is personal information. She told me she was unable to verify this and to call the Main Cricket store located in California. I called and spoke to a female. She told me I was misinformed and she couldn't help me at all.

I had to call Cricket's 800 number, AGAIN, and ask for a supervisor. When I got someone on the line, I didn't get her name unfortunately, but in the middle of me explaining my concern I hear her exclaim "Oh, my lip balm!!" She was not paying any attention to me so I promptly asked for a supervisor.

I talked to a male and explained my issues. He pretty much told me the same thing that there would be an investigation and someone would call me. I advised him I do not trust their company to call me back and that I would call back in a week. I was told it would take up to 2 weeks JUST TO FIND OUT IF I AM APPROVED FOR MY MONEY!!! I wasn't even able to use the service I didn't even have a phone. I am being put through this frustration for an error on their part, and I seriously feel like I was not helped, or treated properly.

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