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Clothing With Expedited Shipping Fee
By -

The DARYA TRADING COMPANY (via Customer Service is absolutely not what I expected from and was shocked by the words used! Because that I needed this item quickly so it could be tailored to fit properly, I went ahead and paid the extra $28.00 USD. They promised it would arrive in 2 to 3 business days and it did not.

When I called to tell them I had not received the item, they said that the tracking number shows that USPS attempted to deliver the package and no one was home, so they left a slip. I told the representative that I was home the entire day; I saw the mail person drive up to the mailbox to deliver mail but did not bring anything to the door. My call was to find out what to do and that I was not going to pay for this shipping charge if their guarantee was not upheld.

This is the ONLY vendor I've used on Amazon that used USPS and not UPS. It had only been 3 hours since the mailman came, but by the time I saw the tracking update on the web it was too late for me to do anything about it. Having used Amazon extensively for both personal and business, I've always had expedited products delivered by UPS and not USPS.

Since they made the decision without my choice, to use a shipper that I could not, at the very least and even though inconvenient, call UPS and let the driver know to return to my address as soon as possible. I would have even driven to the UPS office to pick up the parcel. Being that they chose USPS, which was not an option because USPS closed by the time the tracking system was updated to reflect "...item delivery attempted, left note..."

When I called Amazon, they passed the buck to the vendor, DARYA TRADING. I phoned them and calmly explained the situation and the since this was a time-sensitive matter, I now had no choice but to either contact the shipper to have them return the same day or purchase the item the same evening, otherwise I was out approximately $200 (cost of product + expedited shipping charge).

I told the representative I wanted my shipping charge reversed and that's when the representative stepped out of bounds. She accused me of being a liar, a cheat, someone who does this often to get money back and to "rob" from companies!" I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS PERSON SAID THAT! Even though she was hard to understand, certainly a company located in another country. I kept my cool. I then said, "Ma'am, you don't need to talk to me like that...first of all we're talking about 28 measly dollars and it's not about the money, it's about the principal." Now it was even more about the principal since I was treated with complete disrespect.

One would think that in this current economy, a company would want to adhere to the golden rule of thumb that the customer is always right. Obviously that is not how DARYA TRADING operates; they are very unprofessional and offensive.

Now, I'm a Christian man and I don't believe in resorting to such conduct. So I let her yell and call me names until she stopped to catch her breath. I told her that I hope she can sleep at night with such evil thoughts in her head and such evil accusations. Although I was tempted to lose my temper, I did not. It's one thing if I was that kind of person, but I would never do that because I am of the belief that what goes around comes around...God's unfailing boomerang.

I hung up at that point, collected my thoughts and called back to speak with the manager. This time a man answered, and when I asked for a manager he said that there was no manager since they were closing up for the day. So I asked for someone that's in charge there, I know very well that a company that size (very small, perhaps under 5 employees if that), one of them is the owner. He then said, yes that would me.

There we go again, another liar! Why couldn't he just say that right away instead of saying, the manager is no longer here... we're closing for the day, etc? I am in no way prejudice, as my ancestors came to the USA from another country in the early 1900's and were not very well liked at that time. So I understand discrimination and despise it, but I had hard time comprehending his words with such a thick overseas accent.

I told him my situation and my conversation with the representative 15 minutes ago and how I was treated. He denied she talked to me in the manner I stated, and said "I was sitting right next to her and she never used any bad language and did not get upset at all, in fact she was trying to calm you down!"

NOW I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE... I said to him... "Guess what Tony (fake name, clearly), guess what?" [Quiet now on the line.] I let him know that I had recorded the call when she started using profanity and said..."well now you are being untruthful also, because I have recorded the call as soon as the representative started swearing and yelling, accusing me of being a thief."

He didn't know what to say and stuttered, then said that it was not true...she did not say anything like that and she was actually trying to calm me down." I said, "please don't need to continue a lie...perhaps you have the wrong address and the package was delivered to someone else." So I verified the address with him and the address was correct. I checked the door again; I walked through the yard to see if the "slip" flew out to the lawn, basically everything I could do.

Knowing well that the mail person did not even come to the door since I was home, I did this to appease him and let him know that I was being sincere and nothing but sincere. He started raising his voice now and that was all I could take. I saw this would go nowhere and I will deal with the postal service to get the item. I closed the call by letting him know that I would make sure I let everyone possible not to order his products and that I hope that he and his representative could sleep well at night with all the lies. Obviously, this must not be the only time they've conducted themselves in this manner since both of them were so unprofessional and rude.

PLEASE beware of these people, they do not have your best interest, or even INTEREST, in mind. The reason I wanted to share the entire story with you all is to let you know this: DO NOT DEAL WITH DARYA TRADING. It is not worth your time and I can't believe Amazon would allow this to take place so I will be contacting the President or CEO of Amazon to alert them of DARYA TRADING and their conduct.

Rest assured I will play the recording to Amazon as well! I'm so happy I recorded that so that perhaps this won't happen to anyone else. Thank you for reading this lengthy review, but I hope it helps others. DARYA TRADING sells other things besides clothing, and I will make sure to let others know. Kind regards to all.

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