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Dell Printer Nightmare
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Rating: 2/51

I have a large and frustrating complaint about Dell. I am a nursing student and am required to print at least 100 pages or more per month. The expense of nursing school is bad enough but when my ink doesn't even last a month and at that, the cartridges cost $80. And now I have tried to get my cartridge refilled, only to be told by the company that was going to refill my ink that Dell has now installed a chip in the cartridge that won't allow them to be refilled.

So now if I want to use my printer, it is going to cost me $80 dollars a month when my friend's Epson printer has allowed her to print for 2 semesters and is still going strong on printer cartridges that have been in the printer for a year, and she is printing the same amount of pages that I am. My new printer cartridge which had only printed maybe 50 pages, if that, decided to quit and tell me that I wasn't using the correct print cartridge. How odd is that that it was just printing fine and now it decides that the cartridge is wrong? I attempted several times to contact customer service to no avail.

I tested the cartridge as they suggested to make sure there was ink in the cartridge; it better still have ink, only 50 pages had been printed. Yes, the cartridge still had ink. How many ways can one take out their aggressions on a printer? I can think of a few but I feel that my husband and kids will think that I have lost my mind. I would love to tie the printer to the back of my car and drive until there is nothing left. I hate you Dell printer. I will never buy a Dell product again. I just bought a new Lenovo computer and I love it. Dell printer prepare to be replaced and just know I am now going to search where to connect a rope to connect you to my bumper.

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