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I have been reading reviews about Curves and most have been complaints… as an ex-employee of a Curves? There are some very well run Curves facilities, but there are others that I will agree are not. The one thing I read on one person's complaint was that once in a years contract with Curves that you can't be released? YES YOU CAN. If you want to quit within the first year of your contract? There is a termination fee and the most you will pay is $50.00.

Some women quit because they expected fast results with weight loss or inches loss and normally as I discovered, every woman's metabolism is different and everyone loses in different ways and time frames. But what I do know is most women will build muscle in the first month as they are getting used to the equipment and might gain a few pounds because of it, but, if they eat healthy and really do their workouts the way they should (and normally lose weight in the 2nd month) and by that I mean really work hard on the exercise machines, for example if you do 20 on the bicep machine?

Next round try and bump it to 25, the more you can do? You're building resistance and the more you can do the harder you push yourself, you will see benefits. But if you just do them casually and get into a conversation with another member or two, you tend to lose your concentration on your reps on the equipment. What you can do, is have the person in charge of the facility go around with you on the circuit the first time round and write down how many reps you get on each machine.

And then once you have it in writing have it attached to a lanyard if they have any or you can purchase them anywhere and wear it when you do the circuit and have it. So that you can pull it up and see what you need to do to go beyond what you did on that first round. The more you can do? You get more from your workout, but if you don't put any effort into it then you only have yourself to blame..

HOWEVER, I will also say it's also the responsibility of whomever is working at the facility to observe the members to make sure that they are using the machines correctly and see if anyone does require help, which is something I always did. But if you're eating pizza and fast foods and eating at bad times, like late at night or skipping meals and such that also puts you at a risk factor and all the exercise in the world will not help you lose that needed weight that you want to lose. We also encouraged our members to do some walking outside the facility at home.

My facility closed due to the current economic situation and being in a very small village/rural area and members losing their jobs. But just remember, what you eat and how much you exercise go hand in hand. Best time to exercise is in the early morning. It gives you more energy for the day and you tend not to eat as much because you feel that much better. Pick one day to have a couple things that you love to eat- but in much smaller quantity, but eat healthy the other 6 days.

Use a lunch plate instead of a dinner plate, cut your food in half of what you normally eat. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies that are in season and if you really have to snack late at night As we all do. What our bodies are really looking for is protein and the best way to get protein is have a handful of roasted peanuts and keep drinking water- you can even put crystal light or 4c packages into your water bottles just to give you some flavor.

If you drink diet pop make sure there is no sodium (salt) as many do and you can't burn salt. But one can of regular soda which has sugar you can burn the sugar, but try to get out of drinking it daily, once or twice a week. If you really want to lose the weight you can. GOOD LUCK TO ALL. :)

One other comment, the Curves Smart? I know you have to pay more from what I have heard and I have heard pros and cons as well. Before you sign any contract ask those questions up front before you sign- ask if for some reason you can't continue your membership, is there a termination fee and if so how much. I always in signing up someone spelled it all out as I used to be a member before I became an employee and I wanted to make sure everyone knew what they were signing.

Who Knew?
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- Hi. I have been to two places here in Brooklyn, one on Norman Avenue and one on Grand ave, in attempts to try out the club and see if it worked for me and a friend. I don't know if it's because I'm in shape (that's honestly the impression I was feeling) that they seem to discourage me at all from joining or if it's some sort of "secret society" but they weren't at all interested in trying to work with me. What is this about? I called ahead on the second one just to ask and make sure it wasn't as shady as the first and it seemed nice enough when the lady on the phone said if I came in she would give me a free week pass.

I asked if there was a good time and she just said they were closed from 1-3 and then I asked when they were closed and she said 8. So I showed up at seven and told the girl at the counter (apparently a different person) that my friend was running late but I could go ahead and she started in with talking about how I needed a certain amount of time to do everything (45 min... I had an hour, by the way) and throwing various other excuses my way as to why I couldn't do it then (this had happened in pretty much the same way at the first club as well). She apparently wasn't interested in keeping my business. Is this common with your clubs?

My friend and I really were looking forward to this kind of workout as we liked the first time we tried it and just wanted a period of time to see if it worked for us in our schedules. However, it seems like none of your clubs have a work - or even business - ethic. I don't want to waste my time on bad employees or shabby business and I generally report directly to consumers' unions when meeting with bad business practices, as I don't want other people to have to endure stupidity either, but I wanted to check with the corporation first to see if these were simply uncompliant clubs (they are franchises).

Please feel free to write at your leisure, as I will wait a few days before reporting to my normal consumer agencies. Thank you. Honestly what's up? These people act so strange like they're selling drugs behind the scenes or something... Why discourage people from paying for your business?

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