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WIGAN -- The company are without doubt the worst company I have had the misfortune to deal with. I ordered 3 sets of FUD decoys on 4th December 2009 and at no point was I told or made aware that they weren't in stock. They took my money (over £90) instantly. After a week, I called them to find out why I still hadn't received the decoys. I was told that the Pigeon and Mallard Decoys that I had ordered would be with me before Xmas 2009 and the Crow Decoys I had ordered would follow early January 2010. Sure enough the FUD Pigeons and Mallards appeared just before Xmas, then the lies started.

I rang Decoying mid Jan 2010 to find out why I still hadn't received my FUD Crow Decoys. They told me that the container was held up at customs but assured me that I would get them by the end of Jan 2010. End Jan 2010, guess what, still no FUD Crow Decoys. Another call beginning Feb 2010 to Decoying to find out why I still hadn't got them only to be told that they had just cleared customs and were on their way to their shop and promised they would be with me by the end of the 1st week of Feb 2010. Now on the 18th Feb 2010, still no FUD Crow Decoys.

Another call to Decoying only to be told that they had just arrived at their shop that day even though they had already told me previously that they had them. Another lie. Told me that they would be shipped that day and I would have them on 19th Feb 2010. Midday 19th Feb 2010, still no Decoys so I phone again. This time I asked for a tracking number which I was given. I now felt we were making progress and surely they couldn't be lying about that. How wrong I was. The tracking number they gave me was bogus. I called these liars on 22nd Feb 2010 to find out what the hell they were playing at.

They said they couldn't understand what's happened and made a feeble apology. They told me that the Decoys had been sent and I should receive them any day but couldn't give me another tracking number claiming the mail order system was down. 23rd Feb 2010, another phone call, another pack of lies now claiming that the phone lines were switched off at the parcel company so again they couldn't give me a tracking number. Same excuse on the 24th Feb 2010. Another call on 25th Feb 2010 and suddenly they know who I am and can give me a tracking number and tell me that the Decoys had been sent that day.

When I questioned why they had already told me that they were sent over a week ago which was obviously a lie he said he would just put the phone down on the desk and find out. He never came back to the phone. Decoys finally arrived 26th Feb 2010 nearly 3 months after ordering them. All I can say about is stay well clear. WHAT A SET OF CROOKS.

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