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Deer Stags Product Quality and Customer Service
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NEW YORK -- In March 2010 I purchased Deer StagsĀ® Yacht Boat Shoes from Casual Male-B&T Factory Direct size 12W for my elderly father. He loves these shoes as he states they are very sturdy and comfortable. Good looking, comfortable and functional larger size shoes are not readily available. On May 1, 2010 I noticed the laces of these practically brand new shoes were beginning to fray. As my father is 6 foot 4, elderly, and one year post hip replacement; I intended to replace the laces as soon as possible to eliminate the risk of a broken lace and possible fall. This is where my problems begin.

When attempting to remove the lace to replace, I noticed the lace is weaved throughout the outside of the entire shoe. Unable to determine exactly how to replace the lace as part of it is sewed into the shoe, I emailed your customer service department for direction on May 1, 2010. Having not received a reply to my email, I called your customer service department at 1-888-602-9008 for my answer on May 6, 2010. I requested to speak to a manager and was transferred to Toni **. I explained my problem again and advised my email was never answered.

After finally listening to my question and requesting Toni look at the website picture to see what I was referring to, I was placed on hold. Toni's first solution was to take the shoes to a cobbler for repair. I advised Toni this was not an acceptable solution for a new pair of shoes and was then told this was a design flaw and to mail the shoes back to Deer Stags. Toni told me to find a comparable shoe on your website for replacement and that this process would take up to a month to complete. Although this is a gracious offer, I am unable to find a similar item. All I want to do is replace the laces as needed.

I have looked at these shoes from every angle. Obviously, the outside decorative lace should not be connected to and interfere with the structural laces but that is exactly the problem. If I take the entire lace out (if this is even possible) I know I will not be able to re-lace them on the outside of the shoe. If I cut the lace so the decorative part can stay on the outside allowing me to replace the structural laces, how do I secure the decorative lace so that it does not irritate the foot with an inside knot? Most people do replace shoe laces at least once during the lifetime of the shoe although usually not this soon.

I am confident mine will be the first of many letters you will receive as others consumers will look to replace the laces. I am extremely disappointed that I will be unable to use these shoes once the laces break. What I would like for Deer Stags to do for me is to find a comparable boat shoe in size 12W with normal replaceable laces. Feel free to ship these to my attention. Once received, I will be more than happy to send the above mentioned defective shoes back to your company. I look forward to your response

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