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EQ Download, PC2800 Mixer, Instructions
By -

TARZANA, CALIFORNIA -- On October 9, 2008 I decided to purchase a PC2800 Mixer from DAK in order to transfer music from my LP's to CD. The product arrived damaged from a shipping problem. I contacted the customer service dept and was quickly informed where to send the item for warranty repair or replacement; given the address on the east coast; advised to ship via UPS ground; and promised reimbursement.

The software downloads that accompanied the piece of hardware in my order did not function as they were advertised so I was also e-mailed another set of download codes in an effort to help get them to work. I still could not get them to function, and without having the mixer to record with, the downloads and the EQ were useless. I asked that the (30 day) free trial period be adjusted to reflect the additional shipping time and was assured that would be no problem. The replacement mixer arrived two weeks later in the same new box that I had purchased to return the unit with one of the four rubber "feet" missing.

I e-mailed the arrival information to customer service at DAK and informed them of the missing parts. A few hours later I was able to determine that the EQ would definitely not be effective for my use; and I found the instructions for the rest of the order to be a jumble of pasted together paragraphs that often repeated themselves from one paragraph to the next and from page to page. I e-mailed my request for a refund for the EQ right away and I got a quick reply that stated "so sorry, but you have exceeded your five day return limit, and your ten day return limit".

When I reiterated the promise from the person at customer service that had been signing the same name on all our messages and had been so prompt, so courteous, and so accommodating up to this point; I got the same answer again. I printed out all the e-mails, and sent a message describing the date, time, and subject line of the e-mail containing the promise to extend my trial period. I got an e-mail back right away that stated simply "we will process a refund for the EQ within five days" but it was the first unsigned message I had received from DAK.

Immediately I checked my credit card to see if the reimbursement for the shipping charges had been accomplished, after more than three weeks from the time I shipped the unit I still had not been reimbursed. After another couple of days I lost my faith in the company and the integrity of the customer service staff. I sent an e-mail to Drew A. Kaplan, (the CEO of DAK) in response to his original 'Thank You' message to me that included his name, position, e-mail address, and a request to contact him directly if I had any problems at all because he felt it was always better to send purchased items back for a complete refund if the customer was not happy.

I got no reply. I got no reply from the customer service address when I sent an e-mail requesting the refund for the EQ, and the repair shipping expenditure; I suggested that even though the replacement unit was incomplete it would be less expensive for DAK to simply send me the missing feet since shipping back and forth would negate revenue for DAK; failing that I suggested a reduction in price for the mixer unit to allow me to purchase the needed parts locally, and to accommodate me as a customer; failing all those options would leave me no choice but to return the mixer and seek a complete refund. I got no reply again.

I contacted my credit card customer service department and began the process of charge reversal due to damaged or incomplete merchandise. Once the charges have been reversed I expect to be contacted by DAK. My plan for that eventuality is to seek payment in advance (just as they had) for my time and the shipping charges to return the hardware. This is a California company, I live in Washington State, and their repair facility is in Brooklyn, New York.

I would not recommend DAK to anyone based on my experience. The downloads are faulty. The instructions are confusing. The repair facility and/or the shipping department appears to pay no heed to the condition of the items being shipped. The promises are not kept. The 'boss' seems to state one thing and the sales/customer service staff seem to state another.

The "boss" does not make good on his promise to advocate on the behalf of his customers. The sales/customer service staff seems to rather avoid problems than attempt to solve them. Two days ago I received an unsolicited e-mail that addressed me as a satisfied DAK customer and invited me to purchase more goods from them. I hope they are not holding their breath until I buy again.

DAK continues their elusive responses
By -

TARZANA, CALIFORNIA -- I am in the early stages of the same situation as 2 earlier complaints about DAK Industries, Inc and the way they handle customers who want to return the products they ordered within the 5 and 30 day return guarantees. All e-mails except one that I have sent to DAK have not been answered. The one that had no information about a return authorization number or to where it was to be returned. I have tried to cancel the software codes 3 times within the 5 day period but have not received any confirmation from them. I was just notified 4 days after I sent them 3 e-mails to stop shipment, that the item has been shipped.

At this point I am glad that I used my credit card for this transaction. It was shipped. I requested cancellation 15 hrs and 35 mins after the order was made. DAK claims it was past the 24hr deadline to cancel. If they would read my e-mails, they would know they are wrong. They don't care. Now I'm stuck with postage both ways because of their incompetence. Never buy anything from DAK Industries, NEVER. I read Mr. Kaplan's response. His comment about after UPS gets the package it's out of DAK's hands.

My e-mails to stop the shipment were done before and while UPS was preparing a label but still indicated that they had NOT received the package at that time. I checked the UPS site for 3 days and each time the package had NOT been received yet. I e-mailed DAK about this fact, but they never responded until UPS had said simply 'it's on its way'. Otherwise, they ignored my stop shipment e-mails. Also DAK's 5 day/30 day refund guarantee conflicts with each other because you down load the software for approval but have to wait for the hardware to test the software out.

The software is covered for 5 days but you don't get the hardware until 8 days so the 5 day return time for the software has expired and you still don't have the hardware to test it. Now you are now stuck with the software and the codes that they send and if you don't like the hardware, you can't get you money back because the software and hardware are sold as a package deal for $69.00 plus shipping. (this is a point that I am bringing up with the California attorney general because it is NOT on the up and up.)

Under these procedures, DAK has nothing to lose because the buyer pays shipping both ways and will not get a refund for the product until they receive it paid both ways. They put you in a position to either take it all or return it. The package deal should be on a full 30 day return policy not split. OK Drew, answer me this. I buy the mixer/software package at $69.00. After 5 days the codes are sent to me and as your ads say, I just bought the software when the codes are sent. Then I get the mixer.

I try out the mixer with the software and before my 30 day return period is up I decide that I either; Like the mixer but not the software or like the software but not the mixer. How does DAK handle the return as far as - 1. Shipping (if example 1 above) which was downloaded with codes sent and not shipped? 2. How do you prorate the $69.00 total cost if one or the other item is rejected?

I hear what you are saying Drew, but your ad for the package makes it clear that the software codes will be sent after a 5 day review of the software and once sent there is no refund (I presume meaning for the software) I understand the 30 day refund if not satisfied, but the former statement about the software just adds some confusion about the package and the 5/30 days. Perhaps you need to clarify the ad for the package deal.

Company Response 03/10/2011:

Hi, I'm Drew Kaplan from DAK. We offer 30 day free trials so you can return anything anytime.

In this case and most cases, we ship the same day the order is received and at the very latest the next day. We ship from both Los Angeles and NY. Once an order is in our system, it can't be stopped often even an hour after the order is placed. It's automated because if you're like me, you want what you order, like yesterday. 15 hours is an eternity to wait for any company today to get around to shipping your order. Please always let us know what you want, but sometimes all we can do is offer the refund, once UPS has a package it's totally out of our hands. Thanks for the chance to respond. Drew

Company Response 03/12/2011:

Hi, it's Drew here again. Just let me clarify the software/hardware returns. 100% of software sold with the Mixer/turntable system is covered for the 30 days. So, if you return the system, you get a 100% refund on the software. 100% of the time. Always. I'm really sorry about the UPS shipping but it really does go out from 2 warehouses automatically and we really can't find an individual order after it's placed. If you will contact me at, I'll try to track down what happened. But either way, you will get a 100% refund for BOTH hardware and software as will anyone who ever bought and returned a system within 30 days. If you only download and buy software by itself you have 5 days to try it out. And you get a 100% refund if you don't like it. We aren't perfect, we make mistakes too, but we have to be highly automated to get products out of our warehouses fast and inexpensively. Sorry for the problem, Drew

Company Response 03/15/2011:

It's just like I said before. When you buy the mixer for $69.90 (or turntable system for $219) you get the programs with it. And if you return it within 30 days, you get the full $69.90 refund. No questions. No problems. We don't refund P&H, but we do refund the 'system' which is both hardware and software. If you only buy software, there's nothing to return. You have 5 days to decide, not 30. We don't normally do refunds of the hardware or the software. It's a system. But if you returned your system, you should have gotten the full $69.90 and you should already know this.

No Customer Service
By -

TARZANA, CALIFORNIA -- I bought the DAK Tape to CD Interface so I could easily convert my cassette tapes to CD. I ordered the product and paid with a USPS money order on 10-12-07. I received the product on 10-17-07 and immediately attempted to hook it up with the "help" of his clear as mud tutorial. I could not get the thing to work at all, so I got on his website and emailed him carefully explaining my problem. I got no response within two days, so I got back on his website again and got the email address of his tech support and sent him (her?) an email. Again no response.

So I again got on the website and emailed everyone who had an email address listed on his site (I believe there are six different addresses listed). Not even one responded. So I Googled DAK in Tarzana, CA got their phone number and telephoned them. I got a recording to leave my phone number and they would get right back to me. Of course no one has ever called me back.

So I said ** 'em and returned the product on 11-08-07 which is a full seven days before the "30 day unconditional money back guarantee" ran out. I sent it with USPS delivery confirmation and the USPS confirms that they delivered it to DAK safe and sound on 11-10-07. Here it is 11-17-07 and I don't have anything. No refund and no product. My suggestion is to NOT buy ANYTHING from them. Next stop, the attorney general of California.

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