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These Really Do Work!
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So, I bought a box of Debbie Meyer's Green Produce Bags from our local Walgreens store. I thought they would be worth a try. Take a look at the photo attached, of the celery that I just took today and tell me, how long do you think I've had it in my Fridge in a DebbieMeyer Green Bag? No, not a week... not two weeks, not even a month or two months. I bought this celery on April 9th to use in my potato salad on Easter Sunday, April 12. YES going onto close to four months now and it is STILL fresh with that crunchy snap to it! I've noticed my lettuce last a lot longer using these bags, but not as long as the celery, and also tomatoes and fruit.

While at the store, I noticed they have new "Brown Bread Bags" used much the same way as these produce bags. I haven't tried those yet because our bread never last long enough to use them. But if anyone else has used the bread bags, please let us know how they work! Debbie Meyer's Green Produce Bags = Two Basher Thumbs Up!!!

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EVERETT, WASHINGTON -- This company is horrible. I haven't received their product yet and never want too. I ordered online what I thought was 20 bags for 9.95 and I clicked on "get a second set of bags free". I filled out all the information and after clicking 20 times on "no" to other products and upgrades. I waited for the confirmation page to show me what I ordered and how much I was being charged when to my surprise my order went through and I was charged 53.00.

I was shocked and upset so I called customer service and spoke to Lily who then informed me not to worry that my order would not go through until Monday late afternoon at the earliest and since I had just ordered the product she could not help me make the cancellation but that calling Monday would be soon enough. She guaranteed me it would be soon enough. So like an idiot I waited until Monday, trusting that an employee of the company would actually know what they were talking about. Well the order was shipped and I am being charged 53.00 for 20 bags. I was beyond upset. Do not buy this product online. Save yourself the headache.

Green Bags for Fruit and Produce
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OURAY, COLORADO -- I bought these Debbie Meyer green bags at Walmart 30 reusable for $9.99, they work great. I have been very impressed with them. I live 40 miles from a discount grocery and I try to only go every 10 days so my produce and fruit needs to last, and it was not until I bought these bags. Make sure you dry celery and lettuce well before putting it in the bag.

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