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Latitude E6410
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Rating: 1/51

CANADA -- So, here is my history with Dell Refurbished Store. I bought a Dell Latitude E6410 from the store for 343.85CAD and it was great until deal right? Wrong, after 6 month ** warranty that you offer, exactly 51 days the hard drive burn and the screen stop working properly. I call Dell, Dell refurbished, go to the Staples store and no one is able to fix for me... For you that is thinking a Dell Refurbished, don't waste your time and money. Now I have a piece of garbage in my desk. Thanks a lot for the consideration!

Dell From Hell
By -

I own a Latitude E6500 computer with a PROSUPPORT CONTRACT, that I purchased from the Dell internet site, which is an UPGRADED CONTRACT that affords one to have on-site service/parts and labor within 24 hours. This is a small-business contract. My business depends fully on the use of my computer. I have had Dell computers for ten years, after having MACs from the time they were first produced (and NEVER had a problem with a MAC!). In ten years, every DELL computer I have had has failed. Dell produces their hardware outside of the U.S. THEIR HARDWARE IS INFERIOR, GUARANTEED TO BREAK.

I have lost three spindle hard drives in a year's time - Drives that are supposed to last at least five years or more. I never lost a drive from a MAC. In the loss of those HD's, I have lost my business! The purpose of the upgraded business contract is to repair or replace to make my business run smoothly and my life easier. After the third drive died, at the suggestion of the original developer of Microsoft, who is also a good friend, I requested that Dell replace the drive with a digital drive.

Considering that I have spent countless hours out of work because of Dell's defective and incompetent equipment and people (including hours and hours and hours on the phone with tech support and waiting for new parts and then having to reinstall everything on each drive), it seemed to be a win-win for both me and Dell. The real insanity began in attempting to rectify a horrible situation of the loss of my business. I got passed onto India to a woman named **, who I could not understand her Indian accent, but discovered she was in the "??Fraud Division" of Dell. I had to have her spell her conversation because it was almost impossible to understand her.

When she slandered me by calling me a fraud, I was beyond upset. Fraud??? For what??? Protecting my clients and myself?? It seems Dell was looking for the three drives, which they were FULLY AWARE AND ON NOTICE and IN AGREEMENT that I was retaining the drives until such time that I could locate a degaussing machine to be totally 100% sure my clients' sensitive and highly personal information (including social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses and banking information) was gone to protect them and myself, as required by someone with integrity and professional licenses. Dell does not seem to think that is important.

I, however, am committed to excellence and refuse to put my clients or myself at risk. Shame on Dell. This has dragged on for months already. My business is still down. I wrote to Michael Dell and his attorneys, for which I have proof of receipt in November 2010, to attempt to get an explanation as to why Dell thinks I am a fraud. To date, I have had absolutely no response! It is a very deep offense to slander and libel someone. I will not stand for the treatment Dell has lowered itself to. The operations of Dell leave a lot to be desired.

Michael Dell and his staff sit in an Ivory Tower hiding like the children they are, fearful of dealing with their customers on a professional basis. Michael Dell and his BOD are so well-hidden, that it is impossible to get to someone in their Tower. Do they think they are GOD??? So, after many discussions with the limitless amount of overstaffed and incompetent employees at Dell, I had an agreement with a manager named ** that said once the drives were returned, I would be given a system exchange for all the hardship Dell engaged in with me and my company.

I was finally able to locate a reputable facility to degauss the drives and returned them to Dell with the provided shipping labels. Dell has had the drives for weeks, yet has not responded to the receipt of them. I attempted to contact the manager only to find he is out of the office until the end of January. I attempted to move this along faster and ended up in India again with that same dysfunctional, incompetent person, who should be cleaning bathrooms and not handling customer service as she is inept and angry at Americans, **.

Rather than keep their word, and more importantly, adhere to the contract I have with Dell, ** has taken it upon herself to cancel my contract (steal my money and kill my business) and say she is the only person in Dell (of all the millions of overstaffed, incompetent employees) that I can speak with. She refuses to put her manager on the phone. WHAT IS SHE HIDING ABOUT HERSELF? WHAT DOES SHE FEAR? How many more people and businesses has she succeeded in hurting? She refuses to do the right thing.

** has slandered me, libeled me and virtually put me out of business because Dell will not honor the contract they OFFERED TO ME AND I ACCEPTED (OFFER + ACCEPTANCE = CONTRACT), making Dell in default of the contract!!! I have attempted to contact legal and Michael Dell, to no avail. It seems legal only wants to speak with a lawyer. What happened to our Constitutional rights? There is no law in my country that forces one to hire a lawyer. We are entitled to act Pro Se. I now have a letter in to the Board of Directors of Dell. I am giving them 24 hours to reply.

My next move, and it will be destructive to Dell, as I will not let a company that does not operate in integrity get away with this egregious behavior, is to engage the State Attorney General, the FCC and the FTC, along with all media avenues including TV, radio and print. It is about time Dell gets deeply investigated for the fraud and theft they have engaged in, and that they get shut down and fined for their actions!!! I find it amazing that a company that large depends on one ignorant and mean-spirited Indian woman to make decisions that she is incompetent to do!! Anyone up for a class action lawsuit? I am! Come join me and let'??s put Dell out of business.

They do not deserve to live the American Dream. How can they? They don'??t even keep their business in the U.S., further putting up walls to attempt to protect themselves while they continue to defraud consumers with internet theft!!! Don't buy Dell. YOU WILL END UP IN DELL HELL. Buy Mac!!! Shame on you, Michael Dell!!! YOU ARE A BIG REASON OUR COUNTRY IS IN THE MESS IT IS IN!!! When are you going to do the right thing???

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