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XENIA, OHIO -- Company information: David Spriggs Agency 121 Dayton Avenue, Xenia, Ohio, United States, Phone: (937) 372-3863, I am a long-standing State Farm customer. In 2006 I wanted to secure a sizable life insurance policy so I contacted my Xenia, OH State Farm agent, David Spriggs. I was informed by David that while State Farm couldn't directly write a policy that satisfied my needs, he could work through a State Farm partner company, Phoenix Life to secure the policy.

In 2009 I decided to cancel the policy. I informed David and was assured that my phone call would serve as formal notice and that the Effective Date would be the date of the call. David was to mail me the cancellation forms. After weeks of waiting for the forms I noticed I was still being debited for the policy premium. David assured me that the Effective Date was still the date of the call and that the forms "must have gotten lost in the mail". I finally got the forms and returned them in due course to David.

I continued to be debited for the policy premium. I was informed by David that I would be rebated any over-payments and, again, the Effective Date would be the date of the original call. I was debited once again (three consecutive months) and was informed by David that a rebate check was forthcoming. When the check finally arrived it was for a fraction of what I was expecting.

When I complained to David he informed me that the Effective Date was the date that Phoenix received notification from him and that there was nothing that he could do about it. I complained to David's State Farm Agency Field Executive, John Prusakowski, who distanced State Farm from responsibility because the policy was carried by a 3rd party who has different policies than State Farm.

Summary: I went to my State Farm agent, David Spriggs and ask him to write a sizable policy. He did so. Months later, I requested cancellation by phone and was assured by David that the policy would be cancelled per that phone call. When it was obvious months later that the policy was still not cancelled, I was assured by David that it was in process and that my money would be returned to me. Only a fraction of the money was returned. Neither David nor State Farm has accepted any responsibility for my loss, a sum between $600-$700.

I have filed a complaint with the Ohio State Department of Insurance. I have sought legal counsel. I am strongly advising friends, colleagues and family members NOT to put their business trust in David Spriggs nor in State Farm. I am highly disappointed that State Farm will not take responsibility for correcting a problem that was caused by the misdirection provided by their agent David Spriggs.

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David Spriggs Insurance, Xenia, OH
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