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Complaint About Terrible Service By Daewoo
By -

IPSWICH, WYOMING -- Daewoo Ref F/F 618 L-Model FRS-U201CW. I am contacting you to complain about the experience I have had since buying a Daewoo Ref F/F 618 L-Model FRS-U201CW on 5 March 2008. Since the middle of June we have had problems with this product. It did not cool. We had a very friendly service person come, open up the freezer and found that it was all frozen up. He did not know why it happened, defrosted it using my hair dryer, and closed it up. “If it happens again please ring. I don't know why this has happened. I will ask some other guys who are at training with Daewoo if they know anymore," was the message he left behind. However, I did not hear from him again.

I had lost food and a day of income while waiting for the service person. I felt on 24/6/08 that the problem began again but was re-assured by a lady from RT Edwards that I was at fault for the way I was placing product in my fridge or freezer, and not to worry. However, during the first period of July cooling performance again deteriorated and on 14/7/08 I was again waiting for the repair man. I had called on the Thursday before. They could not make it before the weekend and thus, I was left without cooling during a weekend when I had 7 people over for Sunday lunch. I lost food!

On Monday I again lost a work day while waiting for the repair person. This time two people came. However, again they did not know what to do and had to call the tech person at Daewoo for advice (maybe that could have been done the first time???). Now I was told that according to the Victorian person I needed a new part. All this took time and guess what... I will again lose a day of work while waiting for the repair person. It was again defrosted, using my hair dryer, and closed up.

After calling Daewoo, being very upset with all this happening, I was finally promised by Patrick that if the repair does not work this time I will get a new fridge. I have also been promised some food vouchers by a very friendly Patrick from Daewoo in Victoria to compensate for the loss of food. He could not say how much. Someone called Ray would contact me. It's been more than a week since he promised that first and I am still waiting. Do I regret buying a Daewoo? You bet! My old freezer/fridge was 21 years old when I had to let go of it and, apart from new seals, did not need any repair until it gave up the ghost.

Now I have had my new one a few months and I am feeling more than disappointed. I have had more than enough hassles and I also feel no one cares how much inconvenience and loss of money I have had from this experience.
Both my husband and I are small business owners and if our customers are having a bad experience, we always make up for it as we know that you can lose a good reputation only once. Maybe we treat our customers different and with more respect because we are not a major company. Maybe you are so big that you don't care about reputation. I hope that someone will convince me otherwise.

Daewoo's Shocking Service - Not Resolved, Unbelievably Bad Experience
By -

My Daewoo Laundry machine broke down about a week ago. I have warranty on this product. Let me start by saying that all my laundry must be done by machine since I have a spur in my wrists, which is very painful when doing manual labor. In any case, technicians came to fix the unit a few days later, couldn'™t, returned the next day, upon which they STILL couldn't fix it. It turns out it was a problem that can't be just fixed, but requires being shipped off to the factory for a full refurbishing or replacement. They said they would come back and try again on Sunday, but didn'™t come all afternoon.

Finally we called, upon which they finally came. However, we had an important appointment later in the afternoon (around 6:30PM) and it became that after a few hours trying, there was no way that they would be able to fix it. So we called the manager and tried to explain the situation, upon which he said that on Monday, they would be "replacing the system on Monday". We received no phone calls or a new unit on Monday, and finally at 10AM Tuesday, I called the Service Center again.

I asked for the manager, and was told he was in a meeting so call later. I found this further incensing since I should have had a replacement unit by then, and ask for his superior who turned out to be **. He said that he would fix the problem, and that he would tell his employee (the servicer) the fix the issue, upon which he sent two workers to take my defective laundry machine to the factory.

I explained to them that I needed to keep doing laundry, upon which they replied that they would just throw my laundry "into the back of the service truck" and do the laundry for me. I found this absolutely ridiculous and haven't heard of anything like this in my life. I don'™t understand why they couldn'™t bring a new unit, replace it, and take away the old one, especially since technicians failed to fix the unit for 3 days.

Through this whole process, my children have had to wear dirty clothes, not to mention all the time that I'™ve had to use to solve this problem which has prevented me from cooking for my family or going to work. I got NO follow up calls from this so-called ** character, even though he promised to call me.

When I called him to complain again, he picked up saying he was "œout of the office". He was apparently eating at a restaurant. I asked him who HIS superior was to which he replied **. Apparently they were having a meal together, and he came onto the phone. ** retorted to me on the phone saying he was busy eating and was not interested in talking to me and that his responsibility was fulfilled when he sent two workers.

He then went on to say something absolutely ridiculous, that he was "œworking in place of the CEO" and that he "œhad the authority to do whatever he wants". He then told me, the customer, to "œfigure out and solve your own problem". Not only has my experience with Daewoo been an absolute nightmare, but the people I dealt within this company seem to have a highly delusional sense of self. I implore you all to refrain from buying anything Daewoo - cars, electronics, anything. Please boycott this horrible company with me and my family.

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