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Cypress Run and Higgins Gate Apartments New Orleans LA Consumer Reviews

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Cypress Run and Higgins Gate Apartments New Orleans, LA
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NEW ORLEANS LA, MASSACHUSETTS -- The same family owns both Cypress Run and Higgins Gate apartments. Maple Leaf Apartments a former holding of the family was sold for 9.5 million dollars. The complexes were managed by the senior member of the family up to the mid 1990's, when his son along with an aunt took off management. In addition, this was the beginning of the decline of the complexes. Both properties have declined into a slum area, even HUD would not claim to own. The entire operation is geared for income, and not protection for tenants. Maintenance is done by Hispanics, some who do not speak English, and with questionable legal status.

There is a high percentage of drugs trafficking, and on a number of occasions, there have been raids by the New Orleans police, and the Drug Enforcement Agency. There have been a number of assaults, and attempted murders. The local police have labeled both apartment complexes as trouble areas, and consider them below housing project standards.

The owners have recently targeted certain tenants, mostly Caucasian, or white, and deprived them of maintenance, repairs, attention to health related problems. Interesting the owners are also Caucasian, but have the attitude that non whites will not report or attempt to resolve issues through courts or attorney's. The attitude enables them to attempt to control tenants. There have also been a number of complaints filed with regard to racism.

Post-Katrina and Rita hurricanes of 2005, the owners have decided that white tenants have less standing, and continue to deny repairs, and maintenance. Since the hurricanes, there have been six managers, most left for non-cooperation with the owners. Since the storms, the owners have increased rents above average to low income properties, without adding or furnishing additional maintenance, repairs or services. Many of the building have been severally damaged, and no attempt to at repairs have been made.

Those apartments that have been rented or are being to new tenants have had REFRIGERATORS installed damaged, and contaminated by the hurricanes. The REFRIGERATORS were not cleaned properly or examined for contamination. The apartment complexes are advertised as gated communities, but there is NO security, NO security patrols, and any one has free access to come and go as they please. The overall rating of the apartment complexes on various apartment search sites is below standard, or not acceptable.

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Cypress Run and Higgins Gate Apartments New Orleans LA
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New Orleans, LA 70131
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