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Customer Service
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MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I was attending a family reunion at Crowne Plaza hotel. We asked to be taken to Beale St for dinner in shuttle. We were taken. After dinner, we called the shuttle to pick us up and they refused to to do so because Beale St became crowded. We ended up walking back to the hotel during the night alone - three women. The customer service was terrible. No concern for the customers' safety at all!!! When we receive a service, we end up contributing to that person salary! So without consumers, some would not have a job!

Poor Customer Service
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PARAMUS, NJ -- I have been traveling for years and understand the parameters and variations of hotel policies. However, what I do not understand is the unprofessional behavior and blatant attitude from customer service representatives or front desk receptionists who have no regard for common manners. If this is any indication of the way the Crowne Plaza treats potential guests, I hesitate to think of the attitude one would receive when they actually arrived. I will not being staying at the Paramus, NJ Crowne Plaza or any other in the chain for that matter.

Room(s) Charged to My Credit Card Intentionally Without Authorization
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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- The short story: The Crowne Plaza Hotel at 1150 South Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, California, provided the single worst hotel experience of my long life of significant travel, including threatening to call the police. It took over thirty minutes to check my elderly and infirm mother in on Thursday night because the front desk manager was unable to process reservations previously made. By the time he figured out what he was supposed to do, my mother had been standing in the lobby without a room for a very long time. And then, upon check out this morning, I realized that the fellow did not have a clue what he was doing in the first place.

The hotel decided to charge me for at least one room that was neither reserved nor used by anyone in my party. The manager on duty told me to come back to the hotel to resolve the situation this afternoon to meet the general manager who then absented himself before I arrived. I have called my credit card company to register possible fraud, since I am very concerned that the hotel used my credit card to pay for rooms that I neither reserved nor in occupied. In other words,the hotel charged my credit card for five rooms, but cannot show who stayed in at least one and possibly two of the rooms. We know that at least one of the rooms was never reserved.

I strongly urge you NOT to book a room at this hotel. The front desk and management are clearly confrontational and incompetent. I have written a long letter to the hotel ownership company asking that at least they not dispute the fraudulent charge to my account and at best apologize. I further urge the Intercontinental Corporation to review the arrangement it has with this property. The experience of the past four days convinces me never to stay at a Crowne Plaza again. I also will never recommend or encourage any of my friends, business colleagues or associates to stay at a Crowne Plaza. Someone of authority will have to work hard to reverse that view.

I have requested that the management company promptly provide documentation to show who signed in and stayed in the rooms and to reverse the charges on any rooms that were charged to my card erroneously (at least one was charged deliberately even though the hotel front desk and management were repeatedly told that it was an erroneous charge).

This whole matter could have been resolved had the management or front desk simply said, "Sir, there is clearly a problem we have to rectify. We will not charge your card for at least room X since obviously it was not your room. We will contact you tomorrow to sort this out." The opposite occurred.

Crowne Plaza - Fancy Name, Bad Service
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Crowne Plaza hotels are owned by Marriott and the Intercontinental Hotel Group. We stayed in the Crowne Plaza in Guadalajara, Mexico. We left a wake-up request with Reception, but we also tried to set the alarm clock. The instruction booklet was missing, and we could not set it. We phoned Reception and asked someone to show us. A maintenance man arrived. He fiddled with the alarm/radio/CD player but the wrong wake-up time remained. He left with a promise to exchange it for another alarm. He did not do this, but returned to try to program it again. When the wrong time continued to appear in the display, he insisted that it referred to the position of a CD.

There was no soap in the bathroom. We phoned Reception for soap. When we prepared for our showers, we noticed we had but two bath towels and only one hand towel. Since we had already made two calls to Reception, we decided to make do and get to sleep as early as feasible. We did not ask to change rooms because we only slowly discovered one deficiency after another, and we were staying for only one night.

Imagine our chagrin when the alarm went off in the middle of the night. Evidently the maintenance worker hadn't known what he was doing. The alarm/radio/CD player looks like an interplanetary visitor. The method of operating it is not apparent to people of normal intelligence. Evidently the trained maintenance people cannot figure it out either.
In the morning, we discovered that the coffee maker could not be used because the coffee pot was missing. Anyway, there were no packets of sugar and creamer.

I have stayed throughout the hemisphere in expensive hotels and many other lesser facilities. Not one of them has delivered such bad service. I hope that Crowne Plaza will not blame low-level employees like the chambermaid or the maintenance worker. Who is watching over their performance? Who verifies employees' familiarity with the equipment or competence to operate it? For a chain with a fancy name, their hotels (if this experience is typical) are the pits.

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