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Ripped me off
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I bought A Fresca Distante Vanity and it was supposed to come with a free Fresca faucet, but they said they were out of stock, so they replaced it with some cheap quality faucet that I had to return b/c it had a leak. It took a few months for them to deliver it and when I got it 3 mos later, it didn't fit because it was too big (I have a backsplash on the vanity.)

So I decided to buy my 3rd and final faucet that I should've rec'd for free with the vanity in the first place. Now that I bought it, it was in stock and received it right away. The parts did not even fit. I had the use the hoses from the 2nd faucet and the new one also didn't come with 2 black rubber rings, I had to take it from the 2nd faucet as well. If I didn't have my 2nd unused faucet, I would've returned this item back to them. They should check to make sure the stuff works/fits before sending it. I'm sure the item was not out of stock, they just wanted to give me a cheaper quality which took 3 mos to receive.

Delivery was prompt when you buy, but not when you return. When I returned my first faucet (the non-Fresca that they told me they had b/c my Fresca one was "out of stock") it took forever for them to send me another non-Fresca replacement, which was about $30, as I found the same one on Ebay.) I returned my first faucet in February, did not receive a replacement until about May. It was too big, so I ended up buying the Fresca faucet that was supposed to come with my vanity and for some reason, now that I paid over $100, it was in stock and I received it right away.

I feel cheated for something I should've received as a set for my Vanity as advertised. I wanted to leave this review on their website, but they have the right to edit or reject the truth. I will say aside from this, they have great prices and I love my Vantiy. I couldn't find a better vanity anywhere else but online in Brooklyn, NY. Just wish I had a better experience with the faucet(s).

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