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Del Taco Needs To Get It Together
By -

TORRANCE/GARDENA/OC, CALIFORNIA -- It is sad. There was a restaurant called Naugles and they were great. Dick Naugle owned the chain (in name) and had a motto of "€œserve it fresh, serve it fast and keep the place clean". When you ordered a double taco and asked for no lettuce/tomato you received what you asked for: huge meat and cheese filled crunchy taco that was perfect. Even if you had to drive back to work with it the taco shell stayed crunchy for a while. In the burrito department... the word "Macho Meat Burrito" meant you were beyond hungry. If you ordered and ate a Naugles Macho Meat Burrito with extra cheese at 11:30 am you were not hungry the rest of the day.

This was 1980 something. Time has passed and Dick Naugle and his namesake restaurant Naugles are no longer with us. Del Taco bought the chain Naugles and in corporate splendor, Del Taco dissolved Naugles into themselves. The only €œ"Naugle-isk"€ thing remaining at Del Taco is the word "Macho" on one of their burritos. Trust me this is not even close to a Naugles "€œMacho Burrito€", but they bought it, so they can do whatever they want with it. It is my opinion, Del Taco is the worst Fast Food Mexican Restaurant in the U.S. Based on some of the QSR reviews I have seen recently, I may not be too wrong in my opinion.

I have complaints that include bad service, rude people behind the counter, a rude manager in two cases, ineptitude, and screwed up drive through orders. I live in the So. Cal area and it is astounding to me that this chain is still in operation with the service provided. I believe in the three strikes rule. I gave Del Taco three chances and they messed up everyone. All of the following I experienced directly: The management is unsympathetic to their stores' screw ups. Drove to a Del Taco to order lunch and race back on my lunch break. I return to my desk to find that my order is wrong.

Further I paid for extra cheese and received what I consider "hair strands"€ of cheese. I called the store and was told "€œbring it back"€. "Well I can'€™t. I'€™m at work and now my lunch is over." "Well come back tomorrow"€. When I returned the following day (and note... not that I wanted Mexican food two days in a row) I actually had one of their managers "€œsnatch"€ and I mean literally snap my hand holding the receipt from my hand, (Torrance/Gardena CA area) and in Spanish tell his employee to "Make sure you don'€™t screw up this guy's order because he will be on the Internet making a complaint"€.

Well too late pal, your people already had screwed up my order the previous day and I made a complaint!! It has been my unfortunate experience that in all three cases Del Taco management people DO NOT care. I am sure that somewhere is a Del Taco management person out there reading this right now and denying this sentiment. Well whoever you are... it is my opinion that you do not know what is happening in the real world at your stores.
I guess my point and opinion in regards to Del Taco is not favorable. Thus I shall never return.

Awesome Food, Nice People
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

LA QUINTA, CALIFORNIA -- They are so busy - we went inside and they were all working and having a good time. They took our food to the table. So friendly. Food was hot and taste great!

Sewer sanitation and poor management
By -

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CALIFORNIA -- Today is Wednesday, Sept.01, 2010. My 8-yr old daughter and I frequent Del Taco for their tasty crunchy tacos once a week for fun. Today we did just that. We ordered our usual: crunchy tacos, cheese nachos and large soda. My daughter had to use the restroom but walked into sewer on way in. When I asked the front counter she had stepped in sewer and it was all over her feet, "Could I please have a large cup to use for water to wash off her feet?" I was denied the large cup. Also the woman denying didn't understand English is what the manager told me.

As I began lecturing the manager about protocol and poor management considering the front counter tried cleaning up the sewer, and serving food also, rather concerned me. I asked for District Manager's # but wasn't given that but instead a 1-800 number in which I'm waiting to get a response from the message I left. And my point that didn't get across to manager on duty: OFFER US SOME SANITIZER IN THE LEAST! but I did get a big fat, "I'm going to have to ask you to leave". Wow.

I would have expected two simple things from these employees: 1. Understand English well enough to handle these unforeseen events and 2. By the love of God, offer the customer a towel, some soap or something to for sanitation. On the better side of things, as a responsible mother I am, we did end up using a cup filled with water and washing my daughter's feet and flip flops and then taking the hand sanitizer out from my car, and sanitizing her feet.

And because of this poor situation and the conduct in which it was handled by Del Taco employees, that is the last visit for us. We will take out money and go back to ToGo's Baskin Robbin's each week. Feels good to splurge. BTW I did take a photo of the sewer that the staff left alone so they could sell food. My view: Sanitation first!! Sad Sad Sad.

Resolution Update 09/05/2010:

As indicated in my last comments.

Rude Employees & Lazy
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Rating: 2/51

BRAWLEY, CALIFORNIA -- There is nothing worse than someone serving you that has a "What do you want?" attitude. I have found in my many many years in the business world that the employees reflect what they receive from the managers. The just enough to get my DOES NOT CUT IT in business. They do not clean the edges of the tables or remove gum under the edges. Nothing will take away your appetite more than grabbing the edge of the table and putting your hand in gum!!!!!!!! Del Taco! Wake up!!! The ones that do clean are brought out of the back. Believe me the servers are not too busy to clean, just lazy! I will give it ONE MORE CHANCE!

Poor Customer Service (Employee Argumentative)
By -

My wife and I patronized the Del Taco here in Boiling Springs, South Carolina recently. She ordered what she always orders (Taco Del Carbon). But when she got it, it was not in a taco shell as she had gotten before; it was in a tortilla wrap. I paid for another in a hard shell taco, but it did not contain the ingredients of a taco (lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream). My wife complained and the kid in the yellow shirt argued with her. It was a terrible experience and a waste of money. If you want to lose a customer to the competition, argue with his wife.

P.S: I have seen the Del Taco Carbon on the website and this one looked nothing like advertised. The one my wife got was with scant ingredients; it was not like the generous advertised Carbon.

Customer Service
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

Seriously internet filters on the "free" wifi block out dam near everything worthless. Last time I eat there ever. Taco Bell lets you check your Facebook page while you eat. Screw you Del Censor.

Poor Business Management
By -

LAGUNA WOODS, CALIFORNIA -- Sirs: We enjoy eating in your establishments but when I order two deluxe taco salads, pay for them and then ask for some jalapeños, they want more money! Jack in The Box has them on the counter on ice with no additional charge. GUESS where we will eat in the future?

Why are the servers not required to wear gloves when preparing food?
By -

91604 -- I just left the Del Taco, located on Laurel Canyon Blvd, in North Hollywood, Ca. As I was deciding on what to order, I noticed that the food servers do not wear gloves or hair nets while they are preparing the orders. I thought that the health department made it mandatory that any establishment that serves food to the public must have protected covering to prevent the spread of disease and germs. When I spoke to the manager about this, she just looked at me as if she did not understand English. So I demonstrated what I was trying to say and she still look at me as if she still do not understand what is going on with these places.

New 99 Cents 50% More TV Commercial
By -

STANDIFORD AVE - MODESTO CALIFORNIA 95350, CALIFORNIA -- Del Taco location - Corner of Standiford Ave and Carver Road in Modesto California. We went to Del Taco after seeing your new TV Commercials (99 cents Soft Taco 50% more} around 4:00 PM. The portion of the chicken pieces looked much bigger. We ordered 6 of your advertised soft taco with few other items. Our disappointment was when we got home and opened up to add hot sauce to the tacos, we noticed that there was only 4 small pieces of chicken. We ended up opening all of the tacos and counted the chicken pieces. Just ONE soft taco had 6 small pieces of chicken and the rest had fewer pieces in each of the tacos.

The portion as advertised was definitely not there at all. THE TV COMMERCIAL AND THE PICTURES ON THE WEBSITE AND AT THE RESTAURANTS LOOKS LIKE HALF OF THE TACOS IS FULL OF CHICKEN. We called the phone number printed on the receipt for over an hour and phone seem to be off the hook. The restaurant was not busy at that time. I don't know if that one restaurant has that problem or is it a false advertising to get the customers to the facility. We are a longtime customer of Del Taco and live few blocks away and enjoy the 24-hour drive through very much. I hope the employees are or can be well-trained as per company policy.

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