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They Have the Wrong Person and Won't Stop
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Rating: 1/51

They called me at work last week to collect on a student loan. I never had a student loan. They had correct first and last name, but wrong middle initial, birthdate, last 4 digits of SSN, and wrong former employer - even though they said they already confirmed all of this with HR. I told them they have the wrong person and to stop calling me. I immediately called HR, and they had NEVER been contacted. An hour later HR called me back, and said CTI just called. After learning about the wrong middle initial and birthdate the CTI caller hung up. Scumbags. They lied about contacting HR. Then, they called back yesterday, same thing all over.

Surprised by Kindness
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Rating: 5/51

CALIFORNIA -- On by far one of my worst days after finding out my rehabilitation program through another company fell through cracks and resulted in a tax intercept of my entire federal return. I won't get into my entire sob story, but I was devastated to sum it up. Surprisingly the only comfort I felt that day came from Daniel, a representative from CTI, the new company handling my supposed defaulted loan. Now Daniel couldn't fix my problem with my tax return or save me from all the stress and financial hardships that caused, but what he did was be human! He talked to me with respect. He listened and on a day like that I can't explain what that meant to me.

I could write a ten page review about what went wrong with the other agency handling my loan and I don't know how all that will get figured out but with all the complaints already posted about wrongfully having taxes intercepted I hope someone sees this and can acknowledge Daniel for doing his job so well that a collection agent was actually the nicest part of a very hard day.

Thank you Daniel! If you ever see this, you made a difference in such a positive way by being one of the few truly caring people in the field you work in. Easy to complain when wrongfully treated, however equally important to say thanks to those who don't choose to treat people that way. Thank you again to this exemplary employee in my opinion!

CTI Collection Services -- Crude and Rude
By -

CTI Collection Services -- just phoned me about a student loan supposedly owed by my spouse. First they try to verify who they are speaking with by using their birth date and then last four digits of their social security number. But I can't remember my spouse's # and they spoke with me anyway.. Hello, I could be Joe Blow from ? and they were discussing personal finance with me, WTF is that? Well I did know most of the story and that my income tax has been garnished a few times till I learned of the form 8379 injured spouse and filing jointly was able to get a return.

The Gov't turned the defunct loan over to this CTI Collection Agency, which are totally rude and crude. Once they verified, if I can use that term, the birth date they transferred me to someone else to speak with. This person didn't want to hear anything except we are going to set you up with a payment plan, and this is how much you are going to pay. I said, now wait a minute, the loan was in my spouse's name, but the ex, forged my spouse's name and used the proceeds for his company business after they were divorced. I explained that this was already being worked on by the Dept of Education and forms were sent in to them by my spouse.

Now they said "we'll contact the Dept of Ed and have your taxes garnished." I said go for it as I am the injured spouse and already filed an 8379 form. They said they were still going to call and that I was a liar. I have nothing to do with any of it, as this was before my spouse and I were married. They said I'm responsible and I need to pay.. I told them there's no way I'm paying her ex-spouse's debts. They then asked if my spouse received a letter from the Dept of Ed. and I said I suppose so. Now that opened a new can of worms, now they asked "do you know or don't you know?" I said I don't know, then I was a liar again..

The Dept of Ed is a Federally run program that is now using strong arm tactics by CTI Collections of Chicago. I don't know what the Government is thinking by using them, but whoever is responsible should hang their heads. These people are thugs plain and simple, and I'm not going to be treated like a criminal by anyone. My thoughts to anyone having dealings with these people need to just hang up the phone when they get the recording and make them search for someone else.

CTI Collections Services Reps Are Rude, Sarcastic, and Insulting
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I would like to share my negative experience with a company called CTI Collection Services. On February 10, 2009, I was contacted over the phone by a representative of a company called CTI, which I had never heard of before. The person on the phone claimed that I owed a balance on a Sears/Citi credit card, and that the account had been charged off and turned over to them for collections. They were demanding that I pay this immediately by giving them my checking account number over the phone.

This made me very nervous because it sounded like it could be a scam. I told them that I thought what they were saying could be true, since I remembered that I had an old Sears credit card that I had not used in years and probably had forgotten to update my address several years ago when I moved. But I told them that I did not feel ready to pay this until getting more information and checking it out first with Sears to verify everything. As I tried to gather the account information from them, they became very impatient. Although they agreed that I was right to verify everything, they continued to pressure me for immediate payment.

When I asked them to send me a written statement, the representative became openly rude, hostile, and belligerent. I then asked to speak with a supervisor. What I got was another rude person on the phone, named **. I explained to her what I thought had happened and that I intended to pay any legitimate debt, and again requested that they send me a written statement.

She flat-out refused, and angrily argued that's not how they do things and I should not need this and that because they had already talked to my husband on the phone that he should have told me all I need to know. (In fact, my husband told me he had asked them for a written statement and was refused as well.)

She then claimed that they had already contacted me by mail. I told her that I had not seen a letter from them. She did not believe me! She acted as though I was claiming that I was not receiving any mail. I said, "no, I am getting my mail, I just haven't seen a letter from CTI." ** then sneered, "Oh, yeah, your mailman is delivering all your mail except ours". I find this sarcastic, insulting, and completely uncalled for.

It should have been obvious to this woman that I was an individual with a long history of excellent credit who had simply made an honest mistake by losing track of an old account years ago and had merely failed to update my address at the time. I assured her that I have perfect credit and had every intention of promptly paying any debt I owed, but that I had to verify it first in order to protect myself. Why was it necessary for her to treat me like a lying, deadbeat debtor? Perhaps she could tell I was telling the truth but enjoyed bullying me nevertheless.

I am not used to dealing with thug-like collection agencies. Perhaps this is common for this industry. But these people should learn how to behave in a professional manner. They should realize that it is often counterproductive to use such strong-arm tactics with people acting in good faith. Ironically, their rude behavior and stubborn refusal to send me a written statement made me more suspicious that they could not possibly be a legitimate company.

It is disappointing and disturbing that such a large and reputable company like Sears/Citicard has contracted to send their collections to this substandard vendor. CTI Collection Services representatives are rude, disrespectful, and completely unprofessional. No one who wishes to have good customer relations should do business with them.

Cell Phone Nightmare
By -

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- On September 30th I purchased a phone from CTI-Miami which I didn't receive until the beginning of October. I received the phone on a Friday and by Saturday a crucial key on the phone was malfunctioning. On Monday I called the office and explained the problem to them and was told to ship back out.

That following Tuesday I shipped back out for $25.00 overnight shipping which they received the next day, Oct 8th. For almost two weeks they kept the phone, during which time the price of the phone went down almost $35.00 dollars. I had to continuously call them until finally they got someone to check the phone who then told me "nothing is wrong it." I asked why I would pay $25.00 out of pocket to ship back a perfectly working phone and kept getting stone walled with useless responses.

Finally I requested a refund seeing as I only had the phone in my possession 72 hours. I was told that they would deduct almost $80.00 for the $280.00 dollar phone. So I would left almost $100.00 in losses and phoneless. I wasn't about to lose $100.00 so I asked if it was possible to just change phones since I didn't trust them not to send me back the defective phone. I went ahead and switched to a blue w595 which on the very day it was shipped, the person I spoke with kept confirming that I would be receiving a Blue w595. About a week later on Oct. 27, almost a month after I first ordered my first phone, I received a jungle grey w595.

When I immediately called the company to complain I was more or less told to just be grateful I wasn't charged the $7.00 difference between the two phones. I then reminded her that in just the week it took for me to even receive the phone, the price of the second phone had now fallen almost $6.00 below what I initially paid for the second phone. She then put me on hold and came back to inform me to on the day my phone was shipped they only had a grey and a white and I guess they just arbitrarily picked a color out, without notifying me first and shipped it out. She then tells me that they won't even get the blue ones until later this week.

She gives me the option of sending it back on my own dime and then when they received the blue they would ship it out. After some arguing she tells me they would foot the bill to send it back but it would probably take me another two or more weeks before I received the right one. Mind you I have been out of a phone since September 30th and I've only had possession of their phone for 72 hours.

At this point what I really want is my money back. I want to send them back their phone and sever all ties with them but they want to charge me almost $100.00 because of these problems. I've never had such bad customer service in my life and I am contemplating filing a complaint with the BBB so that I return their phone to them and get my money back. Now I am left with a phone I never really wanted, in a color I hate and the company could care less. When doing business with CTI-Miami BUYER BEWARE, you are not going to get what you paid for.

Gratifying Experience With (California Based) Debt Collectors
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Rating: 5/51

CALIFORNIA -- To my surprise, every representative was very polite and informative. I contacted them after receiving a letter to resolve my student loan debt and get out of default. From the first time I spoke with someone (Sept. 2014), I was pleased. They have been very patient with me, especially a woman named Dahlia. I have been dealing with them for about 7 months now, and every question I have had concerning the debt has been answered and explained in detail. I'm very pleased with them and looking forward to being out of default by July of this year (2015).

Incompetent Convicts
By -

I had agreed from a representative from CTI Collections in early Jan '09 to pay a balance that I owed. This was with the fact that my income tax return was in. I asked that representative if my income tax was not ready by the date we agreed upon the withdrawal if we could push the withdrawal back until the money was there. I called saying the money was not there and the representative said he would push it back. He told me to call the next day to make sure the request went through the system. I called back the next two days and that representative was not in. I left messages and got no call back.

I then asked for a supervisor who I called approximately 15-18 times and I may have been lucky enough to speak with her - 3 of them. I have a total of 13 non-returned calls from her. Nonetheless, the withdrawal went through which shouldn't have and I called immediately. I was told to fax over documentation regarding the negative transactions and I should receive a check within 7-10 days.

After approximately 20 calls over a 7 week period I still got nothing. I then spoke to the manager of the supervisor who didn't help me out one bit. She was either on break or never available. I actually thought I would get help from this person. He checked into it and said that I would not be getting any money back from their company because it would defeat the purpose of their making the collection. It was their unauthorized withdrawal that screwed me for two weeks with my bank account making numerous negative transactions and bank fees charged to me.

To this date, they owe me $375.00 and I am now getting mailings from the businesses where the checks bounced asking for their $30 fee for bounced checks. The amount is adding up daily. Of course I was told by this other supervisor that they would not pay me anything because I should have paid the bills in the first place. I told him that if the company would have kept to their word I would have never had that problem. He simply told me to pay my bills and I would have no problems. [** - please be respectful] If someone from CTI calls you do not answer and if you do and you hear CTI, hang up on them.

Agents Must Be Prison Inmates
By -

This company has been chosen by Educational Financial Services to handle my loan. They are receiving an equal amount of funds paid towards my loan. Mr. ** attempted to be very condescending but didn't know who he was dealing with. I have drafted a letter to congress regarding the misuse of funds not protected by Educational Financial Services. They want me to pay an obscene amount of money on top of what they get every month for 9 months to get out of default. "Not going to happen." I'm writing letters and seeking advice from other officials on how to not end up homeless at the hands of CTI... who are contracted by Educational Financial Services.

Rude Representatives
By -

ILLINOIS -- Representative refused to identify company and the purpose of phone call he made to my home. Representative expected me to give out information on the whereabouts of a person and when I asked him again to disclose to me the purpose of the phone call, as it is unwise to give out personal information to people I do not know, he had quite a rude comment and hung up on me. Just to remind you, he called my home requesting information about a young lady.

I called the number back on my caller ID, and spoke to another representative who told me that the company is a collections agency and that I shouldn't be expected to give out personal information just because someone asks for it. She told me my number would be taken out of their files. Although she was not rude, she offered no apology on behalf of he company. This company is unprofessional, and definitely harassed me in my own home on my private telephone line. Expecting information without introducing oneself is unsafe and should never be expected.

CTI Networks Does Not Care About Your Business
By -

MECHANICSBURG, PA -- We are a business customer of CTI Networks (Mechanicsburg, PA). We are in the top two months of our sales -- this weekend was projected to see upwards of $60k in new customers through our website. CTI, which hosts the site, had technical difficulties yesterday and a lot of their business customers sites' went down. According to a CTI residential tech who my colleague and I talked with this morning, the techs went home at the end of the work day yesterday, before getting business customers' websites back online.

As of this morning, they still weren't back to resume working on the problem. The tech with whom we spoke was clearly disturbed by this, as well. Further, nobody in business support has answered calls or returned calls -- yesterday or today. We had to go through residential sales to actually get someone on the line.

Consider this complaint against CTI Networks, a business that does not prioritize service or delivering on their business support promises/obligations. Also note on their website that they promise the most up-time "possible" -- legitimate business service providers will guarantee 99.9% up-time. CTI Network is rinky dink and there's no reason to risk hosting or having other critical technical services done through them when the cost of going with a nationally-recognized company is the same, or even less in some cases.

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