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Worst Pharmacy Ever! They Never Have My Meds, I Have to Drive All Over Town to Get My Meds Filled.
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- My insurance company chose CVS as the preferred pharmacy and just about every month they don't have my pain meds in stock but I've been getting the meds since January. They make me drive from one CVS to another to find my meds every month. I never had this issue with Walgreens pharmacy. If AETNA picks CVS this year, I'm picking another insurance company, which is a shame because I like AETNA but I will not deal with CVS again! They are rude & nasty and don't care about anyone!

Pharmacy Staff Rude and Unhelpful
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Rating: 1/51

SALISBURY, MARYLAND -- I went to refill a prescription for test strips I have been buying for a decade. All of a sudden it seems they are saying Medicare rejected me after all these years of getting Medicare to pay. Well I tried to get them to explain. The woman keep saying I had opted out of Medicare for Aetna insurance. I explained I didn't have Aetna nor have I ever used Aetna/ she does kept repeating Aetna. SHE THEN PROCEEDED TO TELL ME THAT IT WAS AETNA AND I HAD TO LIVE WITH IT.

I pleaded for help but was rudely dismissed without any help in looking for a remedy from an insurance company that I didn't use. Its their computer and files but no help was coming. In the last three years I have bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of meds and other goods there. Its my intention now to take all my prescriptions to Wal-Mart. I will never step foot in there and I intend to make sure as many people know what a horrible staff works there. I may even picket to help others from being treated badly. Surely I will post on Facebook and try to get other to take it viral.

CVS Caremark Pharmacy #1295 in Honolulu, HI is incompetent and abusive to customers
By -

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- CVS Caremark Pharmacy, their prescription mail out “service” and their supposed customer care “service” subjects innocent customers to abusive and, I propose, unlawful behavior that repeatedly puts the health of their customers at great risk. My belief is that if a pharmacy makes a mistake, that it could be the result of an accident or an unintentional oversight. Yet, when dangerous mistakes and poor judgment routinely put the health of customers/patients in great danger, then this is intentional and requires an immediate and drastic reaction to prevent the health and well-being of other customers/patients from being put in jeopardy.

I believe the intolerable practices that CVS Caremark Pharmacy has subjected me and my family to should be grounds for immediate withholding of their license to conduct business in the state of Hawaii until such a time that they have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that no other innocent customers will suffer needlessly or have their health and well-being deteriorate as a direct result of their unjustifiable practices. Below are specific examples of the "customer care" I have received by CVS Caremark Pharmacy:

  1. Demanding that a customer personally pay for prescriptions that are covered and paid for by their insurance provider and have been paid by such insurance every month for the past 2 years. 2. Refusal to talk with or listen to a customer regarding a routine prescription that the pharmacy has not filled on time and such a delay causes the customer to not be able to take her routine, daily, prescribed medications that must never be abruptly stopped (even the pharmacy's own prescription print outs directs the patient to NOT abruptly stop taking the medication.)

  2. Refusal to fill a prescription on the grounds that they think the customer's insurance no longer covers the medication, despite that the customer has vast documentation and her own insurance providers' confirmation via phone that proves the medication is covered. 4. Not allowing a customer to transfer a prescription to another pharmacy when they have refused to fill the prescription on the grounds that they do not believe it will be covered by insurance.

  3. Refusal to provide advances of routine, daily, prescribed medications to customers, forcing the customer to abruptly stop taking their routine, daily medications for over 7 days, because the pharmacy's original fill of the prescription they shipped out a week earlier was lost by the postal service (confirmation of lost package provided by both online tracking and postal service supervisors). 6. Refusal to reprocess a prescription that they incorrectly processed the first time, thereby preventing the customer from receiving their routine, daily medications for an indefinite period of time, as they so choose.

  4. Unjustifiable accounting practices that direct pharmacists to withhold medications from customers who have a balance of $30.00 or more on their account, despite the fact that the bill was just sent out by their own billing department, the bill is not even due yet, the customer has not even received the bill, the customer has a 2 year track record of paying their bill on time, if not early and their awareness that the customer should never go a day without this medication and, if she does, her medical condition will become unstable and deteriorate!

The incompetence of their pharmacy techs, their starved for money accounting practices and their inability to apply good and appropriate judgment in the administration of my routine prescriptions and treatment plan during the past year have cost me my health, my relationships with friends, my peace of mind, my ability to care for my family and a great deal of time that I should've been focusing on my family when they needed me most, instead of being unnecessarily sick and unable to function.

I can make this claim against this pharmacy with absolute confidence because of all the documentation (both theirs and mine), witnesses to their detrimental actions and my past comparative experiences with other competent pharmacies during the past decade while working with my physicians to manage a chronic and serious health condition.

Their overall blatant disregard for the well-being of their customers along with their morally corrupt administration of my prescriptions within the past year has caused me enormous hardship, unnecessary and immense physical suffering resulting in the deterioration of my overall health and well-being, and, need I mention, overwhelming mental anguish.

Further, the pain and suffering their intentional and abusive practices have inflicted on me, the sole caregiver of our two, young children stationed far from other family during my husband's frequent and lengthy wartime deployments, has substantially diminished my ability to be an attentive, focused and nurturing mother to my children when they needed me most! Even my husband was caused to worry about me and my ability to manage our children and home during his wartime deployments, when he had his own life-threatening and immediate issues to contend with.
I share this with you so that you do not have to endure the same suffering that our family has.

Pharmacist Lies About Reason for Not Filling Prescription
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Rating: 1/51

FT MYERS, FLORIDA -- Now living part time in Florida, I brought my three prescriptions written by my doctor in Ohio for pain meds. I drove up to a CVS pharmacy (the only one on the beach) and the same one that filled the exact scripts in April. I was curtly told by the only pharmacist employed there that "It was against the law to fill out-of-state physician scripts for schedule 2 meds." I was shocked, and very worried. This was a Friday evening, and I was told that my only recourse was to fed-ex the scripts back to my state for somebody to fill there or see a local doc.

Now, come on, what Dr in his right mind would write a script for narcotics giving it to a stranger on demand? And on a Friday afternoon? So I tore down to the post office and overnighted 2 of the three month scripts back home for a hefty $20 something. Found out the post office was going to be closed the following Monday, so chances were that I'd be out of meds for days.

I thought this pharmacist was very rude and condescending, particularly dismissive of my situation....not caring that I really had no options to get the meds in a timely manner. I began to doubt his credibility and so called a Walgreens store in the area and was easily able to get the scripts filled (fortunately because I have three months worth already written, I was able to use another set).

I called the Florida Board of Pharmacy... they said "there is no law like that." I called CVS... they are also not aware of any law like that... So I called the pharmacist back and asked if perhaps he was mistaken because of what I had learned. He became incensed that I had even asked and yelled at me,"You are not getting those prescriptions filled here. It is against the law! The law is in effect as of Oct 11 2013." Once again a horrible encounter with this guy.

When I went back to pick up the prescription he did think was OK to fill, I brought someone with me to witness this pharmacist's bizarre behavior..... I asked if I could speak privately off to the side with him so as to avoid public scrutiny, but he refused several times pointing to the very unprivate consultation area for all to hear.

Again, I very politely asked about why I couldn't get the meds at this CVS, and once again he became enraged that I would challenge him. It didn't even occur to him that he could be wrong! He was arrogant and totally unprofessional. It was only then that I told him I was a doctor myself, and wanted to know more about why he was claiming something that was obviously not supported by either CVS corporate or his own pharmacy board! Leaving the counter, I said to my friend that "I wish I had a camera to show how badly this guy was acting" and he overheard me and spit back, "I will call the police if you have a camera cause you're not allowed to have one in the store".

Oh my God! Tell me I'm not on planet earth! Then maybe I would be OK with all of this. I called CVS for help, and their only response was, "Don't expect any response or call-back from us... Your concern will be forwarded to a leadership team". THANKS FOR CARING CVS!

Unprofessionalism at CVS Pharmacy
By -

CAPE COAL, FLORIDA -- On Friday 30th 2009 around 6:30 pm I was a witness to unbelievable unprofessionalism at CVS Pharmacy store located at 1003 Santa Barbara Blvd Cape Coral Fl, 33991. I would like to stay anonymous due to a fact that I am one of the regular customers at above mentioned store. Like I already mentioned, I use CVS Pharmacy for all my prescriptions and I've been using CVS Pharmacy for many years.

On Friday 30th 2009 I went into a CVS Pharmacy at above address just like I did many times before, but this time it was very different. I was extremely shocked to hear and see what I did. I was a witness to something unbelievable. I was hoping just to walk in and walk out with my prescriptions like I did many times before, but this time I had to wait in front of the register since no one was there to help me out.

While I was waiting for someone to help me out I heard very vulgar language, I couldn't believe my ears so I looked around to see what is going on. To my shock I saw pharmacist **, (I found his name on my receipt) yelling on top of his lungs to two technicians, I wasn't sure what was going on so I just kept listening and looking with absolute shock.

At one point, I saw above mentioned pharmacist grabbed what it looked to me a stack of papers and threw them all over the place while using a very foul language. This went on for good 5 to 10 minutes, at this point there was a line behind me and everyone one of us was very shocked in disbelieve what we are seeing and hearing. Finally, technician came over with a very sad face, it was very hard to ignore the tears on her face, but yet she was very apologetic for the wait and very helpful.

I don't know what was going on, but there is a place and time to deal with employees and I will tell you that was not a place or time. I am very disappointed with above mentioned pharmacist who was very rude to me and absolutely unapologetic for his conduct or the wait. I am sure that he was aware of all of us waiting in line, at one point he made eye contact with me but went on to proceed with yelling and throwing stuff.

I like CVS store, it's very convenient for me to shop there, but I am not sure if I can continue to do so. I left a store very upset, I felt for the lady with tears on her face, this is the same person that I've seen many times before who was always cheerful, with huge smile on her face and I absolutely adore her accent. I will tell you one more thing. In many years of shopping at CVS I've never witness anything like this before.

I also don't like the fact that every other day there is a new Pharmacist and new faces at the register, this guy must be new, because I only saw him in a past one month, but never the less he was very unprofessional and I definitely don't look forward seeing him again. I truly miss **, and staff that used to work there before. Sincerely, Very upset customer.

Products were not delivered
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Rating: 1/51

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- My order #** was released on 02/29/2016. The website informs that the products were shipped on 03/02/2016. But I did not receive them yet. They sent me an e-mail (signed by Brayan **, Customer Care Department) apologizing and asking me if I want a refund or the reshipment of the products. I chose the refund because I've already bought the products in another pharmacy. But until now, I have no products, no money, no more answers. I would like to advise the online consumers to take care.

CVS lost my prescription
By -

TORRINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- I dropped off my prescription immediately after my Dr gave it to me, as I always do at the CVS pharmacy... The pharmacy assistant said he tried, but my insurance won't fill it for about a week, as my Dr gave it to me a few days early, so a week later I called & asked if it's ready. Now they say there is NO record of it anywhere whatsoever... & that all I can do now is see if my Dr will call it in for me.

My Dr was quite angry with me & said that "this has never happened before & someone must have actually STOLEN it..." but he'll do it for me just this one time, as if I am somehow at fault. He said regardless of who lost it, it IS MY responsibility... So, CVS then also says that NO ONE ever even tried to run this through my insurance last week, so their employee actually lied about trying to "run it through" my insurance, then told me it's a controlled substance & that he can't give me back the prescription... "just come back" he said, and now it's missing.

After over three years with my Dr & using CVS for a pharmacy, I've NEVER ONCE lost anything or given them any excuses or dishonesty whatsoever. So now I look like I'm being dishonest &/or trying to get it filled early or get a 2nd prescription. CVS employees were VERY RUDE & inconsiderate towards my Mother & I. They've shown ZERO interest in investigating my missing prescription for a controlled substance.

To prove I'm not at fault AT ALL & also to actually help FIND this missing prescription I went to the Police immediately, but they said that CVS needs to investigate & find foul play or that a theft has truly occurred before they can even get involved at all... So how can I even Trust CVS ever again? They have now totally ruined my relationship with my Dr by making me seem at fault.

They've jeopardized my integrity, my flawless reputation, & ruined the years of Trust I've built between myself & my Dr & have offered ZERO interest, concern or suggestions otherwise about this situation that their employee caused. They never even said one word, apologized or took this seriously AT ALL, as if I am dirt beneath their feet.

I assumed they'd be very interested & concerned that they lost a controlled substance prescription & that their employee totally lied about trying to fill it & now it has disappeared... as they can easily verify by video surveillance that I did in fact drop it off & see the day & minute, that it entered the hands of their employee, yet they've shown ZERO concern whatsoever & act as if I'm just a dishonest customer, when in fact this is entirely their fault.

Un-professional, Incompetent and Rude!
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Rating: 1/51

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- My epileptic son, had a dosage increase in 2 of the 6 prescriptions he takes daily on 1/22/2015. The Doctor faxed over the new prescriptions and since it was only 1 week before I had them all filled I called the pharmacy and asked to hold the new ones to be filled with the rest, so I did not have to make several trips. Picked up ALL prescriptions on 2/2/15 and when I got home and inspected them; one of them was still labeled with the old dosage and one was entirely missing.

Called the pharmacy and was given 2 options for the wrongly labeled prescription. Bring it back and the correct amount/dosage would be provided; wait and when I had finished the 1st bottle, they would provide me with the medication for the rest of the month (WHAT???). I told her that I did not want a med with the wrong dosage in my house and I would bring it back. When I inquired on the missing med, she informed me that "because it was called in, and the other med was not mentioned, she "assumed" it was not needed". WHAT! WHAT!!

I told her the prescriptions were NOT called in, only 2 were increased and that she had filled the other meds that were not increased with this order, so what she said did not make sense. Silence! She asked me if I was going to bring the medication back, I said "Yes!" When I arrived at the Pharmacy, I gave her back the med and told her I had an issue with the missing medication and that CVS did not have the authority to "assume" a med was not needed and in the future to call for confirmation if it was suspected. She looked me straight in the eye and told me that I "always had an issue with something they did and was always in their pharmacy causing trouble".

WHAT!!?? I asked her to name ONE instance that I had been there, since I had only gone to the pharmacy in 7 years, 3 times. She said "well, today is one". ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I turned around and went to the store manager and reported her. The store manager told me she "shared supervisory duties" and he would have her supervisor call me. So I left CVS, transferred ALL my prescriptions to another pharmacy and I came home and reported her to CVS Corporate. Luckily, there were 2 other pharmacists around, so the story should not be hard to collaborate.

She not only endangered my child, with incorrectly labeled anti-convulsant medication, and determining WHAT medications were filled. She was completely out of line even IF I went to the pharmacy every month and questioned their procedures. That's what a mother is SUPPOSE to do. Hopefully, she will be looking for another job. My days of CVS shopping are OVER!!

Update 02/09/2015:

A CVS rep contacted me on 2/3 and stated that the person who was so rude was "not usually like this". She agreed to contact me AFTER talking to her and let me know what the resolution was. After a week, I decided to call Corp again. Called CVS Corporate on 2/9 and as "suspected", the complaint I filed had been "Closed" with no resolution. They DO NOT CARE about their customers. So glad I don't do business with them anymore.

Mail-order= Declining Health
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Rating: 1/51

Received my prescription today and it was not my diabetic medication that I needed. Contacted the insurance and mail-order company and was told that it will be be 1-2 weeks later till I receive my correct medication. After a few days, my sugar shot through the roof!! Called the company again and asked them what to do but they pretty much said ,"Too bad, nothing else we can do here." Recommended that I go to a local pharmacy and get a prescription filled and they will authorize a 1 month emergency supply.

So I took my empty bottle to Kroger and the poor technician staff had to call ExpressScript to get it authorized. In the process, she had to wait on the phone for 10-15 minutes just to talk to someone; this is only to be put on hold again.

By now, there was a line people behind me because it took so much time to get in touch with the mail-order company.. Pharmacist talks to me and assures me that he will try to call again later to get the medicine transferred for me and that he has to worry about his "regular customers" at this time! I took his word for it and 4 hours later I receive a call from a Kroger pharmacy staff saying they successfully transferred my prescription.

This was a relief to me but I did feel bad that pharmacy staff had to spend so much time correcting a mistake that Medco-ExpressScript was responsible for and will be bill minimally for it. Meanwhile, the Shady PBM's mail-order will continue to get my business because it is "required". What happened to choice and freedom these days when it comes to prescriptions? I do not like give a company that passes their mistakes off to someone else my business.

Treated like a drug user
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- So I've been using CVS pharmacy for they're usually fast service to fill my prescription pain medicine. Now I only get 1 filled every 2 to 3 months. Now 1 time I went in they said that they couldn't fill the prescription till the next day, so I said "why?" They claim to be outta my medicine which I found out was a lie. One of the techs in the pharmacy said they do that to customers that look a certain way.

So I took it to Rite-aid pharmacy and they filled it in 15 minutes. Now the next time I filled the medication (which was my last ever visit to any CVS) the pharmacist accused me of tampering with the prescription. I'd been bringing my patronage to this store for over a year and to be treated like some kind of criminal really rubbed me the wrong way and I swore to never enter any other CVS as long as I am spending my money. I mean it's ridiculous to be treated that way. So I'm just letting everyone know, not all CVS employees are bad I presume. BUT like the song says "1 bad apple can spoil the whole BUNCH."

I even asked why was I being made to feel like I was a junky when I only have had 1 doctor for 3 years writing my prescriptions and they have all my info on file. They knew what they were doing. So unless you love being mistreated where you shop i'd have to say "STAY THE H*LL AWAY FROM CVS." Did I mention that a lady came in with a script for the same medicine I was getting? But they filled hers & she came in after me. I'LL NEVER BUY SO MUCH AS A LOLLIPOP FROM ANY CVS AS LONG AS I LIVE and 43 and I got plenty of time left.... Knock on wood.

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