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After hearing good things about Crocs I bought a pair of Crocs relief style shoes. They are comfortable - However they STINK!!! The website claims they are made of some sort of material that will not make your feet smell - They LIE!! After wearing them for just a couple days everyone's noses started twitching. I slid them off in the car and my family about DIED!!!

So I wrote them. They did not acknowledge much - except I should try bathing the shoes in bleach? So they then go to ask where I bought them. I blocked their punt and confirmed that these were not knock offs they were produced by their company. The only thing they recommended was I try to return them. That is a CROC of **! I had to write again to request that my complaint be forwarded to their marketing since their current advertising implies if not comes right out and say that your feet or shoes will not smell.

Buyer Beware
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I bought a pair of inexpensive slip-ons. After about 2 months, the seam began to split. I emailed a picture and explained how long it took for the defective seam to fail. Customer service explained that they "definitely stand behind our product"... for all of 90 days. Buyer beware and walk carefully.

Worst customer service...ever!
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I decided to get my wife a pair of crocs for Christmas. They offered me free shipping. Upon receiving the item, the shoe was not true to size, so I wanted to exchange them for a bigger size. Unlike every other online store, does not have an exchange policy. Instead, they do a return, reorder policy. So I go to the website and initiate a return (which I thought would expedite the process and allow me to obtain a refund quickly). Thankfully, they do pay for return shipping, however, it is ground shipping so it takes about 2 weeks to get returned to the warehouse. I then proceeded to order the new pair of shoes, in which I have to pay shipping.

Over the next few days, I return to the website to check on my order and notice that they are offering free shipping again. My order still hasn't been shipped, so I called customer service (and was on hold for one hour) to see if I could get an adjustment on shipping since my order was still pending. I was told that they cannot change orders and the only way I could get the adjustment was to order the same product yet again with free shipping, and then return the previous product that I paid shipping for. So that would be 2 returns ($100+) that would be in limbo. It wasn't worth the waiting, so I just ate the shipping cost.

So my first return arrived at their warehouse approximately 1.5 weeks after I had sent it. Their website states that "returns will be processed upon receipt in warehouse". So I gave them a few days but still didn't see the credit so I decided to call CS. Again, I was on hold for about 30 minutes before someone answered. Finally, I was told that the return had not been processed and it could take 10 days to process (plus however long my bank takes), but as a courtesy she would process it right then.

Almost 2 months since I initially ordered, I am still waiting empty handed, and out 60 bucks. I am thoroughly disappointed in how a simple exchange has turned into a 2 month long process. This has been a horrible experience and I will never do business with again, regardless of how good their product is.

Company is not backing up the Quality of its Product
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HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- My 3 children all received Mammoth Crocs for Christmas. My 2 youngest (ages 4 and 6) already own the regular crocs and love them. I noticed last night (January 14th) that my oldest son's new crocs have a big hole in the toe. The hole formed where the top and bottom seams of the plastic shoe meet. I know my 8 year old is tough on shoes and clothes but he has only owned them for 3 weeks.

I never had a problem with any of the other shoes so I called Customer Service at Crocs. Now these were purchased through another retailer, but I have the original receipt. I explained the issue to the CSR. She was very nice until I mentioned that I had thrown them in the washing machine once.

Well, her attitude completely changed. "Well, you voided the warranty, there is nothing I can do, sorry." I explained that they had been covered in mud and I was unable to get the fuzzy inserts out so I put them in gentle cycle, cold by themselves and let them air dry. "The warranty was voided, you should have called us for washing instructions", was all she would say in a very curt manner.

I asked to speak with a supervisor. He too was quick to say, "You voided the warranty, there is nothing I can do." I did argue that these shoes get wet ALL the time, puddles, rain, ponds, ocean salt water! I was careful to keep them from heat. Besides, the bottom line is that there is definitely a manufacturing problem with this particular pair, come on, they have ripped at the seams after being owned for 3 weeks. I really feel that this company should back up this product.

Well, unfortunately, because I was honest and mentioned the washing machine, I am out of luck. I will not purchase this product ever again. When a pair of shoes (plastic shoes mind you) costs $30.00 they should last longer than 3 weeks, and if they don't the company should take some measure to back up their product. I truly believe that this is not a regular occurrence with this product, but I also believe that my son's shoes should be replaced because there is an obvious flaw with this particular pair.

Advertisement horrible customer service
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Horrible experience!!! I had to place my order 3 times to receive what I wanted. Hopefully this time I will anyway. I talked to a supervisor on the phone and she wouldn't help, worst experience ever. 1st order placed 12/2 was canceled by via email 9 days after I received confirmation with no explanation except website processing errors, 2nd order I had to replace on 11th, showed up 10 days later in men's sizes, website path from women's to blitzen defaulted to men's sizes.

Supervisor told me I could replace order, return incorrect sizes and wait 2 months for my credit. So I've had to place my order yet a 3rd time, pay for it twice, and wait for 2 months to get refunded for my return of the wrong size. Pathetic display of customer service.

If My kids didn't want them for "taking the dog out slip-ons" I wouldn't have bought and would have just sent the products back without reordering. I won't buy again. Shame that a simple apology and a reship overnight couldn't be done. That's what real professional customer service people do. Help make errors right, not inconvenience their customers and blame them, then quote "policies". I say buy generic ones. If it wasn't Christmas and all sizes sold out, I'd have purchased generic ones. Just as good.

Extremely slow shipping time
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Just wanted to let everyone know that their standard shipping is VERY slow. It takes almost two weeks to get your order once it has been placed.

Crocs Islander shoes
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I purchased a pair of Crocs Islanders last October in Las Vegas. This style is fully enclosed and has laced. Two days after the purchase I broke the lace. After contacting the company MULTIPLE times, they have still not resolved the problem. Their customer service STINKS!

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